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The Story

Song List, descriptions, and thank you gifts listed below!!
Short version:

Help support our family's ministry by coming alongside us to produce a new studio album that reflects my current ministry focus of following God without fear, loving in action, orphan care, and more! The album is already written and we've started production! We'd just love help bringing it to completion.

We are hoping to raise enough to cover our remaining payments totaling $20,000 while we are in China adopting our two new children, Ethan and Anna. We are leaving in the next couple weeks and will update this site with the stories behind the songs, updates about our adoption process, updates on the album and more! And I will have some lovely thank-you gifts for those who help us too, one of which is the opportunity to receive a download of the album months before release – you can be some of the first people in the world to hear it!

Longer version:

Many of you know that this ministry was born when I made my first album to give to my dad when he was dying of ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). I put together some of the songs I'd written for my church, went to a small studio armed with an even smaller budget, and made an album I never expected anyone to hear. It was just supposed to be for my dad. Well, in a miracle of God that album took off. To this day I don't know how or why, but it made us realize there might be a ministry here we'd never thought of.

I started giving lots of concerts, and sharing the stories behind the songs. Since my songs reflected what I was learning from God and what was happening in my life, I started getting more and more invitations to speak.

Well, 11 years, five albums, one book, and 5 Billboard Top 40 songs later, I've been a full time speaker and music artist for 10 years and we've seen countless lives impacted. Just in the first five months of this year, I presented the Gospel to well over 10,000 people, we got hundreds of kids in poverty sponsored, and even had a direct hand in helping several orphans find their forever families. I can't tell you how blessed and amazed I am every day that God uses me and my words and music – I know who I am, and all the good things in me are there because of Christ alone and nothing else. He's changed everything in my life, and I am just humbled that He uses me to tell others about Him.

So, I'm just going to be real with you all. We are at a cross-roads. The music industry has changed dramatically since I started. More specifically, the way people acquire and listen to music has changed dramatically, and the net result is that much less money is making it to the artist from sales. And yet, the cost of producing the music remains the same. For example, 10 years ago, when you liked one of my songs, you bought my album and I made about $8. Now, when you like my song, you download it on iTunes and by the time it gets down to me, I make less than 30 cents. I don't anticipate making any money from this album, and will be happy if I break even. So it's been scary to commit to a new project knowing there's a good chance we will lose money.

So why am I doing this? Because music is still an incredibly powerful tool to move an audience, share the Gospel, or remind people of truth. I watch God use music in a way that nothing else can be used. I will tell a story, and then sing a song about that, and I watch it move hearts and change minds. I have people come to my table in tears asking for certain songs because music touches people. I have had people meet the Lord at my events because of the message in the music.  I wrote these new songs as a "toolbox" to take the ministry forward and reflect the messages I'm giving now.

My last studio album was 5 years ago. That's a long time. In that time, my ministry has changed significantly. We've adopted Noah from China and gone through his very major medical needs and it's taught me a lot about following God in spite of my fears. I wrote a song about that, but I can't share it because we haven't produced it. We are working on the adoption of two more precious children from China, and my heart is so full of the need for families and for the body of Christ to serve these kids! I wrote a song about that, but I can't share it. I wrote a song about living a life sold-out for Christ and about how that is the abundant life Jesus promised in John 10:10, but I can't share it. We need to produce these songs.

We are completing a double adoption this year. That's really expensive. We adopted Noah last year and paid for open heart surgery. That's really expensive. We are looking at quite a lot of medical expense when our new kids come home and that will be expensive. We have worked really hard to cover these expenses and are grateful for the ways God has provided!

So, I'm putting it out there. An album is going to cost me about $30,000 to produce to the level that radio play requires. I've already put down $10,000, but I have another $10,000 payment due literally when we are in China adopting our new kiddos, probably the most expensive time of our lives. And then I'll have another $10,000 due a couple months after that. That does not include the expense of packaging, printing, and promotion which will be another approximately $10,000.

I believe in this ministry, and I'm praying people will want to help us make this ministry tool, and take that second payment off us. And if by some miracle, we raise more, I will put it straight toward the remaining project costs.

Song Descriptions:

1) Love in Action - call to love in "action and in truth" based on I John 3:18.
2) Forever Family - adoption advocacy song. "Everybody needs a forever family."
3) Living Abundantly - worship prayer about God being all we need and living abundantly based on John 10:10.
4) Porch Swing - song about heaven, and time being no more.
5) Patient With Me - a personal prayer asking God to remind me of Who He is when I am scared so I can move forward confidently.
6) Nothing to Fear - anthem declaring our willingness to go wherever He send us.  "If You are for me, there is nothing to fear."
7) How Far Love Goes - worship song focusing on how far Jesus was willing to go to show us His love.
8) Greater Love - song written for our son Noah before his adoption. "God can mend your broken heart."
9) In Christ Alone - new arrangement of this gorgeous hymn by the Gettys.
10) It Is Well With My Soul - new arrangement of this classic hymn.

Thank you gifts:

For donations in the following amounts or above, we would like to send you thank you gifts.  These will come as available.  We are anticipating downloads in early-mid November, with physical albums coming 3-4 weeks later.  Shirts will be shipped with CDs.  We will contact you directly for sponsor and thank-you names as well as shirt sizes.  Anticipated national release for this album is mid to late January, 2018.

Donations of $20 or more will receive a pre-release download of the entire album as soon as it is available, approximately 2 months before official release.

Donations of $50 or more will receive the download above as well as a signed pre-release copy of the physical CD, approximately 4-6 weeks before the official release.

Donations of $75 or more will receive the download, signed album, and a "Love in Action" T-Shirt.

Donations of $100 or more will receive the download, signed album, T-Shirt, and signed copy of my book "Life Not Typical."

Donations of $500 or more will receive the download, signed album, a full set of my previous CDs, a signed book, and a thank you in the liner notes of the new album.

Donations of $1000 or more will receive everything above as well as a special "Sponsors" thank you in the liner notes or lyrics notes for the song of their choice.

Donations of $3000 will be considered sponsorship for an entire song**.  This will receive everything listed above but I will also dedicate the song of your choice to any person or charitable Christian entity you choose***. 

** There can only be one song sponsor per song.  
***Jennifer will not dedicate a song to a commercial interest or political interest and reserves the right to refuse a song dedication with return the sponsorship if it is seen as a conflict of interest for any reason.

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Jennifer Shaw's New Ministry Album

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