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The Story

Super Hero's Animal Hydrocephalus Society (SHAHS) is a non-profit 501c3 animal rescue society and sanctuary that specializes in Hydrocephalus, commonly known as water on the brain, and other special needs in cats.  Hydrocephalus is caused when the cerebrospinal fluid that is present surrounding the spinal cord as well as inside and outside our brain, does not drain out of the head or circulate as it should, but instead accumulates beneath the skull causing an enlarged domed presentation with a very pronounced forehead and brow.  Hydrocephalus causes extreme pressure on the brain which in turn can cause damage and/or death to the brain tissue, migraines, seizures, blindness, extreme pain and eventually death in most, if left untreated.

The mission of SHAHS is multifaceted in that we rescue cats with Hydrocephalus in addition to providing education, networking with the top veterinary neurosurgeons in North America and limited financial assistance to families and animal rescues with animals that are currently diagnosed with hydro, or have a suspected diagnosis of hydrocephalus.  We were awarded non-profit 501c3 status on July 20, 2015.

Our rescue was formed and inspired by a very special cat, Super Hero The Hydrocephalic Cat (, who on 2/26/15 under went a 3.5 hour brain surgery to implant a human pediatric Ventriculoperitoneal  Programmable Shunt to help drain the excess cerebrospinal fluid from his head into his abdomen, in an attempt to save his life.  Super Hero suffered "many" life threatening complications but also experienced an extraordinary number of successes and on June 9, 2017, turns 4 years old!  Hero has one of the worst documented cases of Hydrocephalus in animals and only has a very small functional part of his brain intact.  Yet, he is a very normal cat though who runs, plays, meows and chirps and commands a room, demanding everyone's undivided attention at all times!!  He is truly a one of a kind, miracle cat that has crossed the lines of veterinary and human medicine and has a medical team comprised of both the top veterinary neurosurgeons in North America, in addition to numerous pediatric neurosurgeons.

*** Super Hero was named the 2015 Miracle Cat of the Year by Catster!!!!!

As of April 2017, we have accepted into our rescue nearly 2 dozen cats and kittens and provided thousands in financial assistance to 2 dozen more cats and dogs, in the form of paid consultations to top neurosurgeons within our established network, in addition to some limited diagnostic testing in the form of ultrasounds and part of an MRI, plus medications that help manage Hydrocephalus in animals, for example, Omeprazole.  All of that assistance was made possible through donations from our thousands of supporters.  Our goal is to eventually one day not just support and provide top medical intervention and diagnostic testing to the animals rescued and in our care, but also provide financial assistance in full for advanced imaging like MRIs or CT scans to credible rescues and families who have courageously taken in, rescued or adopted animals with hydrocephalus.

On, 7/16/15, we officially accepted our first rescue cat, Zeke, who was flown to NJ from Dallas-Fort Worth Texas, by Delta Airlines' Animal Rescue and Transport team, from a special needs Manx Rescue (Kaley's Place) that pulled him from the Dallas shelter.  Zeke is a tiny 12 oz, 13 week old tuxedo kitten, who not only has Hydrocephalus, but also a host of other skeletal disorders including Radial Agenesis and Hypoplasia (missing or deformed radius bones in both forearms), multiple spinal abnormalities, Mega Esophagus and Mega Colon, PRAA (Persistent Right Aortic Arch, a deformity of his heart that was surgically repaired in October 2016) and more.  But despite all of the issues, he is a fully adjusted and happy cat.

Caring for special needs cats with Hydrocephalus, and other concomitant needs like Zeke has, is extremely expensive, accumulating vet bills in excess of tens of thousands of dollars, especially if shunt surgery is determined to be the best life-saving intervention.  Most of these cats will remain on medications for life, whether surgery is performed or not, and consultations, regular followups as well as more potential imaging like ultrasounds, CT scans and MRIs, will be necessary throughout their lives.  In addition, most hospitalizations require specialized care that can only be rendered in the Critical Care Neurological Units of specialty hospitals, which can cost upwards of thousands of dollars a day depending on the extent of care needed.  We exclusively employ the medical expertise of Dr. Eric Glass and staff at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital, Tinton Falls, NJ, one of the top rated Neurosurgeons as well as private specialty hospitals in North America.

