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The Story

For 6 months, Rose “Red Day Woman” gave her heart, energy and prayer to the mission at Oceti Sakowin camp, trying to protect the water at Standing Rock.  She has said that December and January were the hardest to bear.  When one thinks about the brutal conditions they must have endured during that time, no one doubts this.  However, they withstood more than physical grief.  They also felt a sense of abandonment and betrayal, even by some they trusted most.  

However, Rose is deeply grateful for the spiritual satisfaction she gained during that long, cold season.  She has experienced the highs and the lows this life can offer, and she is so thankful for the circumstances that brought her into this new chapter in her life.  She has witnessed miracles and felt the presence of spirit.  She has learned patience, and earned strength. 

Still unraveling the lessons from camp, Rose is writing an account of what she experienced there.  She has also been using her spiritual gifts, and her skill in mental wellness, to help those she meets.  Many who were there are deeply familiar with old historical wounds inflicted on their people.  Now, some of them have their own post-traumatic stress to deal with, as a result of overzealous security forces.  And yet the colonization continues. 

Rose has been meeting with council members on her own Assiniboine & Sioux reservation in Montana.  Ironically, a pipeline has been proposed to go through their land, as well.  If she does have to face another situation there, at least she will bring with her the patience, strength, and forgiveness necessary for the job.  Through the adversity, she knows how to be deeply thankful for all that comes her way, and see the good in every situation. 

We are glad that you have been drawn here, and you have shared in Rose’s journey.  We are all new to our roles these days, be they spiritual, inspirational, learning to be an active part of society, or creating fundraisers for those who are!  This is a first for all of us!  Please, only give if you feel inwardly compelled to do so.  We’re all just following our paths, trying to be present and engaged.  It’s one of Rose’s gifts to educate about the sacred Earth that God has entrusted to our care.  If you would like to help her on this new phase of her journey, we certainly appreciate it. 

Thank you. 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 3, 2017

Posted on March 3, 2017

Greetings, water protectors and friends of Rose!  We wanted to give you a quick update on her journey.  Since recovering her health, she has done some travelling to see old friends, new friends, and family.  There have been some disappointments and setbacks, but plenty of joy and gratefulness to the Creator, too.  

She has been gathering eagle feathers, wrapping sage bundles, and making red-willow dream catchers with friends.  Every day she continues to calm her spirit, give thanks, and pray for that black snake to be defeated once and for all.  Now that there is oppressive scrutiny of protectors on site, her focus shifts back to healing the hearts and souls of those in need, in a way that would make Red Day Woman proud.  And in the continuous effort to clamp the snake’s financial fuel, we may arrange some educational speaking events for her, as well. 

After 6 months on the ground at Standing Rock (supporting others with her nourishing food, helping some find their way back home, or giving supplies to other pipeline protesters), Rose now has to rebuild her life and look for a meaningful career in social work.  She has said that her friends, those who have supported her on this journey, seem much more like family to her.  As members of her new family, we deeply wish to help her realize some comfort and stability in this new chapter of her life. 

Sometimes the healers need healing, too.

If you are interested in helping her regain her footing after such a sacrifice, if you want to heal the healer, or encourage her to speak her truth and educate others, please consider one last donation.  She has been staying with friends, relying on goodwill to get her home, and she has very few Earthly belongings.  The Misfit Ohio Veterans group owes her for helping us while we were there in December, and wish to repay that debt however possible. 

Thank you, Rose, for all you have done for us.  This is for you!   

Posted on February 15, 2017

Posted on February 15, 2017

To our Tribe, friends of Rose AND her Kitchen!  During the camp Oceti spring cleanup, Rose was able to leave for a while, for further rest and recuperation.  She even spent a few days in the hospital and required a blood transfusion (no doubt related to the other bleeding disorders experienced by the Water Protectors). 

Since the cleanup was a laborious task (and everything would have to be stored somewhere, while she went to the hospital), Rose decided to donate many of her kitchen supplies to a family moving to Texas in order to protest ETP’sTrans-Pecos Pipeline!   

But she will be going back to the NEW camp (beyond the floodplain), very soon!  People have been asking her to come back – they need her warm, nourishing food!  The Veterans Stand folks are there, including some representatives from our Ohio Band of Misfit Vets!  Rested, and ready to fight with peaceful prayer.  Wopila! 

So let’s rally on, to let Rose know she’s still supported, that Standing Rock is still in our hearts and minds, and that we’re here to “help protect our nation against corporate greed unfettered!”  Hoka Hey!! 

Posted on January 9, 2017

Posted on January 9, 2017

With the money we sent her, Rose got her first load of delicious, fresh groceries!  

Last night she made a wonderful hot meal of chuck roast, broccoli, mac and cheese, hot tea, hot chocolate and Tang.  Today she cooked soups - organic for her vegetarians, kale, and pancakes with chokecherry syrup.  She's the best!  

Look at how happy they are!  You can view a video in the Gallery of singing and dancing in Rose's kitchen.  Thank you, again - to Rose, the water protectors - and all of you who support.  

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