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The Story

Meet Rubi: a Syrian refugee and young bystander of war who has witnessed and lived through much in his short life. After fleeing Syria with his family at the age of nine, Rubi has been forced to grow up far faster than any child should ever have to.

I first learned of him through two Middle East correspondents, Lauren and Dalia; beautiful friends introduced to me through my yoga classes in Istanbul. They have known Rubi's family since last spring and after surprising Rubi with a very special cake for his birthday, they shared this special post:

Happy, happy birthday sweet Rubi. He celebrated his 13th birthday yesterday following a long week at work. The main breadwinner in his house right now, Rubi works 12-hour-days 5 days a week at a shirt factory to make rent money. His schooling stalled in second grade, when his home city of Aleppo devolved into a battlefield in Syria's ongoing conflict nearing the end of its fifth year. 
Realizing a return to Syria is a distant dream, Rubi's father made the journey from Turkey to Germany a few months ago. The hope is that in a few months his wife and kids can join him jump start a new life in which they can all go to school and just be kids...

This post touched me so deeply. 

Unfortunately, Rubi's story is not altogether unique or uncommon: many families, are struggling to pick up the pieces of lives torn apart by war, conflict, and resettlement. 

The life of each child affected by conflict matters. Rubi matters. And your help matters. We may not yet possess the tools to alleviate the larger issues at hand here but we can do what we canand we can help, one small solution at a time. 

One act a time. One family at a time. One Rubi at a time. 

My vision, along with Lauren and Dalia, is to raise enough money  so that Rubi doesn't have to work any more. And because it's too late for him to enroll in a Turkish school, we want to hire a tutor for him so he'll be back on track by the time he's in Germany. 

He wants to go to school more than anything. Even more than he wants a bicycle. (and he REALLY wants a bicycle).

$8,000 -- ($1000/month) -- would sustain the family for 8 months, covering food costs for Ruby, his mother and two sisters, rent, transportation, tutoring, and other living costs.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on January 13, 2016

Posted on January 13, 2016

We are almost halfway to our goal and I am moved to the core!

Thank you to all of the amazing humans who have helped generate this immense amount of generosity and kindness - each and every contribution helps to bring more aid, more light and more hope to Rubi and his family.

After the fundraiser began, Rubi and his family faced a difficult decision: either to stay in Istanbul where Ruby would remain working at a factory to care for his family (no education in sight) or to make a long and dangerous journey to Germany (via boat and several overland border crossings) in order to re-unite with Rubi's father. 

After weeks of indecision, they left Istanbul in the middle of the night. They braved a risky (to say the least) boat ride, got lost in Greece and eventually... they made it to Germany.

Rubi and his family are now reunited: a massive step towards a better future, together. At least in these times, they have each other. 

The road ahead is still full of questions and challenges for Rubi's family and the creation of a new life, in a new country, will no doubt be a long and arudous process. 

The goals to help Rubi go to school, to learn to read and to write, and to reclaim parts of a lost childhood still remain. With the money raised, Rubi and his family will have a desperately needed head start on the path to a new life in Germany.

Please help in giving this kind and oh-so-sweet soul, Rubi, a chance to rewrite his story.

With love and gratitude,


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