Please help us provide the necessary medical and neurosurgical care for these animals like Super Hero and Zeke, and help them achieve the best quality of life possible!

This is one of the dozens of articles written on our rescue, but this being the most prestigious as Hero and Zeke were named among the Top 5 Famous Special Needs Cats, right alongside of Lil Bub, the spokescat for the ASPCA!


*** all donations are tax deductible


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Fundraiser Updates

Posted on December 31, 2015

Posted on December 31, 2015


Our newest addition is a 9 month old orange kitten with diagnoses of Hydrocephalus and Diffuse Neuromuscular Disease.  

Sadly, Sully is here as a hospice kitten to live his remaining days playing and rolling around with Zeke and Super Hero.  Sully's neuromuscular disease is fatal and degenerative and in just the last 2 weeks, he has lost all use of his rear legs and is incontinent now as well. 

We we are going to try physical therapy with him and if his front legs can support him, we are going to have him fitted for a custom wheelchair, which will cost around $300, in addition to the cost of therapy sessions to keep his front legs strong and prevent muscle atrophy!!  

Despite te the decline in his ability to physically move around right now, Sully's mind and cognitive functions are not impaired, so he still thinks and behaves like a typical kitten!!  Thus, we want to give him the best opportunities to fulfill those desires through the use of a chair!!


Posted on November 16, 2015

Posted on November 16, 2015

On Wednesday 11/11/15, Super Hero was rushed to Red Bank Veterinary Hospital with what was thought to be an ulcerated cornea.  The official diagnosis was was Bullous Keratopathy, essentially the fluid inside the cornea leaked out and collected under the membrane covering the eye forming a blister over the cornea.  The condition is typically seen in Glaucoma patients, which Hero does not have, so they cause was determined to be spontaneous and thought would resolve on its own.  He was discharged the following day with antibiotic eye drops and pain meds and a follow up scheduled with the Ophthalmic specialist for the following week. 

Yesterday, Saturday 11/14/15, Hero's eye swelled uncontrollably, ruptured and bulged out of the eye socket so he was rushed back to Red Bank and admitted immediately.  He is scheduled to undergo surgery today in an attempt to save the eye and prevent the same from happening to the right one.  As of right now the estimate is over $2,500 just for the ER, one night's admission and surgery to stitch the third eyelid over the bulging eye.  We were updated this morning that he will remain hospitalized at minimum until Monday, so the estimate will more than likely exceed $3,000 now.

In addition, we have tentatively scheduled Zeke's lifesaving brain surgery to implant a Shunt scheduled for the second week of December which we have still not reached our fundraising goal for that surgery.  The new high end estimate including the entropion surgery and neuter is upwards of $8,500.  

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, no matter how small, every dollar adds up!  

Please visit
or for other fundraising events that are currently ongoing as well!

Posted on September 16, 2015

Posted on September 16, 2015

Super Hero was admitted on Sunday 9/13/15 so that an emergency MRI could be done early Monday morning to determine why he was experiencing new and worrisome neurological symptoms.

Unfortunately, Hero began experiencing problems with the anesthesia and his breathing became impaired, so he had to be woken up before the MRI could be done.  They were able to get a CT scan done though, so we do have diagnostic information to compare to the last scan in May.  They found that there was still some fluid around the brain where is shouldn't be but in other areas, there were signs of positive improvement to the status of the brain and in a few areas where pressure had been relieved, brain tissue that had previously been compressed, was expanding.  This is the first time we have seen the presence of tissue in these areas.

UNFORTUNATELY, TODAY SUPER HERO WENT INTO CRISIS!!!  He began having what may be seizures last night and today his demeanor and behavior changed, he became extremely dull, withdrawn and altered.  The reasons for all of the changes we've seen over the last couple of week are many, one of which may be his shunt.  To determine that, Dr Glass will check the pressure of the shunt which if it tests at a different number than what it is currently set at, will indicate a problem.  The next step will then be to determine what part of the shunt has failed or is clogged and replace it.

If we find that the shunt is working properly, then we have to begin looking for other explanations which could take time.  Unfortunately, the worst case scenario is that the damage to his brain is progressing and if that is the case, there is nothing we can do but support him and ensure his quality of life is considered at all times.

If repair or replacement of the shunt is needed, that could cost in the thousands.  Please consider making a donation. 

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