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The Story

Samuele is an amazing three-year-old little boy!  He is energetic,  
playful, and so loving.  Last week Nate and Jami noticed a lump on  
Sam's abdomen when they were playing with him.  They took him to their  
doctor and were told there was mass near his kidney.  They sent him  
straight to Children's Hospital in Denver.  There the doctors  
discovered a sizable tumor on his left kidney.  Sam had surgery the  
next morning to remove the tumor as well as his kidney.  During  
surgery, they found the tumor was also attached to his pancreas and  
colon which made the procedure more complicated than expected.  The  
surgeon said that on a scale of 1-10 in terms of complexity this was a  
9, but he was able to remove the entire tumor.
Sam will have a port for chemotherapy and will possibly need  
radiation .  While they have diagnosed Sam with Neuroblastoma, they  
are still waiting on pathology and a few other tests to get results as  
to the exact nature of the tumor.  Depending on what they find will  
determine exact treatment.
These treatments are very costly in terms of money and time.  As the  
amazing Glossi-Ryba family goes through this very difficult journey  
then can use all the love and support we can give them.  Your donation  
will help with medical expenses, transportation/travel, stress relief  
from missed work, and many other unexpected expenses along the way.  
Thank you so much.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 1, 2017

Posted on August 1, 2017

Hello Sam and Glossi family supporters.

We have tried to update you all as much as we can, and we owe all of you the most recent news.  We needed a little time to breathe and take in the good news after not having much to smile about in the last 18 months.  Most of you know that Sam had his end of treatment scans and tests about a month ago.  For those of you who don't know, we are so, so happy to report that Sam's scans were clear and everything looked great!  It was a very tense two days of scans and testing and two really long days for Sam.

The news came as such a blessing and relief to our family and to be honest, probably still has not been fully processed by all of us. Sam's oncology team took him off of all medication and gave him the go ahead to start being a kid again.  In the past, Sam's tests and scans have included an MIBG Scan and bone Marrow aspirit (both of which he needed to be put under general anesthesia), CAT scan, hearing tests, physical therapy evaluations, Eco cardiograms and countless lab work looking to make sure that he is properly healing and moving forward post stem cell transplant.  It might not sound like a lot but, wow, it is two full days at the hospital.  Sam will have these tests again every three months with one caveat.  They will not continue with the MIBG or the bone marrow aspirit!  It is a huge deal not having to put him under general anesthesia going forward.  It is what we always dreaded the most (so did Sam) and it was an ordeal each and every time that always left us in tears.  Despite having to have Sam put under close to 30 times in the last 18 months, it never got easier.  

We have spent the last month trying to heal as a family unit and get back to being a family again.  If you could see the transformation that has taken place in Samuele in the last 6 weeks you would be astounded.  We certainly are.  He is sooo happy. Always smiling.  No medicine, no tubes, no port.  Running everywhere and becoming more confident in himself each and every day. He weighs more now than he ever has and has already had 2 haircuts!  He and Elliot have become the best of friends and are constantly looking out for each other.  Playing with the neighborhood kids and just being a kid.  All these things that should be normal for a kid but haven't been for Sam and Elliot. We are in awe and loving watching our kids just be kids.

We know that every three months, as we return to Children's Hospital for follow up scans/tests, that it will always be a time for concern.  It will never be easy.  But for now, we try to take each day as it comes.  Breathe, smile and laugh.  We are also being sent (at Sam's request) to Hawaii by the Make a Wish Foundation.  Sam's wish was to see volcano's, sea creatures,and the beach and ocean and to be able to go fishing in the ocean.  A dream come true for Sam and a well deserved once in a lifetime trip for him and Elliot.  We don't mind either!  

Which leads us to all of you.  Everyone that has prayed, thought about, donated, cooked meals, mowed our lawn, watched Elliot, visited the hospital, organized fundraisers etc..  We have talked about this a lot and we just can't believe the outpouring of support we have received over the last 18 months.  We are so lucky to have all of you in our lives and to be surrounded by so many that care for us and our family.  We also wanted to acknowledge our parents and aunt Pam.  Without them we are not sure how we would have managed this.  They dropped everything over and over again to help however they could.  And, it was more often than not. 

