Portugal forest fires - Shiv & Supriya have lost their home

For: Supriya (Tasha) & Shiveshvar (Sebastian)
Organizer: Joshana Lovage
Portugal forest fires - Shiv & Supriya have lost their home (Supriya (Tasha) & Shiveshvar (Sebastian))
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The Story

In August this year our dear friends Supriya (aka Tasha), Shiveshvar (aka Sebastian) and their two young children gave up their life in London to follow their dream of living a simple, sustainable life off grid in rural Portugal. Many of you know that they have spent the last 4 years preparing for the move and building a new home from scratch.

In October they suffered the devastating blow of losing their home – and everything in it - to the forest fires that have ravaged many parts of Portugal since the early summer.

On Sunday 15th October fierce fires began to spread throughout the region as the winds from hurricane Ophelia whipped up ash from the previous week’s fire. The fire spread extremely fast due to the strong winds. Fire surrounded their valley destroying everything in its path.

No fire-fighters came, there were 500+ fires raging throughout central Portugal. Shiveshvar along with other residents used buckets and water tanks to try and slow the fierce fires. It was terrifying how fast the fires spread. There was a moment when they, and many within the community, feared for their lives.

Supriya, Shiveshvar and the kids were lucky to escape but they have lost their home and all their belongings. The home they had spent the last 4 years building was raised to the ground. Absolutely nothing was spared. Nothing.

Many others in the region also lost homes, lives have been lost and our thoughts are with them and their families.

This is a community they love and the family are determined to rise from the ashes stronger and wiser, but they need our help.

This is a fundraising page for our dear friends. The money we raise together will assist them with their recovery and the rebuilding of their home.

They need £25,000 to rebuild the house (this time in stone!) and kit it out with the basic living necessities like mattresses, a cooker, tables and other necessities.

Please help us to pull together and rebuild their lives. Just £25 from 1000 people, or £100 from 250 people would get this wonderful family’s lives back on track.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on November 22, 2017


Posted on November 22, 2017

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for all your love and support. We are feeling a lot stronger knowing you are with us. 

These last days have busy helping out on friends farms. Shiv has been felling burnt trees with his new best friend - a chainsaw he was lent by wonderful friends in London- while me and the kids have been taking care that everyone is fed and watered.

Shiv has also spent time on our land felling our own burnt trees and clearing the land around our ruins so that we will be ready to rebuild in the spring .

So far we have raised 74% of our goal! We are so grateful words cannot express.

We are so close to reaching our goal and WE NEED YOUR HELP. It would be amazing if we could surpass 80% (20K) by the end of the weekend. Donations have started to slow in the last days though so we wanted to give the appeal a renewed boost with a collective personal approach.

Could you write three personal emails to people who either know us or you think will be moved by our appeal asking them to donate?

I have written a sample email below which you could tweak if you wanted to make the task even easier. 

Also each time it is circulated on social media it generates donations so please could you do another plug of sharing the video and our appeal through your own social media networks?

An email to be sent out to personal contacts could read something like:   

Dear x   

Supriya and Shiveshvar and their kids who you met/know from .... OR Some good friends recently lost their family home to the wild forest fires which swept through Central Portugal on 15th October. 

They had been building their house from scratch over the last few years and in August this year  they left their life in London to follow their dream of living off grid and close to nature but the fires destroyed everything.    

A fundraising appeal has been set up for them to help rebuild their lives there. I was moved to donate and wondered if you would donate also.    

A video has been made of the impact of the fires on families over there. It is powerful and gives a glimpse of what they have experienced. You can watch it here: https://vimeo.com/240797617   

You can read and donate to their appeal here:  https://www.youcaring.com/supriyanatashahornshiveshvarsebastiandiez-987939   

Once you have donated, the fundraising site (youcaring.com) allows you to share with your contacts on Facebook, Twitter and Email. If you do this it will also generates more donations as your friends know you have given and they hopefully will be motivated to give too.    

Thank you so much,  XXXX 


With much love and deep gratitude,

Supriya, Shiveshvar, Shyamalii and Narayan xxxx

Posted on November 1, 2017

Posted on November 1, 2017

Dear Friends,

I am blown away. We have already reached 60% of our fundraising appeal in just over a week. 

Words cannot express how grateful we are for all your love and support. We feel held and a lot more positive about our future. 

A friend from Benfeita has made this heart rendering video of the destruction around our area. We are on it together with many friends who also lost their homes. In fact Shyamalii and Narayan feature quite a lot . . . 

Link to video: 


Please share it with your contacts together with our appeal to help encourage others to give. I know we can do it with all your help.
With deep gratitude for all that you have done already.

Supriya, Shiveshvar, Shyamalii and Narayan xxxx

P.S. The photo here was what I saw when I woke up yesterday morning. I was feeling very grateful for being alive and having my munchkins close to me to make my heart smile

Posted on October 26, 2017


Posted on October 26, 2017

Dear friends, 

We've reached 25% of our goal within a few days. We can't believe it! We are so grateful and amazed by all your support. Please carry on sharing our appeal with all your contacts, especially those that know us personally, to keep the momentum going. 

The kids have been my pillar of strength in the last days especially since Shiv when back to the UK. This photo was taken last night after they picked up a new toy and discovered how fun it was to free wheel down the hill together. It's there positivity and resilience that makes me sure we can achieve our goal and get ourselves back on track. 

With deep gratitude and love 🙏

Supriya xx

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Portugal forest fires - Shiv & Supriya have lost their home

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