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The Story

We have to move. In an immediate danger kind of way.

Both our children are being bullied daily. Lola does fairly well at holding her own, but it is wearing her down. Recently someone asked her if she’d eaten her dead cat and how did the dead cat taste.

Miles is the one who I am afraid is going to be literally killed. He is 6-years-old and small. He has a severe peanut allergy that is well known by all.

In the last year, I have watched kids knock him from a moving scooter, push him to the ground so hard he hit his head and we had to have him checked for a concussion. That same child recently mocked Miles when our cat died.

Miles has been chased by a girl holding a Reese Cup. He was screaming and crying saying he could die. All the kids and adults watching laughed. This little girl walked up behind him a few days later and poured a bottle of water on his head. When I confronted the girl’s mother, she laughed and said she’d seen it happen and that “He looked hot.”

In our Facebook HOA group, after a few car break-ins, a bunch of neighbors began threatening to shoot anyone who looked shifty. Then a threat was issued to me. Because my streak of blue hair made me look “suspicious.” A policeman had to step in and explain that no, it is not legal to shoot me for walking down a public sidewalk.

My neighbors then gave the man advice on how to drag my body inside to make it look like I was a burglar.

I was once threatened to be shot because I wouldn’t admit that Hillary Clinton had a machine funded by the Rothschild’s that created hurricanes. (Seriously.)

Someone once posted 75 pictures/comments on my wall in 30 minutes right after I’d had surgery encouraging me and others like me (liberals) to drink bleach and die.

Over the last few months, I’ve watched people in this town kill someone’s pet tortoise because it wandered off property. They shot and killed a pair of peacocks They shot and killed a family of baby foxes because they thought it was a neighbor’s kittens.

I’ve tried to get restraining orders, but the local judge believes they are only for women being beaten up by their boyfriends. And if I am being threatened on the computer, the solution is “get off the damn computer.”

It is not safe here. I don’t know what to do. My husband has been applying for jobs in Seattle and keeps being told he’d be hired in a hot minute, but that no one hires remotely except in very rare cases.

Or they say move there but make damn sure you have three months of living expenses, which we damn sure do NOT. We are beyond poor after years of medical crises.

But also no place will rent to you unless you already have a job that pays Seattle wages.

My friend says to ask for help.

I have kids who need stability and a school system. And a gaggle of rescue critters I refuse to leave in a land where people shoot anything that moves.

Our son has become so completely overtaken with anxiety, he can’t function. He couldn’t sleep the other night until he duct taped his curtains closed so the things the other kids said are going to kill him can’t get into his room while he sleeps.

He has a two-hour psych evaluation tomorrow to start therapy during school hours.

My sweet, gold glitter loving, nail polish wearing, 6-year-old son is having to go into intensive therapy to deal with the deadly assaults and threats on his life and constant bullying and degradation that no matter how I approach the parents of these kids, gets met with laughter.

I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to get out of here. I don’t know what kind of help to beg for but gods save me I am begging for help. I am on my knees, hands clasped, begging anyone who will listen for help.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on October 18, 2017


Posted on October 18, 2017

Thank you, THANK you, dear gods, thank you to everyone who helped us to reach our initial goal! You are glorious and wonderful, and as soon as I get five whole minutes of non-chaos, I will be sending many thank you notes and ponies and fruit baskets.  

The Good News: I went to Seattle over the weekend, AND WE FOUND A HOUSE. The lease has been signed. 

It is glorious and in a perfect school system. We have a house. We are almost free.  

The Bad News: We have a house and no way to get there.  Because of three years of medical bill ravaged credit, the landlord asked us to prepay three months of rent as well as the deposit. That, combined with the cost of the trip to actually get to Seattle, plus the things like renting a dumpster and packing supplies, the initial fundraiser money has been spent. There is literally $11 dollars left in our bank account.  

I had cushions of our own I was using to help fund the actual move. He had a check that was supposed to arrive from our mortgage company today that would have chipped in about $9,000, but instead, we were informed our mortgage company will be keeping that money in a special account to collect interest off the funds. So that is not great. We were desperately counting on that.  

