Build a permanent home for street dogs in Kathmandu

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The Story


Please read this before you read the appeal.

We are the LARGEST rescue/treatment and sterilization facility in Nepal for the homeless street dogs. We are currently concentrated in the capital city, Kathmandu, where there are more than 23,000 stray dogs. We spay/neuter 5 street dogs everyday. We rescue 3 animals everyday on average from Road accidents, skin infections, human violence and other illness/weakness. We help several street animals in re-homing. We actively mass-vaccinate stray dog population to keep both dogs and humans safe from Rabies. Rabies causes 300 deaths every year in Nepal.

We have recently purchased a piece of land in Kathmandu, where we want to build our permanent facility. We are a non-profit, non-governmental organization and rely on donations and fundraising to cover our costs.

Read about our work on KAT's websiteand KAT's Facebook Page

Construction and Relocation have already started (Watch the Video).

We require funds to effectively build and expand the kennels, cages, run-house, cat-house, surgery room, clinic, medicine supply, rooms for office and volunteers, fencing and foundation works.

Statistics of the street dogs we have helped so far: (Animals we've helped)

Emergency Rescue Video , Animal Birth Control Programme [Spay/Neuter], Our Rescue Team on the Streets, Educational Programmes, Rehoming (Local and International), Incredible Transformation of Sick/Injured Animals

We aim to expand our daily operations by utilizing the 12,000 $ per annummoney we save from rent (current rates) after we move.


Phase I: Foundation Work and preparation:
Materials required: Gravel (15 trucks), Sand (20 Trucks), Excavator Leveling (24 hours), Gabbion Wire (10 pieces), Stones (30 Trucks), Cement (200 packets), Water Tank (3)

Other Costs: Wages for Labor (60 days), Government and Engineer’s Design/Approval (already received).


- 5 $ can help pay for half day's work of labor.
- 8 $ can help buy a packet of cement.
- 10 $ can help rent each truck carry rubble from the old site to new site.
- 30 $ can contribute towards covering the cost of an hour of a bulldozer's work.
- 50 $ can contribute towards buying ½ truck of sand.
- 100 $ can contribute towards buying a bundle of Corrugated Tin.
- 200 $ can contribute towards building the dog kitchen.
- 250 $ can contribute towards buying 1 water tank.
- 500 $ can contribute towards building water well.
- 700 $ can contribute towards building a hygienic dog kennel.
- 1000 $ can contribute towards leveling and foundation.

Please share this appeal among your friends, family and social circle. Your help can save numerous street dogs' life and help get them sterilized in many years to come. We will mention all the donations and contribution in the "wall of honor", a monument at our new centre as a reminder of your valuable contribution. 

We want to express our sincere thankfulness and gratitude towards all the generous donors who have helped our Fundraising Campaign achieve 27% success.

Please write to us with any questions. [email protected]

Thank you !

Deepesh Dhakal
Communication Officer
- Kathmandu Animal Treatment [KAT] Centre

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 28, 2017

Posted on August 28, 2017

Dear Supporters,

Thank you for donating and sharing our campaign of permaenently building a treatment & sterilization facility for the street dogs in Kathmandu.

We have been able to raise $ 18,867 so far and have 49 days to reach our goal of $50,000 to cover the cost of our construction Project. 

As we we are continuing our work of construction, we are also providing treatment and sterilization for needy dogs at our current facility. 

One of such beneficiary is Hailey (watch her rescue story)who is currently recovering from Severe skin infection at KAT Centre. She is a mother dog and breeds every season. So after she heals, we will spay her in line with our "Dog -Population Management Program". 

Please keep supporting us by sharing our fundraiser as this will help many animals like Hailey get a space to heal, receive treatments and essentially a second life thanks to our amazing rescue team, vet staff and volunteers. 

Thank you. 
KAT Centre

Posted on March 8, 2017

Posted on March 8, 2017

Dear Supporters,

We are pleased to let you know that we have purchased the land, without using the money we have all raised using this platform, net $ 17,784. This was a result of various hasty decisions and meetings as you are all aware as our target was too high, and even though you all supported us with your love and devotion towards animal-lives, and seen or heard about the little things KAT Centre has been able to do for the poor animals - we were not able to succeed. But we are not the ones who give up. Even though we were in crisis, dear friends, we have not stopped sterilizing street-dogs, as we have realised stopping sterilization means a massive outbreak of street-dogs and Rabies. (Read a report by Huffington Post today on Rabies-Impact Globally). We have been vaccinating over 27,000+ stray dogs, keeping in check the dangerous risks of Rabies. This number, given with above report's prediction that around 70 % of rabies vaccinations helps reduce the rabies-risk to humans dramatically.

Please read our detailed newsletter (here). As we have personally addressed you all in the newsletter outbox, please make sure you look in the "promotion" sections (gmail) and junk (hotmail), especially if you haven't added kat centre to your contact list. You can add us as [email protected] as your contact list. We are sending some interesting animal stories as we are also treating them off their sickness and sadness.

With the recent Government's plan to widen roads and build bigger water-supply system the road has become even dangerous for the street dogs. Watch a dog recovering from Road Traffic Accident, learning to walk again at KATCentre. 
In another video Sarna receives coconut oil massagein relax mood. However, you should know she traveled 50 kms to Kathmandu for treatment, for fighting skin parasites, and growing her hair back (treatment unavailable over there). She was rescued by two brave construction-volunteers re-constructing earthquake-damaged Rasuwa Region of Nepal. We will post the full story soon.

As we start construction with the amount we raised, we ask you to be content that we will build KAT Centre together. We ask for your help to plea for us, by sharing our newsletter along with your personal experience of KAT Centre. We can't shut down, but we need your support as long as we run this centre, as we need to constantly bug you for some medicines and dollars, but also bug you to ask your friends and colleagues for some more medicines and dollars.

The animals really have NOWHERE ELSE TO GO. We are even distributing medicines (Ivermectin, de-worming tablets, spot-ons/frontlines for ticks & fleas, antibiotics, and leashes) to people who are willing to help the dog, as bringing all the unhealthy animals to the centre is beyond possible. Most Common cases of Mange are treated outside by providing medications, whereas Road Accidents are given high priority for emergency.

We will soon update you with our more solid plans as we start the foundation work of the new centre. We are planning building locally, using local resource and volunteer manpower. In fact, Douglas and his friend (Sarna's Rescuers) have even promised coming to Kathmandu once our construction starts, to help with iron and building works.


KAT Centre

Posted on October 23, 2016

Posted on October 23, 2016

Hello Friends, 

Meet the animals and see our activity from the eyes of a professional photographerJulian Bound, who has been featured in reputed media-house like National Geographic and BBC. 
The dog have never felt so #photogenic

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Build a permanent home for street dogs in Kathmandu

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