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For: Santiago Enrrique Melendez Paredes
Huanuco, Huanuco, Peru
Organizer: Alexandre & Alyona Jodun
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The Story


We are a married couple dedicated to the preservation and protection of the Amazon Rainforest. We endeavour to raise funds for the legal concession of land at Santuario Huistin, a centre for shamanic healing and detoxification that lies along the unique boiling river.

We have recently spent 3 months at Santuario Huistin, participating in shamanic “dietas” (diets) as a way of learning about these ancient healing techniques. During our two months in isolation, we experienced a greater awakening to the crisis that the amazon is facing: rapid deforestation, and as a result, a loss of species and the severe disruption to the way of life for the indigenous caretakers of this land.


Santuario Huistin is led by Santiago Enrrique Melendez Paredes, Curandero (traditional amazonian healer) and Vegetalista (shaman), and his wife Ayme, Curandera. 

Santiago Enrrique is a devoted healer for over 35 years and works to conserve this sacred land through the traditional use of herbal medicine for healing and ecotourism, teaching people from all over the world how to re-connect to nature. This bio-diverse forest is the home to the thousands of species of plants and trees that provide healing remedies for a variety of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual illnesses; Santiago Enrrique is highly respected in his abilities to heal a variety of imbalances and dis-eases including: cancer, trauma, infertility problems, anxiety and depression, addictions and OCD, blood-related diseases, psychic attacks and more. Santuario is predominantly funded by the travellers and many locals who are seeking healing. 


The major problem in this area is the illegal clear cutting of Peruvian Amazonian rainforest for the main purposes of agricultural expansion, commercial mining, and road construction. This is devastating for the Peruvian community as these are the natural environments that sustain their life. The other negative environmental effects of deforestation are: a significant loss of plant and animal species, a severe disruption in the water cycles, soil degradation, and the increase of greenhouse gases leading to climate change, which not only impacts the Peruvian people, but all of humanity.

Due to the changes to the legal system in Peru, the land is now owned by the national government, which doesn't allow Santiago Enrrique to have legal protection of the 100 hectares of land he lives on.

We invite you to get involved in this project through donating or sharing this with your peers.


*First Priority*:

$6000 Securing legal documents (Concession) for the conservation of wild flora and fauna - Total area of Santuario Huistin


- Building of casitas for visitors and students 
- Maintenance of walkways and footbridges to Santuario
- Food and alimentation for the community and visitors
- Providing jobs and remuneration for the local community

In return for your contribution, we'll post regular updates to identify the progress achieved at the Santuario community. 

We thank you for your support!

Important Links:
Santuario Huistin: Facebook:
The Boiling River:
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Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 1, 2017


Posted on August 1, 2017

We would like to send everyone who has donated to Santuario a huge thank you for your generosity. We received confirmation today that the legal documents have now been obtained thanks to your support. 

This means so much to us to give back to the community and Maestro Enrrique, and to ensure the legal protection of the land. Maestro Enrrique sends his deep gratitude for your generosity.

With love and appreciation,

Alexandre & Alyona 

Posted on March 9, 2017

Posted on March 9, 2017

Maestro Don Enrique and the Santuario community thank every one of you for the generous support. We are still needing more donations in order to secure the Land title/concession, but now that we have momentum we are very confident we will reach closer to our goal. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will keep you posted on future updates. 

Bendiciones y amor, 

Alexandre & Alyona

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Protect Amazonian Rainforest - Santuario Huistin Community

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