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·         To clean up and take back the streets from those who terrorize our people and communities, including those drug dealers and those police officers who act as thugs targeting our people and communities of color.

·         To provide programs and projects for youth as viable alternatives to life on the streets.


·         To patrol and clean up the streets in high crime and highly policed areas, reaching out to youth who want to change their lives, and exposing police harassment, profiling, and other injustices (while cooperating with police who cooperate with us and do not engage in these corrupt practices).

·         To set up business enterprises, programs and projects that put our people to work, and teach other survival skills.

·         To set up recreational and educations programs for the youth in communities we patrol.

·         To work and cooperate with other organizations and officials, including public safety, who share our mission and objectives.


·         Several Atlanta area young Black men, former “gang” members, led by Brother Haroon, tired of life on the streets and in the jails, decided to transform their lives and to reach out to others in similar situations to help them do the same. They were also tired of seeing young Black men killing each other, and racist police harassing, incarcerating and killing their brothers and sisters. So they decided to organize themselves into street patrol units and begin taking back the streets from thugs of all types, and cleaning up their communities---and the Street Groomers was born!

·         The Street Groomers are now in demand in many Atlanta area neighborhoods, and in communities in other cities and states, as positive results are immediately noticed in communities they patrol.

·         In addition to expanding the number of communities they patrol, their next step is to launch enterprises, programs and projects that benefit and positively transform the youth and communities they patrol.


·         Volunteer to join our patrols.

·         Help raise or contribute funds for both the patrols and the community development programs.

·         Attend our marches, rallies and community clean up events.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on February 13, 2018

Posted on February 13, 2018

Friends, we are celebrating the third anniversary of the founding of the Street Groomers: THE PEOPLE’S PEACE FORCE” (founded by Brother Haroun Shahid Wakil), and wish to thank everyone for their support this past year (and before). Here are just a few of our accomplishments this year, which would not have been possible without your support:
In Atlanta and metro areas:
--Patrolled the streets in the West End, West Atlanta and other neighborhoods where requests for assistance have been made, with a noticeable decline in crime in those areas….
--Patrolled the gas stations where car-jackings took place…
--Walked the children to school in the mornings and from school in the afternoons in those neighborhoods.
--Patrolled the University areas where students were targeted.
--Patrolled the areas where the homeless were outside in frigid temperatures, providing transport to shelters and blankets.
--Were dispatched and responded to intervene in specific incidents and minor crimes by both city residents and APD.
--Struck an alliance with the command staff of Atlanta Police Department Zone 1 (West Atlanta) to collaborate on crime prevention and minor crime interdiction---as well as holding street level officers accountable and serving rather than harassing the residents, especially people of color.
--Continued to work with and support the families of victims of police violence and murder, through protests, legal action, and other forms of direct and indirect pressure on APD, Smyrna PD, Dekalb PD, and their respective District Attorneys. Participated in the filing of federal lawsuits in the cases of Nicholas Thomas and Jamarion Robinson, and supporting legal action in the case of Deaundre Phillips. In it for the long haul with these families.
--Continued to hold City Hall accountable by speaking up and out at their meetings, when not heeded, we brought the people and protests to their neighborhoods, successfully leading a surprise protest at the Mayor’s and DA’s neighborhood and home---a feat never before accomplished in Atlanta history. (Elected officials know that our silence cannot be bought, manipulated, or squelched.)
--Began working with elected and appointed City officials behind the scenes and through their channels (NPU’s, Committees, etc.) to bring real solutions to the neighborhoods.
--Continued to plug youth into development programs, including job, skill and entrepreneurial training, as well as recreational programs, which we partner with to keep them off the streets. Sponsored a youth baseball team in the city league.
--Partnered with Rashad Richey, nationally syndicated media personality and community activist, on his community service programs, both in Atlanta and around the state and country.
--Partnered with the Cobb SCLC on their community service and advocacy projects, including supporting the KSU Five Cheerleaders and student activists under fire there, resulting in the resignation of the campus President and other positive developments on campus there. And worked to keep CCPD and Smyrna PD accountable, including participating in a successful federal lawsuit against the latter for deprivation of First Amendment rights of protest.
--By supporting her opponent in the mayoral election (who had a far more progressive voting record), helped to force the new Mayor Bottoms of Atlanta to adopt a “progressive agenda” to win voter support in the final days of her campaign, and will hold her accountable to that agenda along with others who supported her and those who did not.
--Led protests at retail establishments guilty of discrimination against people of color; protested mass incarceration and inhumane conditions at the jails. Partnered with Anarchists and Antifa, as well as a diverse array of other groups, to expose and keep out white supremacist groups; supported the Women’s March.

Outside of Atlanta metro:
--Traveled to Camilla, LaGrange, Gainesville and other smaller Georgia towns at request of the residents there to address issues of racism and police brutality; formed affiliate Street Groomers groups there.
--Supported the formation of Street Groomers groups in cities and towns around the country, including Chicago.

This is just a sampling of activities which your support makes possible. If you would like to share an anniversary gift of support please do so via Paypal to [email protected] or our website at .

Posted on May 1, 2017

Posted on May 1, 2017

Thanks so much for all of your support! Thanks to your generosity Street Groomers has been able to reduce street crime in many Atlanta metro neighborhoods through proactive and reactive patrols, and prevention programs such as neighborhood outreach and starting youth athletic programs.

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