Thank you all so very much.  We love each of you and truly cannot thank you enough for everything.  We will continue to update you all on Sam's journey and health in the coming months.  May God Bless each of you as he has us.  

Jami, Nate, Sam and Elliot

Posted on June 27, 2017

Posted on June 27, 2017

Hello Friends and Family,

Just wanted to give you all a quick update before we head into the scans this week. Also wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing show of support with the garden party last weekend. It was a huge success and we feel overwhelmed with gratitude by all of your kind hearts.

Sam is doing amazingly well and has the spirit of a normal 4 year old. He has had an unbelievably tough year and a half but you wouldn’t know it by looking at him. He is as crazy as his sister, Elliot, and is slowly but surely becoming as much of a dare devil as she is. It is an amazing blessing to watch them play and become best buddies. It’s something that I think most people take for granted (as do I when they’re fighting like cats and dogs!) but really is healing to watch after all of the trauma.

Nate and I are getting back into the groove of co-parenting and balancing kids with work, new businesses, and teaching. We try to have a bit of time with each other here and there thanks to Papa and Gigi but as we all know, sometimes that is few and far between.

We are heading into the hell known as scan week and praying for continued NED (No evidence of disease). This week is hard to say the least. We know that we’ve done everything in our power to keep Sam cancer free with all of his immunotherapy treatments but it truly is terrifying. This is our new normal though. We will probably be terrified of scans for a few years at least but we trust that everything will be ok. We know that he will be ok. We ask for prayers for all of us to get through this week and for clear scans.

Thank you for everything you all have done to help us through this journey. We are so blessed to have such support and love.

Love to you all,

Jami, Nate, Sam, and Elliot

Posted on April 29, 2017

Posted on April 29, 2017

April 29, 2017

Hello Friends and Family,

It’s hard to believe that a year ago we discovered that Sam’s cancer had returned and that we would be starting a rigorous treatment schedule for the next year. It has been a long and difficult year to say the least. I guess it’s proven us as a family to be resilient, but I don’t wish this type of process on anyone just to prove resiliency. It’s hard to know what this journey has done and will do to our family in the long run but at least we know we can handle whatever comes.

This last treatment was one of the best I would say. Best in terms of Sam’s reactions to the chimeric. He didn’t have much reaction except a few low blood pressures and a fever for short periods of time. I was very thankful for that and I think knowing it was the second to last treatment, it made it seem more manageable to be in the hospital. Also helpful was my mom staying at Brent’s Place the whole time so she could come and play with Sam or bring us coffee and treats. Having a break even for a few minutes is so fantastic in that setting, though I always feel guilty since Sam doesn’t get the chance to have a break from it.

Sam got his port removed last week which was a big landmark after treatment. He still has his broviac which he’ll keep until after the last treatment but getting the port out was one step in the right direction. It’s stressful to have so many foreign objects in his body for fear of infection.

We are looking forward to the last inpatient treatment in May and then having only a few more weeks of Accutane in June. It’s nice to start moving in the direction of being able to make plans more than a week in advance and starting to return to a normal (for us) life. Being on the Momcology website, I know that this journey is far from over because after treatment is done, you have to actually start dealing with all of the trauma that your family has endured. Having scans will possibly always terrify us; Sam getting a cold or anything else may trigger serious anxiety for a while; hearing a beeping sound may make me think of IV’s malfunctioning or blood pressure and heart rates changing; trusting that things will be ok will hopefully return at some point, instead of waiting for the other shoe to drop.

We have gotten this far only because of the love, generosity, and kindness shown to us by our friends, family, and perfect strangers. We can’t thank you enough and hope you all know how much we appreciate every big and small thing that you all have done to help us through this.

Love you all,

Jami, Nate, Sam and Elliot

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