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Sara Tamames' healing from toxic mold poisoning (Sara Tamames)
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The Story

My name is Sara Tamames. I am full of dreams. I dream of a happy fulfilling life. I dream of raising my baby with love, respect and kindness. I want to work with children to make the world a better place. Start a democratic school. Dance in joy. Garden in nature. 

But my ability to live a full life was cut short 12 years ago when I became very ill. 

Exposure to toxic mold has destroyed my health. I have lost basically everything I ever owned. But I won't let it destroy my life.

I will do whatever it takes and whatever is in my power to heal so that my baby can have her mother back and all the love and tenderness and good things in life that she deserves. 

I am using my scientific mind and knowledge to study and learn through my experience and experiments how best to deal with mycotoxins and heal from mold illness.

I have already made good progress in healing, but it has been a very hard struggle with not enough funds. I have been hungry and I have been too cold from lack of enough clothes. But I am surviving and I won't give up on getting my life back.

My aim is to share what I am learning with others who are ill in my blog "Beyond Mold: Thriving"  (

I'm also supporting others in this same healing journey through the Facebook group I run "Mold Avoiders - Europe".

I have no financial support from authorities or family in this overwhelming endeavour. That's why I need your help.

Thank you for your kindness!

You can read more of my story in the first update.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on July 27, 2017

Posted on July 27, 2017

Good news!

With the help of kind people living near me, I have been able o find a place where I can camp until next Spring, so that I will have more time to find a long-term place to live.

I have also been offered a small metal shelter where I hope I can spend the Winter in an easier way than last year.

In this place, I will have access to grid electricity, so I won't need to buy a solar system yet - but I will have to pay the electricity bill instead.

However, I still have no money to buy the fridge that I need. Once I move I won't be able to keep meat to eat on a daily basis like I need to to keep me well enough to function - since this is the only protein source I can tolerate.

Also, I continue to need money to buy my food on an ongoing basis. Some people have been doing political action to try to get MCS recognised in Portugal, so that I might (finally!) receive government help, but there are still no practical results yet.

Right now I have only enough money to buy food for about 1 month more and I can't afford to buy the few extra things I will need after moving to the new living place.

I reach out to you to help me with these things.

I am hopeful that this move will prove positive for my health and the reduction in environmental and emotional stressors will allow me to recover enough so that I'm not struggling so much on a daily basis just to perform the basic tasks of survival like I have been since last Winter.

Posted on June 27, 2017

Posted on June 27, 2017

My living situation has now reached a breaking point as my ex says he will come here, whether I like it or not, sometime next month. When he does, he will bring in toxic mold particulates ("dust") from his things that will contaminate the spaces where he goes and make them unusable for me. My possessions could also get irremediably contaminated.

So it is urgent that I find a new place to live. I will leave before he comes here, even if I have to just take all my things (which are very few) and go camp in the wild somewhere, because the possibility of getting my possessions contaminated again by these toxins that make me so severy ill is too dangerous to even risk.

I have also realised that I have now reached a point where my healing is not progressing very much, because the place where I am living still has too many biotoxins that are keeping me ill. So I need a better place, if I am to recover and have a chance of having a strong body again.

Since the Winter I have been struggling very much with intense muscle weakness and exhaustion as well as movement intolerance. These symptoms improve greatly when I manage to spend some time in a cleaner place.

So I am pushing through the pain and muscle weakness to find a new good place to live, hoping I can do it before I run out of time here.

Posted on June 2, 2017

Posted on June 2, 2017

Lately, I have been too ill to go out and look for a new place to live... Constantly trapped by trying to cook and eat enough and get my clothes clean... Never enough energy.

There is so much I want to do, to write to people who are wanting to know more about my story and my situation, but it is just beyond my ability, most of the time. I pray that each little step I take can make a difference, so that I can have a safe shelter before next winter. My body still remembers how hard it was to endure the cold and it fears going through the same again.

But still, right now I only have money to buy me 4 more weeks of food.

Still no way to manifest what I need, even if I found the perfect piece of land.

So I am living on faith and hope.

I had to use some of the money from donations to buy a new computer, because the old one finally broke down for good.

I am very grateful for being able to do this. This computer works so much better! Now I can write and talk to people without having the computer get frozen every few minutes... :)

Also, the old computer was still contaminated with bad mycotoxins, even though I was able to decontaminate it enough to make it work for me, I know it was still affecting my health. Now my body will have a better chance to recover!

Every blessing counts. 

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Sara Tamames' healing from toxic mold poisoning

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