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The Story

Last updated: 7/15

Hey friends! Thanks for checking out our fundraising page. Please keep reading. Your support is everything to us!

We have a few weeks to raise the remaining funds toward our goal on here so we can travel to Roxy's country once our dossier is accepted. In the next few weeks we will need to send the remainder of the $4400 to our NGO*, $7000 to our stateside adoption agency, and prepare an estimated $6000 for our first week-long trip overseas**.

This is a minimum of $17,400 total! The amazing news is that right now $12,509 of that is all ready COVERED through previous fundraising and some generous grants given to us by incredible organizations like Reece's Rainbow. $3,695 was also paid initially for our homestudy update, commitment fees, and immigration fees! That's over $16,000 taken care of in less than 7 months!! How amazing is that?? God has provided through every step of this.

This means we are just $4891 from having EVERYTHING but our final fee for court and the pick up trip funded.

Right now, we have just a few weeks to submit these funds to cover expenses!! We need your love and support to make this happen. We need friends willing to pray for us, to help us share this need and meet it.

If you don't know us you can read more about our family and experiences on my blog:

To give a little more explanation and insight I want to explain what some of this actually means. The process for the country is based on the Hague agreement which is put in place to protect orphans and hold adoption to a higher standard. We cannot share the country name or Roxy's birth name at this time for safety reasons. However, I can assure you this is all very real!

Reece's Rainbow
We first saw Roxy listed on Reece's Rainbow's website which is an advocacy and sponsorship organization. They help raise grant funds for waiting children (orphaned children waiting for families) with special needs to be adopted. They also continue this work by collecting donations as a travel grant for families that commit to adopt these waiting children.

When we committed to adopting Roxy she had an $18 waiting child grant (some are much higher, and some sit at 0 - it all depends on donors giving what they can!). Right now we have over $2300 in our grant! This is part of that $12,509 mentioned above going toward our first trip and fees!

You can use this account to give donation if you would prefer to go that route. Because Reece's Rainbow is a 501(c)3 it is tax-deductible for you to donate through this account! This is our link:

This is a common acronym for a non-governmental organization. In our case, this is the group working to complete the adoption on the European side of things. These fees and others we have paid cover so many things: translation of dozens of documents, case management, embassy costs, a translator and traveling while we are in-country, filing fees for court overseas, and more. This NGO is well known and well reviewed by previous adopting families. This NGO has worked hard for children's best interests and holds high standards in all they do!

**First Week Long Trip Overseas

Roxy's country has a requirement for families to make two international trips for an adoption.

Trip one happens after the dossier (all background and legal documentation) is in country. They first translate and submit the dossier to the International Adoption Committee. Then we are invited to travel. On this trip, we will meet Roxy in person, have the opportunity to ask questions about her life, submit referral acceptance paperwork for court, and pay for her visa so she can enter the United States. It is expected to be one week long and much of our time will be spent getting to know Roxy!

After this, we have to leave her there because court has not commenced or approved the adoption yet. This is going to be so hard!! The NGO will do the legwork in-country to represent us at court while we are in the USA. Once we pass court, which can take months to get a date sometimes she is legally our daughter. We will then take trip two! Trip two is longer due to embassy requirements before travel. We will receive her passport, visa, and anything else we need and bring her to her second home here in the USA!

Right now, the first trip is the one we are preparing to go on.

More About "Roxy" and Us

"Roxy" was born in Eastern Europe. Her mother gave her the gift of life! This sweet girl turned 3 years old this spring. She is up for international adoption after being placed in government care and no one stepping forward for her in her home country. We committed to adopt her in January 2017. She has diagnoses but don't let that distract you. She has Down Syndrome and a congenital heart condition. She also has gorgeous brown curls, warm brown eyes, a darling little laugh, and a fascination with music. At the last update, she was learning to walk and showing a stubborn streak. We have chosen the name Aria Josephine for her. Aria means an expressive melody. Josephine is both a family name (after my husband, Joseph, and her great-great-great grandmother on my mom's side). It means "Jehovah increases" or "He will add". We will also be keeping her given name but I can't share that yet!

As for us, we're the Siebolds! I'm Samantha and my husband is Joseph. We met as teenagers! Now we've been married for 8 years and all ready have three children. Once Roxy is here the kids will be 7, 6, 4, and 3 years old! We're a pretty average family with just the right dose of crazy. ;) If you really want a peak into our world the easiest way is to follow me on instagram! There's everything from chickens to homeschooling to gaming to etsy pretties on there!


Thank you again for looking at our page, supporting our growing family, and showing some love for this little girl on the other side of the world! You rock!

P.S. EVERY person supporting this adoption and helping it happen from donors to social workers to family and friends will have their name written on the back of the beautiful 1000 piece puzzle we got! I'm CERTAIN there are ONE THOUSAND people that love this little girl and will play a part in bringing her into our family! There's a photo of the puzzle box in the pictures above! 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 3, 2017

Posted on August 3, 2017

We are still waiting on USCIS. We are at 3 weeks tomorrow since they received our fingerprints. When we called yesterday we still hadn't been assigned an officer. This approval process can take 10+ weeks sometimes but we are praying for sooner.

In the meantime, your support with getting our travel expenses and final agency fees covered means so much. As soon as we get dates we want to be able to book flights to meet little miss ASAP! Thank you for helping us!! 

Posted on July 23, 2017

Posted on July 23, 2017

This week we were unexpectedly blessed by a very generous donation to our Reece's Rainbow sponsorship account. We hope that will be enough on there now to cover our round trip international flights! We just have $3437 to raise. That $3437 will go toward the adoption agency and government fees that the RR sponsorship cannot be used for before we leave. Those fees are due before we can leave. It will also cover the remaining need for our first trip (estimating we will need $5000-6000 for the trip) like the accommodations and Roxy's visa fee.

Right now we just continue to wait on USCIS approval (could be 2 weeks or it could be more) and we expect to travel 1-2 months after having that delivered overseas.

Thank you everyone for your support so far! We're so close!!

Posted on July 15, 2017


Posted on July 15, 2017

We finished our USCIS (immigration) fingerprinting today! This paperwork goes through the immigration system to approve us to adopt a child ("Roxy") overseas. It can take weeks to get the approval but there's nothing left for us to do. We have 3 documents including that one to get apostilled and send to our agency. They will forward it to the NGO in-country for translation. The funds we are rushing to cover right now are for this part of the process! The sooner we get it all done the sooner we will receive dates for our FIRST trip. 

Please help us out by sharing our fundraising page with friends and family. We appreciate all the prayer through this process. As you can see, every dollar adds up quickly to make this happen!


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