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The Story

My Story

I was studying in Kansas City in 2014 when symptoms of neurological issues, pain, debilitating fatigue, cognitive difficulties, breathing issues, dizziness, nausea and more began to take over my life in more major ways, rather than just affecting it here and there.

It may have begun from various illnesses in Asia, Africa or England anytime from 2011 onwards. Or it may have been that I had the bacteria present in my body earlier, becoming activated later on.

After a barrage of tests, the closest the medical doctors could come up with to explain all the symptoms was Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. More recent testing has shown Borrelia, which is the bacteria associated with Lyme Disease.

Trying to Heal

Over the past few years of trying to rest, seek treatment and heal, the symptoms only seemed to get worse. It became normal for me to be stuck in bed for 70-95% of each day, needing to be laying flat and sometimes not even able to read or keep my eyes open. I remember the first time I used a wheelchair to travel, being too exhausted and in a fog to be self conscious about it but thinking how this could become my normal.

Hope for the Future

In February a way was made miraculously for me to go the Hansa Center in Wichita, Kansas to get treated. The Hansa Center is considered a leader in Biological Medicine and people fly from all over the world (including Australia!) to be treated there. Yet it is less than 3 hours drive from where I am now!

Not only did God put it on some hearts to give so that I could go, but He also made a way for an appointment for me within a week! Normally it takes at least 2 or 3 months. 

Every day there during my doctor appointments and therapies I found more answers about what was really going on. I’m encouraged too by having met other patients who have seen great breakthrough in their time there.

I do believe that God has not finished with me yet

I believe He has called me to partner with the healing of children both here and in other nations. One of my dreams is to be able to complete a degree that will give me skills to work with children from hard places/traumatic backgrounds. But in order to do that or anything else I have to heal first. Jesus is so with me in this story and I know that whatever suffering I go through, will be used for His glory and used for good in my life too.

God provided for my original 2 week treatment at Hansa in February, and spoke to me specifically about going there. I now have my follow up visit scheduled for the week of May 22, and know that I will see even more improvement.

I need your help

Lyme is a costly disease that takes up finances as well as destroying peoples lives. I'll be returning to the Hansa clinic in May and again in the fall for 5 days of intensive therapy. Each of these trips will cost me almost $7000 including travel and accomodation expenses, but I know that I'll see fruit and faster recovery from each visit. In between, I'll be following my doctor's protocol, which is essential to my healing, but costs for supplements and medicine are expensive and add up quickly. I do need help with finances and prayers for this journey.

I have so much hope in Jesus and how He has led me so far. Thank you so much for your prayers and generosity. You are a gift to me!

Love in Jesus,

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Info on Lyme
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Fundraiser Updates

Posted on May 28, 2017

Posted on May 28, 2017

I am so grateful for my time at the Hansa Center in Wichita this past week! Thank you So much to everyone who helped to make this happen, whether with your generosity through finances, prayers or donating your time and energy to help get me there and back! I could not have gotten there and to this new stage of healing without you!

Lyme affects multiple systems of the body, so if it seems like when I post that I'm talking about a lot of different things, it's because a lot of different things in my body have been affected! The lyme bacteria crosses the blood brain barrier and damages it, so that not only does the brain get invaded by lyme but also other things that normally shouldn't be allowed into the brain. It has also affected my nervous system and heart, my digestive system, and more. 

Over the last few days of treatment, my doc spent time on working on healing my heart, brain, nervous system and gut. He also worked on how to help my blood and the mitochondria of my cells heal so that the rest of me can heal! With all that we were asking my body to do, specifically with my heart and some junk in there, I had a bit of a reaction through the afternoon and evening on Thursday, but it stabilised by Friday morning. My doc had given me supportive supplements that would help with the reaction, but I had promptly forgotten about them and then felt so sick that I didn't take them until Friday morning... I've learnt for next time!

Now I am working on making sure I'm getting onto and sticking to this new protocol so that my body is able to make full use of everything that went on, and I should be seeing even more improvements really soon!

The good news is that my doc thinks I only need to come back for 3 days of treatment next time instead of 5, and it will be sometime in October or November! This is a really good thing!!

Thank you again so much to everyone who has supported my journey to getting well! I do appreciate and need continued help and for people to continue sharing my story :) You are a huge blessing to me!

Posted on May 23, 2017

Posted on May 23, 2017

I am now at almost 50% of my goal, and this visit to Hansa is paid for! All thanks to God for moving the hearts of specific people to give!

On Saturday I checked my bank account, and there was not enough to get to Hansa. However because I feel so much that this is what God wants, I traveled to Wichita anyway. This morning, just before leaving for my doc appointment I checked my bank and someone had made a deposit into my bank which meant I had more than what I needed for this week! 

God is so faithful in His leadership :) 

Thank you to everyone who gave and prayed generously!! I am still continuing to fundraise for further treatment costs as it's very important to continue therapies in between any further visits to Hansa that may be needed in this journey to complete wellness. (which includes remission from lyme!)

Here's a little update I posted on Facebook:

Hansa Day 1! 

Today was so good! I was pretty exhausted by the end but the good news is that I've been noticing that even though I still get worn out by things, it doesn't seem to be taking me as long to bounce back as it did before I first went to Hansa in February! 

Difference between last visit and this one so far - last time I hardly talked to anyone - this time I got to know quite a few patients in between treatments in the first day! I'm still noticing it makes me tired pretty quickly, but again, I'm bouncing back faster than before so it's not such a hard thing to talk to people.

Also last time in one of the therapies where there's a few of us at the same time, I always had to ask the others to not talk because it would send me into fight or flight and hurt my body from the vibrations of their voices. But this time me and the other two girls in there talked the whole 20mins or so that we were in there together. Such a huge difference for me! 

Today started with my doc appointment and he worked out the top five priorities of my biochemical system and the top five organ priorities for us to work on this week. Today we worked on bacterial issues, did some spinal work - balancing out my muscles hips and cranium - and lasered my brain which increases ATP, decreases inflammation and decreases free radical stress on the brain cells. My doc also found evidence for a parasite and mixed up a remedy specifically for what my body needs to fight it. I'm so glad to be at a place where they can look at everything that's going on and treat it all together.

Posted on May 20, 2017

Posted on May 20, 2017

Thank you so much everyone again for your kindness and generosity! I am at just over 10% of my overall goal! For going to Hansa this coming week, I am aiming at 7,000 which will cover the treatment costs, plus lab tests, accomodation, other travel costs and costs of supplements remedies to take home at the end of the week. I am so full of HOPE for this week and how Jesus is healing me! The road may be long, but every day whether I can see it or not, my body is healing :) Please continue to pray for all logistics to come together for this trip! Much love x Serena

Check out my video update too!

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