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The Story

It is our aim to help Ryan’s family raise the funds that they need in order that they can do the alterations to their home so that Ryan can return home to live.
Approximately four years ago Ryan was an active teenager. What started as horrendous headaches, the series of events that followed now find Ryan confined to a wheelchair, on permanent ventilation and fed through a tube into his stomach, unable to ever eat again. 

Ryan’s one wish is to come home......and it is being prevented for financial reasons!

Please, please, please surely in this day and age this sad situation does not need to prevail...
If 30,000 people donate a £1 each, wow...
Many thanks for reading this and if you feel you wish to help, every penny will spent in helping Ryan achieve his dream & be very much appreciated.

Here is Ryan's story:

Ryan is 23 years of age, he was only 19, when suddenly his life took a dramatic turn for the worse, ripping his and his whole family’s world apart. He had been going to work every day, a happy, healthy, active teenager. Suddenly, he began getting frequent, awfully painful headaches.

In April 2012, he went to the eye hospital with his dad for an eye test and they told his dad to get him straight to the hospital. Immediately, they went to the A&E department at the BRI, where after intense investigations, they found Ryan had a blocked ventricle in his brain. He was transferred to Frenchay Hospital that same day. The following morning he had his first emergency operation, which involved making a hole in the ventricle to relieve the pressure, but they were told this operation could potentially fail in the future.

It was just four months later, in August 2012 that Ryan was lying relaxing on the sofa at home and suddenly started feeling sick. He ran upstairs but never made it to the bathroom. He collapsed on the landing floor. He was rushed to the BRI, where not long after, he experienced great difficulty breathing. He was sedated and taken straight to Frenchay hospital where they had to put a drain in to relieve the pressure, but as the sedation wore off, Ryan did not wake up. The family were told that due to the build-up of pressure on Ryan’s brain. His brain had been crushed and he would have some sort of brain damage; to what extent the doctors could not say, whilst mentioning that he may never regain consciousness.

Ryan was in a coma for six weeks. He would have periods of having his eyes open but could not move. Once Ryan was more stable he had the second operation which involved putting in a stent to relieve the pressure, instead of the drain. Ryan continued to improve and spent eight months on the intensive care ward. He could not go to the rehabilitation ward in Bristol because he was fairly permanently on ventilation. The ward would not take “ventilation” patients. So his family were told that he was being sent to a rehab centre in Gloucester, Dean Neurological Centre. They had lots of hope and enthusiasm when he was sent here. Little did they know the problems that they would entail and they did not foresee that he would still be at the centre three and a half years later.

Eighteen months into Ryan’s stay he was told he could go home for visits on a Saturday. The family had to buy a specially adapted disability car for this to happen. Ryan’s dad still does the 180 mile round trip every Saturday. Leaving his home in Bristol; driving to the rehabilitation centre; picking Ryan up; bringing him and a resident carer home; then taking Ryan back to the centre, before finally returning home to Bristol.

All of this is at the family’s own expense, which of course has never been resented, but just makes things harder for them, as they are already finding things a struggle. They could do without financial worries too. They had to save to buy the ramp to enable access for Ryan into the house and pay to widen a doorway for access.

In March 2014, they applied for a disability grant so that they could get their house adapted and

Ryan’s mum could train as a carer giving up her job. Hence, subject to the house adaptations needed, they would be able to bring Ryan home permanently. This is all Ryan and his family have wanted from the beginning. This gave Ryan and his family a little bit of hope and temporarily postponed his depression spiralling deeper and deeper out of control. This was until they were told the work needed to be carried out on their home would cost £60,000, but the funding is only for £30,000! A £30,000 shortfall that Ryan’s mum and dad had to find.

So with his mum now not working because she spends each weekday travelling by bus to Temple

Meads train station. Then gets the train to Gloucester, where she has another half hour walk to get to the rehabilitation centre where Ryan lives. She goes every day to be with Ryan and learn everything she needs to be Ryan’s carer. Then the arduous return journey each day. A full day, costing money, not earning! His dad, a 59 year old man, who should ideally be slowing down a little at this stage in his life, is now working all the hours he can in his job in a warehouse. He has no choice and just makes enough to make ends meet. To be able to afford petrol up and back to Gloucester every week and to support Ryan’s mum’s travel expenses to be with Ryan. Ryan himself gets income support benefit even though he is entitled to PIP but cannot have the payment because of where he is living.

The likelihood of saving the £30,000 seems remote

Now Ryan’s only wish is to come home permanently with all of his family around him. Knowing and accepting that this is the best case scenario for Ryan and the family, they need to have the work done on their home as soon as possible. He has not been home for more than 3 hours per week for the past 2 years.

It is getting much harder for him.


**Original Article written by Ryan’s Mum and Dad

Edited by myself, Denise Richards, who has been a friend of Ryan’s dad’s for over 12 years (by contact through his work) and strongly believes that there is a faster fix to their problem than the fundraising approach which has been taken so far. There exists a fund of approximately £3,000, which has been kindly donated so far over the past few years, but at a tenth of what is needed

Let us restore the family's FAITH to make Ryan's dream come true!!

….every little helps!!

Thank you very much in advance, we cannot let them down.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 10, 2017

Posted on March 10, 2017

Incidentally the total amount raised was almost £6000!! 

Posted on March 10, 2017

Posted on March 10, 2017

I have just added an expiration date for Ryans fundraiser as we have achieved our goal because Ryan will be going home!! 

The wonderful fact that DIYSOS have taken over the build and are starting on 28th March 2017 is incredible

Thank you so much for all the donations received which will be given to Ryan to be put to very good use too 

The TV show is already very much in the making and will be aired at some stage in the next 12 months or so I believe

Life is definitely looking brighter for Ryan and his family :)

Posted on December 10, 2016

Posted on December 10, 2016

Great news all round
Fundraising behind the scenes has been going really well
We are well on target now but for those who still wish to help Ryan I shall leave this avenue open for now......all monies given on here get put into a fund awaiting helping Ryan.....
Thank you so much♥️

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Please help Ryan Pollard move back home with his family

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