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The Story

My name is Sara Tamames. I am full of dreams. I dream of a happy fulfilling life. I dream of raising my baby with love, respect and kindness. I want to work with children to make the world a better place. Start a democratic school. Dance in joy. Garden in nature. 

But my ability to live a full life was cut short 11 years ago when I became very ill. 

Exposure to toxic mold has destroyed my health. I have lost basically everything I ever owned. But I won't let it destroy my life.

I will do whatever it takes and whatever is in my power to heal so that my baby can have her mother back and all the love and tenderness and good things in life that she deserves. 

I am using my scientific mind and knowledge to study and learn through my experience and experiments how best to deal with mycotoxins and heal from mold illness.

I have already made good progress in healing, but it has been a very hard struggle with not enough funds. I have been hungry and I have been too cold from lack of enough clothes. But I am surviving and I won't give up on getting my life back.

My aim is to share what I am learning with others who are ill in my blog "Beyond Mold: Thriving"  (

I have almost no support in this overwhelming endeavour. That's why I need your help. Thank you!

You can read more of my story in the first update.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 27, 2017

Posted on April 27, 2017

I've had a very difficult Winter. I was too cold, wet and hungry a lot of the time.

My computer stopped working properly and my plans to add content to my blog were left on hold.

I kept getting one flu after the other... My roofed kitchen being invaded by hundreds of toxic pine processionary caterpillars that forced me to flee the kitchen and stop using it due to the contamination they left behind, which caused me severe anaphylaxis. 

Dark times of realizing the father of my child is not going to move out of the toxic mold contamination anytime soon. It could be years before I am healed enough to see my Sílvia again. The pain is unspeakable and I am having a hard time dealing with it. 

It took all my energy and determination to just keep surviving one day after the next. Now with the return of warmer weather, finally my body can rest and relax a bit, not being tense all the time to combat the cold. It can start healing again.

It is unsustainable for me to continue living on my ex-partner's property. He says he wants to use it.

So I have started looking for a piece of land to buy, with better access, where I could create a suitable set-up to practice mold avoidance.

I would like to build a tiny indoor shelter where I could cook and sleep in the Winter.

I need money to buy the land, built a shelter, buy a fridge and solar system for electricity, a water heater, among other things.

Finally breaking free from any dependency to my abusive ex-partner will be very good for my emotional health, and getting away from the toxin contamination still left on his property will allow for faster healing of my body.

Every day I still grieve deeply not being able to see my child. I hope this step forwards will catalyze positive change in this situation.

Please help me in this effort to finally have a home where I can be at peace and sheltered from the elements when the weather is too harsh!

With the help of my friend Ana Sofia Pinho I have also started a fundraiser campaign in my home country of Portugal, and this facebook group for the purpose:

It will be mostly in Portuguese, but anyone is welcome to join!

Posted on January 27, 2017

Posted on January 27, 2017

Thank you all who donated recently!

Thanks to you I'll be able to buy food for 2 more weeks.

For some reason Paypal is taking a big chunk of the donations as fees when you transfer money through the YouCaring site (almost 5%).

If you have a Paypal account you can transfer directly to mine using the e-mail sara(dot)bioquimica(at)gmail(dot)com 
This incurs a lot less fees.

Thank you for your support. It gives me courage and hope to face these difficult circumstances. 

Posted on January 26, 2017

Posted on January 26, 2017

I am dependent on donations to be able to buy food. I don't buy supplements or other items anymore. I am living day by day, never knowing if I will be able to buy food next week.

After talking with social workers and trying to get government help, I found out  that I don't qualify for getting disability help from the Social Security in my country because Environmental Illnesses are completely unknown here. I can't fit in any of their boxes.

I can't get the regular financial support provided to those who are unemployed either, because this benefit assumes people are healthy and able to work and they must go to training programs and do "voluntary" work for the local government entities in order to get their money. I can't meet their requirements because I am too ill.

Though my health has improved a lot due to mold avoidance, I still  have very low energy levels and short duration environmental exposures to toxins when I go out can set my health back weeks at a time and leave me severely incapacitated for a long time.

It has been only months since I started this healing approach, I know it takes time to heal after being ill for so many years. I feel confident that some day I will be able to work again and support myself, but I am not there yet. Not having adequate nutrition and practical support is also delaying this process...

But all I can do is live one day at a time, do the best I can and hope for a positive outcome to my story.

Thank you all! 

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Sara Tamames' healing from toxic mold poisoning

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