5 Surgeries in 5 Days! Help Shawn Adams fight for his life!

For: Shawn Adams
Lakewood, CO
Organizer: Crystal Adams
5 Surgeries in 5 Days!  Help Shawn Adams fight for his life! (Shawn Adams)
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The Story

Shawn developed a blood infection that went to his heart and caused a lot of damage.  He had open heart surgery Thursday, December 7th to replace a valve.  His heart damage was more extensive than expected and another valve and the aorta were also damaged.  He went into cardiac arrest after his first surgery which led to an emergency surgery.  He ended up having a total of 6 surgeries so far, which included installing Impella heart pumps on the right and left sides of his heart. Shawn is the first person in Colorado to have the dual heart pumps, and only the second person in the nation to have this new technology. 
He is having dialysis, he has jaundice, he just started a feeding tube, he is losing a lot of blood and has had well over 100 units of blood, he is heavily sedated but comes to randomly to squeeze a hand or open his eyes.
He is fighting hard and every day is a roller coaster of improvements and set backs.  
If he gains enough strength he will have the heart pumps removed soon to allow his heart to pump without their assistance.
The future for Shawn is very uncertain.  He remains in very critical condition with a team of doctors, nurses and technicians monitoring him around the clock.
Funds raised through this fundraiser will be used specifically for Shawn's expenses.  He has already incurred extensive medical bills just from the surgeries and hospital stay.  While he is so lucky to have health insurance cover a good portion, he will be left with a large chunk to cover.
Funds will also be used for his ongoing care and rehabilitation.  We are uncertain what his rehabilitative care will be, but we know it will be extensive.

If you are unable to donate, please consider sharing.  
Please also keep Shawn in your thoughts. 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on June 14, 2018


Posted on June 14, 2018

June 14, 2018

Shawn has almost gone home a few times in the last month, but 2 weeks ago he was transferred back to the hospital to check for infection in chest wound.  Everything seems to be improving with his wounds.

Shawn's heart is unchanged since February.  His trach collar was removed and he is just on a little bit of oxygen, but otherwise breathing on his own still.  

It sounds like he should be released today or tomorrow.  He now faces a lot of  home health care expenses, therapy, dialysis three times a week, prescription costs, transportation costs, oxygen, etc.  He is unable to work for the foreseeable future therefore has no income.  He is in the process of applying for disability.  

He is lucky to have his sister helping him at home and take on the responsibility of helping to care for him.

We all are so thankful for everyone's thoughts, support and inquiries of his health.  Your assistance in his immediate future is critical.  Shawn is embarking on a new life with unknown challenges ahead.  

Posted on May 7, 2018

Posted on May 7, 2018

May 7, 2018

This website will be shut down in July due to the gofundme and youcaring merger.  So if you haven't donated and intend to, you have 2 months left to do so.

With that business out of the way, here's the good stuff:

Shawn is still at the long term acute care facility.  He had a battle with C. Diff last week and was very sick.  He lost weight and wasn't making any forward strides with healing.  That has resolved and the last few days have been wonderful.  He has been getting compliments on how good he looks, his color is improving and his spirits are too.  He is putting weight back on and happily eating any treats brought to him.

He is increasing his Physical Therapy and as soon as he can do 2 hour sessions he can leave this facility. He's been able to walk assisted all the way up and down the hallway, pushed his wheelchair walking outside, walked up and down a few steps, and has been able to work on riding a bike (rode 10 minutes today).

His wounds are continuing to shrink and bandages are being changed twice a day. He has a heel wound that is doing well, his tailbone wound is still a tunneling wound but is not painful anymore, and his chest wound is looking great with some discomfort but not terrible.

He has been able to shower twice now, which is a huge deal!

An even bigger deal is that he got the trach swapped to a smaller tube so he can talk again!!!!!  He has continued to breathe great on his own and it is so cool to hear his voice! They have added 10% oxygen for him, but if he does well breathing with this for 72 hours they will remove the trach collar altogether! 

He continues to have dialysis every other day and continues to wean meds with the hope that his kidneys and liver will come back around.

He is really looking forward to getting stronger and out of this facility.

Keep sending him love and messages.

Posted on April 16, 2018


Posted on April 16, 2018

April 15, 2018

We don't have any major updates to report for Shawn.  He has been at the long term care facility for a few weeks.  

His wound vac was removed from his chest and he still has a bed sore on his tail bone.  

The feeding tube was removed and he is back to eating food.  

He has been starting to get up and move again, walking with support.

He has had fewer visitors to keep him company lately, but says he is doing okay.

Keep those thoughts and prayers coming please!

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5 Surgeries in 5 Days! Help Shawn Adams fight for his life!

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