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The Story

Every dog and every cat deserves to enjoy the cheer of the season even if they are not cherished family pets.


Let's help them have a fun holiday season this year.

With your help 5 Romanian rescue associations will be able to offer more food, quality vet care, and warmth this holiday season to the hundreds of stray pets in their care. Street Dogs Saving Mission, Blanche House Cat Sanctuary, Antonia Save Animals, Care For Dogs Romaniaand Volunteer Hearts & Homes.
We reached our second $300 milestone and raised the money for Street Dogs Saving Mission and Blanche House Cat Sanctuary. Now we are in the process of raising the third $300 for Antonia Save Animals association.

Antonia initiated a program for very old homeless and abandoned dogs from all over Romania. Thanks to her, these dogs have a peaceful old age. Let's help Antonia provide food and shelter for these dogs by donating a little or sharing this fundraiser.

We've come together and we helped the sanctuary keep the kittens, cats, dogs, and hedgehog residents warm this winter. Yes, they have a hedgehog and newborn kittens!!! 7 of them!!! With the $300 donated by you the sanctuary bought a solar panel and restored the electricity and light for the kitties.

Thanks to you Street Dogs Saving Mission Bacau was able to pay one of the many veterinary bills they incur for taking care of so many homeless, abandoned, and abused dogs from the streets of Bacau (small town located in Romania, Eastern Europe)

All donors will receive a token of appreciation in the shape of three inspirational magnets and will get a chance at receiving one of these gifts.

Learn how these 5 charities are helping many homeless pets in need:

Street Dogs Saving Mission was founded 5 years ago to help the homeless dogs of Bacau, Romania. The association rescues dogs and cats from the streets as well as from the public shelter. Romanian public shelters are known to be places of horrific and appalling conditions where dogs die of thirst, hunger, and at the hands of unqualified care takers. Thus it is imperative to help local private rescuers to save as many dogs from the public shelters as possible. The first $300 will be given to Street Dogs Saving Mission to help them offer food and veterinary care for the stray dogs in their care. 
Find out  more about Street Dogs and their projects on Facebookor their website.
The Need: food, vaccines, shelter rent for 20+ puppies and 30+ adult dogs
The Help: $300
Status: Goal reached

Blanche House Cat Sanctuary takes care of 30+ cats, 4 dogs, and 1 hedgehog, all rescued from the streets by Maria Vasilewho is also the founder of the sanctuary. Maria is a good person who simply wants to help animals in need. The sanctuary is located 24km (approx 17 miles) outside of Bucharest, Romaniaand has an outstanding electricity bill that needs to be paid before the harsh winter gets here. The second $300 we help Blanche House get a solar panel right on time for the holidays. This will solve the electricity and heating problem and it will be financially sustainable for the sanctuary.
To find out more about Maria's rescue activity check out her Facebook page. The sanctuary's website is still a work in progress and Voice For The Needy is helping build it.
The Need: help restore the heating and electricity for the sanctuary's 30+ cats, 4 dogs, and 1 hedgehog during this winter
The Help: $300
Status:Goal in progress

Antonia Save Animals is a shelter managed by Antonia Kerteszand it holds approximately 75 to 100 dogs at any given time. Antonia's shelter survives thanks to the people who donate. The biggest need for her shelter is paying for the vehicle used to transport the rescued dogs to and from the vet and from the places where they were originally found. Antonia has a few payments left for this vehicle and it is a huge burden on the shelter. Let's help her pay for the shelter's vehicle and make the holiday season a joyous one for the dogs of Salonta.
Find out more about Antonia and her shelter on Facebook.
The Need: help pay for the shelter's first-response vehicle for the homeless dogs of Salonta, Romania.
The Help: $300
Status:Goal not started yet

Care For Dogs Romania is a private shelter founded and managed by Delia Botea. She started by renting space in a factory that was not in use anymore. In January 2017 Delia took a big leap of faith and she applied for a loan to build a real shelter. Some people apply for loans to buy themselves a house or a car or pay for a trip to an exotic destination. Delia took a loan to build a shelter for the homeless dogs in her native Brasov, Romania. It is an ambitious project that will help hundreds of homeless cats and dogs. It goes without saying that $300 will not cover the entire costs, but it will make the holiday season for Delia's dogs a little warmer.
Find out more about Delia and Care For Dogs Romania on Facebookor the association's website.
The Need: help them build a shelter for 170+ dogs
The Help: $300
Status:Goal not started yet

Volunteer Hearts & Homes is an association founded by Roxana Chirita. The association helps hundreds of homeless dogs rescued from the streets of Bucharest, Romaniaby offering foster care, food, vaccines, and finding permanent loving homes for them. The association supports itself through their online storewhere they sell rescue themed and seasonal merchandise with all the proceeds going toward the rescued animals. The last $300 will help Roxana offer food and vaccines for the dogs in her care. 
Find out more about Volunteer Hearts & Homes on Facebook.
The Need: food, vaccines, shelter rent for homeless dogs rescued from the streets of Bucharest, Romania
The Help: $300
Status:Goal not started yet

This fundraiser is organized anualy by Voice For The Needyto help Romanian street dogs and cats (and a hedgehog). Find out more about what it's like to do animal rescue in Romania, by checking out these infographics:
This year we picked 5 charities that do an amazing job at changing the lives of many homeless dogs and cats for the better.
All donations are tax deductible with IRS.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on January 24, 2018


Posted on January 24, 2018

We were not able to raise enough funds to help all five rescuers in time for Christmas 2017.
Even though Christmas had come and gone, we still want to help the remaining three rescuers, therefore we extended the fundraiser until February. Once we reach the amount needed to help all five rescuers, we will send out the thank you gifts we promised to give to our donors (check album )

Antonia is the third rescuer in our fundraiser and we need only $250 to help her provide food and shelter to the old dogs she rescued from the streets and various public (aka kill factories) shelters.

Please share our fundraiser and ask your friends to make a donation, no matter how small. Donations can be made on youcaring or via PayPal at [email protected]

One other thing: if you donated, please comment with your name on this album under the pictures with the product you'd like to receive. If nobody else claims it, we will mail it to you once the fundraiser reached the target amount to help all five rescuers.

Thank you!

Posted on December 31, 2017


Posted on December 31, 2017

We managed to raise the $300 for the cat sanctuary. We got word from Maria Vasile that they acquired a solar panel which restored the electricity in the sanctuary. We also helped the sanctuary build their own Facebook page so if you want to show more support for the kitties, like their page Blanche House Cat Sanctuary.

And here's a picture from Maria: this is how the cats spend their day when it rains outside.

Posted on December 11, 2017


Posted on December 11, 2017

So far we've raised $300 for Street Dogs Saving Mission Bacau and $200 for the cats at Blanche House Cat Sanctuary.
Today we talked to Maria, the caretaker at the cat sanctuary, and we got a better solution for the kitties. 
The money raised in this fundraiser will be used to install a solar panelinstead of buying a gas heater. This will solve the electricity and heating problem in one shot.
The great new is that it costs about the same as the gas heater (799RON plus installation comes down to approximately $300).
Please share our fundraiser with your friends and ask them to help. We're only $100 away from making the solar panel a reality for the cats at the sanctuary.
Thank you!

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Romanian Street Dogs And Cats

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