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The Story

We have a few more weeks before the Trump regime begins. Now more than ever what we need is non-violent direct action skills in the hands of people who are most targeted by Trumps colonial approach to everything he sees. And we need to stop this Pipeline. Don't let hopelessness take you down. We could still win this. We need you.

Before your read my words consider listening to indigenous leaders like Nick Tilsen speak about what's happening on the ground. Listen to Nick here

Please click and give and JOIN UP with the water protectors to be a part of this incredibly powerful moment going down *Right Now* in Standing Rock North Dakota. 

This fundraiser will go directly to support the IP3 tent at the Oceti Sakowin camp at Standing Rock.

IP3 is the Indigenous People’s Power Project.  IP3 is an indigenous led non-violent direct action (NVDA) hub at the “big” camp. IP3 provides daily NVDA trainings and direct action leadership to the whole camp. IP3 also provides action support and a support network for a huge cadre of young indigenous trainers and organizers including supporting the leadership development of the youth council at camp.

These funds will be used for winterizing the camp, providing for the indigenous organizers staying all winter and funding the NVDA trainings at camp.

Please give now.

The coming weeks are incredibly important. We need to make moves now to protect this incredible movement moment. In this regime change we only have each other.  Let’s redistribute wealth now and get the water protectors the cash they need to get non-violent direct action strategies into the hands of some of the folks most at risk under the new regime. Organizers are clear that we need a camp presence all winter in order to win this fight, there are lots of people who plan to stay, and its getting cold (we are talking frost inside tents cold) Will you move money today to help make sure there is still a camp tomorrow?

For non-native allies our biggest contribution is not our "smart" ideas. Our most important contribution is hearts awake and alive and ready to move into action.  When we come awake we bring beating heart pulsing in solidarity and our raised fist joining the fight, our ears open and humbly listening and our feet ready to move when called. Our organizing skills are our core. Our connections and trust in each other is our immune system robust and ready to defend against brutal attack.

Come join the water protectors. Stand up for Standing Rock and build a new legacy that heals the damages of colonization. Now is the time to be on the right side of history.

Accountability for this fundraiser:

There are hundreds of fundraisers out there for Standing Rock and there are questions about some of their legitimacy. It's important that our fundraisers have accountability to actually move funds to the right places that are connected with leadership. I wanted to be really clear about who I am and why I am doing it this way and offer 2 alternative fundraisers that I know are legit and also in a lot of need.

I am Becka Tilsen I live in occupied Duwamish territory/Seattle and I was raised in occupied Anishinaabe and Dakota territory/Minneapolis. I am white/non-native and Jewish. I have close relatives who are Native. Some of my Native cousins are Lakota and are in leadership at the camp. My cousins put out a call for people who are trained in non-violent direct action to come. So me and my family came. I spent a few weeks at Standing Rock working on winterizing, serving as a medic at actions, facilitating meetings for non-native allies, editing a grant for the tribe and sorting medical supplies. I asked my cousin where I should direct fundraising offers and he said IP3 was in need.
Here is my cousin Nick speaking from his post in direct action locked down to DAPL equipment:
Here is my cousin Mark making an international call for allies: See Mark here

In addition to being in touch with my family on the front lines I joined a group of trainers working nationally to help non-native allyship show up more effectively. We created a resource packet for folks wanting to support Standing Rock. You can find that packet here:

Resource Packet for Allies

Or at my website along with more information about my work here:

I will be sending these funds through Rukus and they will pass them to IP3 on the ground.

If you are looking for other places to give here are two:

Give to general operating for Oceti Sakowin/big camp it is sorely needed. You can give here:

Connect in with the big camp at:

Fb: OcetiSakowinCamp

Red Owl Legal team could really use support:

Thank you for considering. All my love and gratitude to you. So blessed to be in this struggle with you.
Mni Wiconi. Water is life.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on December 30, 2016

Posted on December 30, 2016

IP3 trained thousands of indigenous water protectors and allies over the last 4 months at Oceti Sakowin camp in Standing Rock North Dakota. The art tent as a part of IP3 created thousands of banners, patches, flags and wind socks that bring vibrant, compelling and consistent imagery into action. They also distributed stencils of the images all across the country so that local communities could produce more action art with imagery and messaging consistent with that of the water protectors at camp.

As I’m sure you know things at Oceti Sakowin camp have been changing quickly. In the beginning of December the Standing Rock struggle to stop the pipeline achieved a hugely significant win when the Army Corps of Engineers announced that they would not grant the easement to Energy Transfer Partners to drill across lake Oahe and also required an environmental impact statement process. These were the two demands the tribe and the organizing bodies have been asking for as a concrete move towards stopping the pipeline for good. The fight is not over but this is a very big win in the process.

Standing Rock tribe’s chairman Dave Archambault II put out a request for folks to leave camp for the winter. IP3 is following that request and has packed up their camp and is participating diversifing the front lines.

IP3 will continue to be a part of the struggle to stop the pipeline and is currently organizing a train-the-trainers workshop this winter on the Standing Rock Reservation that will train all indigenous leaders. IP3 is an international network of indigenous people and will be ready to deploy if the community asks for them on-site.

The next set of donations will be used to put on the train-the-trainers workshop[ which will be a phenomenal gathering of indigenous youth and adult leaders gathering to become trainers in non-violent direct action for the next leg of the battle.

IP3 organizers send a huge thank you and encourage folks to take their commitments to this struggle to local actions targeting the banks and the financial institutions invested in the Dakota Access Pipeline.

In the beginning of December Oceti Sakowin held a press conference to respond to the eviction released by the Army Corps of Engineers. Nick Tilsen, the representative from IP3 said in the press conference: "Indigenous people are here to stay and we are going to move on our own terms... We are not fearful, we went through a lot of healing in our ceremonies and what's left is pure love for our land, pure love for our people. And there's no room for fear in that."

You can watch the whole press conference here:

Thank you for joining the water protectors.

Good to be with you in this fight for water, indigenous sovereignty and righting the wrongs of colonization.


Becka Tilsen

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