Sponsor this #CruelTories post as a paid Facebook ad

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Sponsor this #CruelTories post as a paid Facebook ad (Stop the Tories 2017 publishing fund)
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Last month Theresa May announced “Personally I have always been in favour of foxhunting", and that she will give Parliament a free vote on overturning the #foxhunting ban in England and Wales if she wins #GE17.

This is a crowdfunderto sponsor onto the news feeds of as many extra Facebook users as possible this hard-hitting image. (Click on the link to see what the sponsored Facebook post looks like.)84% of the British public support the foxhunting ban, and polling evidence is emerging that Theresa May's cruel policy is losing the Tories votes.

The sponsored post also includes as covering text information from the League Against Cruel Sports, starting:

Scientific evidence shows that the animals targeted in hunting suffer physical and mental stress when chased by a hunt - whether or not they are eventually killed.

The Burns Report produced in the year 2000 stated that “There is a lack of firm scientific evidence about the effect on the welfare of a fox of being closely pursued, caught and killed above ground by hounds. We are satisfied, nevertheless, that this experience seriously compromises the welfare of the fox.” That is one of the reasons hunting with dogs for sport was banned in Britain over a decade ago.

Foxes naturally escape predators by going underground, but hunts employ staff to block up these escape routes the morning before a hunt meet, forcing an unnaturally long chase.

This crowdfunder sponsors mass reach of this post to UK Facebook users who DON'T normally see anti-Tory posts.

Many of the thousands of extra people we reach will be soft Tory supporters or undecided, maybe unengaged voters. Some of these might have forgotten, or chosen to forget, just how unpleasant the policies of this Tory government are. We get to remind them.

The Facebook page Stop the Tories 2017 will use all your donations to keep boosting this post to more and more people's news feeds. We can immediately use all donations received right up till polling day.

Please consider donating £3 today. This sum will sponsor this post to 400-600extra Facebook users, getting them to see this post on their news feeds. Reach will be targeted to people living in selected all-important marginal constituencies.

If you can't donate yourself, can you share and spread the word?

This is one of several crowdfunding projects by Chris Henderson, the creator of the Stop the Tories 2017 Facebook page and stopthetories.nationbuilder.com.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on June 6, 2017

Posted on June 6, 2017

The first £40 raised has been used to directly reach over 4,000 Facebook news feeds, targeted to a key marginal seat. Total UK-wide reach of the post is over 25,000, with the help of over 200 shares. More at https://stopthetories.nationbuilder.com/update_on_the_six_crowdfunded_paid_ad_campaigns

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Sponsor this #CruelTories post as a paid Facebook ad

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