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The Story

Meet 2-year-old Chili. One of the gentlest, sweetest, nice-natured dogs I’ve ever had the pleasure of fostering.

She’s only got one problem (well, make that two): her two hind legs don’t work real well. She was abandoned at an animal hospital with two broken legs, that will require an operation to fix.

Chili struggles to get around, via a little heart-breaking bunny hop. She loves being outdoors, but her walks are restricted to about 100 feet (with a fair few stops along the way because she gets tired easily, due to the nature of her movement). Around the house, she prefers to drag her back legs along the floor like that cripple dog in Family Guy. Except with way more youthful exuberance.

She puts on a brave face (with a smile that lights up a room), but she can’t continue on like this forever. Her front two legs are doing way too much work to support her 60-pound frame, and she’s at risk of shoulder complications if left untreated.

Chili needs a life-altering operation so she can walk, run, and experience as much joy as she gives to those around her. Chip in a few dollars to change her life and help improve her chances of finding a forever home with a family to call her own.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on December 7, 2017

Posted on December 7, 2017

After four operations, Chili gets around pretty well on three legs. But she will never be a marathon runner. Due to the complicated nature of the break to her left leg, it is shorter than her right. That's why we're thinking of getting her a prosthetic. With a boot-like apparatus, she would be able to put more pressure on her left leg, meaning it would get stronger. All funds received from here on would be put towards that prosthetic. 

Thanks for swinging by Chili's fundraiser. Please consider fostering or adopting an animal and get in your friends' ears about it, too. #adoptdontshop

Posted on April 3, 2017


Posted on April 3, 2017


On Saturday, we made the journey to Boston to pick Chili up after her fourth (and hopefully final) operation. They re-broke her bone in an effort to increase the angle of the leg (make it longer, in a sense) so she can put it on the ground and walk on it.

It’s the most swollen and bruised out of all her operations (as you can see in the photo) - but this can be expected as it was quite the procedure, and the team at Tufts did an amazing job

HUGE THANK YOU to ‘Mrs Anonymous’ who donated a HUGE $4000. We couldn’t have done it without you - and ALL OF YOU. I’ve uploaded the receipts for this surgery as well.

Now, it’s time to hit the rehab, HARD, in order to maximize Chili’s range of motion. We’ll be visiting Canine Rehab of New York two times a week, possibly more on doctor’s orders.

Therefor, any more funds we receive will be channeled into that effort - as well as any other post-op care or complications (touch wood there isn’t anything major).

You can also keep up to date with Chili’s progress on Instagram @eatachiliforchili

Thanks, Chili Army!

Posted on February 20, 2017


Posted on February 20, 2017

Hi everyone,

Chili is 3 weeks into recovery for her third leg operation (second on her right leg). She has an exoskeletal rod which is attached to her bone, holding her right knee in place, covered by a 'bumper bandage.' We got a peek at it when her bandage was changed last week. It finally comes off next weekend which I'm sure she'll be pleased about. But, as usual, she has been the model patient.

As she stares down the barrel of her fourth operation (second on her left leg) (and hopefully FINAL operation), we thought it was a good time to share her expenses thus far. In the spirit of full transparency, we've attached four images to the main photo gallery, and they break down like this:

First operation (left leg): $4500 + $2475.76 
Second operation (right leg): $1631.38 + $115.81
Third operation (right leg #2): $3090
Rehab: consult ($195) + 12 session pack #1 ($1606.50) + 12 session pack #2 ($1606.50)


TOTAL RAISED SO FAR = $16,411 (Feb 19th)

TOTAL IN HAND = $1,190.05 (which is fantastic!)

Chili has one more surgery to go (fingers crossed everything goes well). This was definitely a longer and more trying road than we had first anticipated. But, her legs were so badly and complicatedly broken that it's not a total surprise. Based on expenses thus far, each leg surgery has cost an average of approx $4000. And we'll need to get her one more rehab pack ($1606.50) for her post-op recovery. So... 


This means we need to raise a final $4,416.45 ($5,606.50 - $1,190.05). So, we'll need to raise the fundraising total AGAIN - to $21,000.

It just seems like the challenge to Fix Chili's Legs gets more and more difficult. It makes me think of
this classic Simpson's scene. But with the help of you, the Chili Army, we know we can do it.

Please continue to share Chili's story with any dog lovers you know and thank you so so much for your help so far to Fix Chili's Legs.

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