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The Story

Shazam suffered a devastating injury this morning, 4/21/17.  Shazam was shot twice and he's in need of specialized reconstructive surgery to repair the damage to his hard palate and jaw.

Initial Emergency Treatment

Shazam has already received emergency surgery at Stoneridge Animal Hospital this afternoon for one entry and one exit wound on the side of his head and below his shoulder. 

Shazam's family brought him to Cornell Animal Hospital this evening.

From his DVM in Rochester: He may have a broken lower jaw and has a lot of damage to his hard palate (roof of his mouth) There is a lot of damage so a lot of work is needed. Cornell needs to perform a CT scan of his head to determine the extent of his wounds and from there repair the damages.
He is stable at this point but his mouth is a mess.
He will need a lot of pain medications and antibiotics and rest but he should pull through.

In a phone consultation with Cornell University Hospital for Animals in Ithaca, NY, from Stoneridge Animal Hospital, the very approximate estimate was in the area of $3500 to $5000 just for the tests and procedures and does not include any of the hospital care, overnites or medications needed. 

Shazam's owner has just purchased a new home in the last month and funds are tight.  He has managed to get together about $2000 to cover Shazam's urgent care.  The bill with his surgery this afternoon and overnite care waiting for surgery has already surpassed that amount.

Frank, Shazam's Dad,  said Shazam made the 2 hour trip fairly well.  Shazam's pain medication began to wear off as they arrived.  Cornell immediately took him in and is now controlling his pain and keeping him comfortable for the night.  Cornell will be doing a CT scan in Saturday morning to fully evaluate the damage and give a full estimate of expenses. 

Frank, Shazaam's owner, his family and extended family are devastated watching him go through this.  As with many of us, their dogs are part of the family.   

Frank explained that as they rushed him in for emergency treatment earlier today, Shazam walked into the hospital on his own and just sat down, waiting for his care. The staff has said he's a very sweet boy who has been nothing but happy and cooperative through it all.

The first picture you see of Shazam, he is just being woken up after his shoulder surgery to prepare him for his trip to Cornell.  What a happy fellow he is, even after surgery.

The pictures following, show the entry and exit wound where the emergency surgery already has been done and you can see both have been repaired and stitched closed. The head and mouth wounds show the entry and exit and all the damage to his mouth including the extensive damage to the roof of his mouth, loss of teeth, a possibly broken jaw and probably a lot of things we can't see.  The picture of the two dogs smiling laying on the floor are Shazam, on the left and his brother Bobo, on the right, before today.

We have no funds left in the till to assist in this surgery after numerous ones you have donated to help us assist with.  Shazam cannot be discharged until the bill is paid in full and right now, we have no idea if he will be there a day, a few days or a week.  We need your help to raise the money to keep Shazam part of Frank's family.

Please help this happy pup and his owner and family that love him more than we can even begin to describe.

Every dollar helps and no amount is too small to make this all possible.

Frank called from Cornell to tell us they will be updating him with what the CT scan shows and the official estimate.  Once we have all that information we will post an update.

Thank-you for caring and being there for them.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 24, 2017


Posted on April 24, 2017

Shazam at a vet-check Monday 4/24

Shazam came home Sunday and was very happy to be back with his family.  He's on a lot of pain medication right now, which is to be expected.  He's eating and drinking and doing well!  Shazam's dog brother and sisters are thrilled to have him home.  We're told there was a lot of crying and moping going on by them when he was gone.

Shazam had another check today at Stoneridge Animal Hospital and will go again if anything should come up.  Otherwise, his follow-up will be at Cornell in two weeks to see how everything is healing.

We'll be going over to see Shazam much later in the week to see how he's doing and get more pictures.

Frank and Ricky, Shazam's mom and dad, want to thank everyone for their support and prayers.  It's been a rough few days for them worrying about their boy.  Now that he's home, they're all breathing a sigh of relief.  They've relayed they had no idea there was this kind of support in the community for dogs that were in need of immediate care and are going to be helping out in the future.  They feel it's important to pay it forward and help out and get involved.  

We'll continue with updates on Shazam, though not as often as we give him sometime to heal.

Right now we still do not have the Cornell bill.  The billing office was closed yesterday, so we're just waiting on them to get everything to the family.  Once they do, we will get it right up here.  Hopefully they'll email it so it's sooner rather than later.  We'll be picking up a copy of the Stoneridge bill tomorrow when we go in and pay the balance due so we should have that up tomorrow.

Thank-you for your amazing support and prayers.  You made a huge difference in Shazam's outcome!

Posted on April 23, 2017

Posted on April 23, 2017


Shazam Update!

Shazam's family is on their way to Cornell.  He is being discharged!  We'll get up a complete update on how he's doing, his aftercare procedures, billing and pictures later this afternoon.

Posted on April 22, 2017

Posted on April 22, 2017

Shazam Update 4/22:

Shazam has had his surgery and this is what we know.

CT scan was done.
Chest and body X-Rays were done to see any damage in the chest cavity or lungs from the bullets.

We'll give you the surgery rundown in regular language.

The surgeon cleaned the wounds and removed bone and bone fragments from the roof of his mouth and jaw that was shattered and torn by the bullet and then reconstructed the area.  That sentence makes it sound so simple.  The roof of the mouth was struck by a bullet causing a lot of damage, as you can see in the one picture of the side of his mouth.   This reconstruction and closure will close off any holes from the top of his mouth and recreate a smooth roof of his mouth and allow him to eat.  The reconstruction and closure went well.  The bullet through his mouth damaged and teeth, bone and flesh.  He had numerous teeth removed that the bullet broke or shattered,  I believe he said six, not including the ones already lost when he was hit with the bullet.  Damaged bone and soft tissue that the bullet ripped or tore was also removed and closed up. It looks like the surgeon has done an amazing job considering the damage the bullet that passed through his face and mouth caused.

Shazam suffered no damage to his chest cavity or lungs. The surgeon stated the tests showed it just missed and Shazam is very lucky.  One of the bullets appears to have passed through flesh in front and rear of his shoulder causing a lot of muscle and soft tiussue damage that should heal fairly well.

Shazam is resting and will continue on at Cornell this evening to be monitored as he wakes up and for pain control.  He's had two surgeries in less than 24 hours.  The overnite monitoring will run about $700 to $1300 depending on what is needed.  If all goes well, he should be discharged later tomorrow.

Cornell is working on the final bill for the tests and procedures and the surgeon felt is should come in for just what was done this morning at around $3000.  We'll  know a total shortly that will include the estimate for his overnite stay, medication and care.  As soon as we hear we will publish it here with as many details as we can get over the phone.

The surgeon said tomorrow they would go over with the family what aftercare and follow-up is needed and we will update you on that also.

Shazam's family is overwhelmed with the support they have received and want to thank everyone for helping them during this horrible time.  Their appreciation for the generosity of everyone has overwhelmed them and seeing a community pull together to save their boys life has left them amazed and very grateful.

We'll keep you updated and hope to have pictures by tomorrow.

Thank-you so much for everything you're doing to save Shazam's life!


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Shazam: Devastating Injury

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