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Ellen’s Stardust Diner, the home of the world famous singing waitstaff, is a New York City institution that has been serving up diner classics and live entertainment since 1987. Over the years, Ellen’s has grown exponentially into one of NYC’s busiest and most profitable restaurants. We provide high volume crowds of all ages the opportunity to enjoy performances from “the future stars of the stage and screen” in a fun and interactive environment, all for the price of a cheeseburger. With an impressive track record of broadway success stories, Ellen’s has become not only a beloved tourist attraction, but a springboard for hundreds of New York City’s most talented performers chasing their dreams in the Big Apple.

Our mission is to preserve the Stardust family legacy in order to ensure that future generations of Stardusters and customers alike can enjoy the same experience that gives Ellen’s its reputation.

Our mission is one of integrity. A fight happening all across America and all over the world. The fight for worker's rights! We believe in democracy and in the rights of The People, and as we rise up with our voices we know we will be met with pushback. So we need your help.
We are trying to raise $50,000.00 so we can continue to organize, continue to communicate with the world, fight back against legal retaliation and to protect the livelihoods of our unfairly terminated co-workers.

First and foremost your donations will go toward legal fees. We anticipate a strong legal offensive strike from our company's owner and we must have the resources to fight back.

Donations will also act as a security blanket to provide finacial supplementation for unlawfully terminated employees while we FIGHT aggressively to get their jobs back.

Additionally, your donations will help us continue a strong media campaign by allowing us to stay visible in the public eye with shirts, signs, pins, flyers, etc....

A successful union campaign must be well funded and since we are just getting started we want to be prepared and with your help that is possible.

No donation is too small. Every penny goes a long way into helping SFU fight for our rights at Stardust and also for the rights of hard working men and woman around the world through our affiliation with the IWW.

Thank you for your support.

We are Stardust (United)

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on September 25, 2016

Posted on September 25, 2016

On the afternoon of September 14th, employees who were not outside protesting were told to close out their final tables and finish work. The restaurant, for the first time in memory, was closed to the public due to a "private event". The remaining staff of Ellen's Stardust Diner gathered downstairs in their sister restaurant, the Iridium Jazz Club, where servers were plucked out one by one to "check in for their shifts". Servers were brought upstairs into the closed restaurant and falsely accused of misconduct as a pretext for retaliatory termination for union activity. After the terminations were completed, Sturm read to remaining staff from a piece of paper. The bewildered and anxious staff listened to the owner of a business they spent so many hours building. "I feel like the rape victim who was accused of wearing a short dress," Sturm was quoted as saying, "Thats true."

Posted on September 25, 2016

Posted on September 25, 2016

Stardust Diner Family United Says '15 Employees Fired in Retaliation of Union Activity

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