We had a super back-up of selling my husband's car, and I went to go update the title before we went to finalize the sale, and were informed Indiana had changed the title process, and they KEPT the title, and we will receive the new one in two weeks. Meaning we can't sell the car until then. That is $8-10,000 we no longer have access to.  

And because things weren't stressful enough, the plague we were fighting turned into something worse, and our son is currently in the hospital fighting for his tiny life. He is...unspeakably ill. It could be meningitis, it could be West Nile, we still don't know. He looks like a blond skeleton and can't walk or even sit up with assistance. He's been admitted and we are hoping for any sort of miracle.

While all this is happening, our neighbors have taken to creating fake Twitter accounts to harass me and people who have donated to the fundraiser.  

I could sooooo easily have a breakdown right now.  

I don't want to ask for more help. You've all done more than anyone has ever deserved. I can't stand the thought of even considering raising the amount of the fundraiser.

But as of this moment, I have an amazing house waiting for us to move in next week, and literally no way to get my family to it, and I don't know how to make money magically appear. I am making every call I possibly can, and calling in every favor and begging every bank, but so far, I'm coming up empty.

From our entire family: Thank you for absolutely everything, and nothing we could ever say will properly convey our endless gratitude and love for all you have done for our little family.

Posted on October 9, 2017

Posted on October 9, 2017

Oh my gosh. I don't have any words that would even come close to doing justice to say thank you for what you've all done for our family. This is beyond surreal and amazing. We are over a third of the way to being able to flee this place and that is all because of you, and our entire family will be forever grateful for that in a way that makes me think there's nothing we could have ever done to deserve kindness of this magnitude. You are all magnificent and we love you dearly. Thank you. Thank you so very much from every one of us.

I apologize for the delayed update. Our house got hit with a flu/virus which has been a hoot and a half.

Our son had his two hour psych eval the other day. A part of me died in that meeting. Truly died.

He is now being treated for obsessive-compulsive behaviors, anxiety, and due to the life-threatening assaults, he is said to be showing all the signs and behaviors of someone with PTSD. 

My 6-year-old is being treated for PTSD. Like, they wrote "PTSD" on his intake chart while I was watching.

Kids keep chasing him with things that could kill him while they and other kids and adults laugh, and now my 6-year-old has PTSD.

He said when he walks outside, his skin hurts. That he never knows what is going to happen to him or who will be outside waiting, and so when he leaves the front door, his skin hurts and his hands sweat and it makes his chest burn when he breathes.

He said he has nightmares every single night. 

He cried and said he will have to sit at the Allergy Table at school for the rest of his life, and the only other kid who sits there is one of his biggest bullies. He said he doesn't want to eat lunch anymore. He wants to be "normal" so he can sit anywhere else and no one can laugh and try to hurt him with food. (He also said he wants to be able to eat Reese Cups because 1. Then he could show the other kids they can't hurt him anymore, and 2. They look really tasty. That's my lad.

But when asked if he thought he would feel better if he was somewhere else, he said yes. Because everything and everyone that hurts him is here. And when we go on trips, he never feels scared because no one in those places ever treats him the way people here do. 

He will have a therapist come see him at the school now. Which is great, and I am very grateful for that.

But I can't wrap my head around the fact that my 6-year-old son has been bullied and violently assaulted to the point that he needs a therapist to visit him at school to try and help him process as best they can.

These are things that never should have happened. He never deserved any of this. No kid deserves this. 

A piece of me died in that meeting, you guys. 

Again, thank you so, so, soooooo very much to everyone who has sent job information, location ideas, moving tips, as well as donated and shared this fundraiser. It means the world to us in a genuinely life-changing way. We are deep into every possible lead that's been sent, and I am crossing every crossable part of my person that something pans out.

Until this town is shrinking to nothingness in our rearview mirror, I desperately welcome any and all job/location/moving tips, btw. Desperately.

Every day, something else happens here that reiterates why I will do literally anything it takes to get my children out of here. Like, I may only have one good kidney now, and I'm not saying I'd be *that* person, but if there's a market for it and it will get them out of here faster...


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