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The Story

Rockne was diagnosed with Bilateral Wilms Tumor just past his 3rd birthday, At that time he was treated with an aggressive protocol because he fell into a high risk for Relapse catagory. The hope was at that time it would help prevent a recurrence of the Cancer. He is 5 yrs old now and on Nov 5th of this year he would have hit the two year mark of showing No Evidence of Disease. On Nov 5th there was a 4mm spot noted on his kidney. An MRI was scheduled the day before thanksgiving and result show a 5-6mm spot as well as multiple focii throughout the kidney. A treatment plan is not in place for him yet! We head to DC to see Dr. Dome (a wilms specialist) in monday Dec 7th. His first battle with cancer he received all his care at Penn State Hershey (and they were wonderful) but we really want to have Dr.Domes expertise on board to decide what approach is best. We do not have confirmation through biopsy as it is not recommended to biopsy wilm(it is a soft tumor and there is risk of seeding it elsewhere in the body). Rockne has 80% of one kidney ( they removed one entire kidney and 20% of the other his first round with this beast)...So deciding on a treatment plan that preserves or salvages that kidney and its function is necessary! If they would remove the kidney he would be on dialysis and unable to qualify for a transplant until he could be confirmed cancer free for two years! DC is about four hours away but we feel its worth if to have one of the best doctors in the field.

In the meantime we are looking to support Rocknes Body and Immune system any way we can. We want to give him a fighting edge! So we will be utilizing a holistic approach along with diet and standard medicine to enable his immune system to operate efficiently! Without proper nutrition everything else is futile!

We will be putting him on a clean whole food diet (and we will be eating that too, as u cannot tell a five yr old they have to eat something that isn't on your plate). It will consist of healthy fats, protien,vegetables, and limited fruit. (And I know I will have to get creative but I do believe this diet will give him an edge). We will be working on illiminating carbs (they convert to sugar in the body) and processed foods all together. We will be juicing daily and adding bone marrow broth as a staple (its nutrient dense and boosts the immune system!)..All food will be organic (as we do not want toxins like pesticides entering his body) and non GMO.

We also are looking for a naturopathic doctor to help coordinate care with supplements and nutrition! 

We are also adding a regimine of essential oils to assist in boosting his system for the fight of its life! And detox baths to help remove toxins!

We will also be removing all toxic detergents, cleaners, and hygiene products and replacing them with natural safe substitutes.

As you can imagine all of this will be time consuming and expensive and most of it not covered by insurance. But we believe by combining Alternative therapies with traditional medicine and great nutrition will put him in the best place to beat this yet again.

Any donations received will go towards travel to DC, medical expenses, as well as maintaining these lifestyle changes and utilizing a holistic approach to ensure he has a fighting chance. Any little bit will help us reach this goal and is so much appreciated by us as a family. We have done the research that seems to support making these changes to give him an edge. Thank all of u for the love and support. Keep our family and Rockne in your prayers!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 30, 2016

Posted on March 30, 2016

First we'd like to thank everybody who participated in the TEAM ROCKER t-shirt drive. Because of your support we were able to surpass our goal of 100 shirts. 

Next, for those of you who may not fully understand what we are up against, we'd like to share a video that describes our exact current situation with Rockne's recurrence. ROCKNE was high risk and treated very aggressively  with chemo and radiation. Hope this video answer some question some might have. Thank you for your continued love and support. 

Link to video:

Posted on March 9, 2016

Posted on March 9, 2016

Thank you to all of you who have helped us to continue with Rockne's natural therapy. We believe that what we are doing us working. Last week Rockne had an MRI and for the first time in almost a year the spot that is being watched has shown no growth. If you remember his last series of three months scans were 2 millimeters to 4 millimeters to 6 millimeters. We are still at 6 millimeters  and hoping for shrinkage in June. Rockne also had a chest Xray to check his lungs. Most Wilms tumor metastases occur in the lungs and Rockne hasn't had his checked since the end of treatment in 2013. We are still awaiting those results. In order to continue with this strict regiment we still need your help. Support can be engaged through the donate option on this page or through our t-shirt sale through at TEAM ROCKNE - HEART OF A CHAMPION. As always, thank you for your continued support and God bless.
- Wayne

Posted on February 24, 2016

Posted on February 24, 2016

A quick update with what has been transpiring. We found out this past Friday that the insurance has denied everything for Rockne's upcoming appointment at Children's National in Washington, DC this coming Monday. After what can only be described as scrambling Janelle, along with Children's National, arranged to have labs drawn in Harrisburg yesterday and the MRI will be done on Friday. We will still go to DC on Monday to meet with Dr. Dome and go over the results. They have assured us that we will not be turned away and we have decided that we will continue with Children's National even if we have to pay out of pocket for the rest of our lives. Our visit in December hasn't been paid either. Genetic testing is on hold at the moment. Any support would be greatly appreciated. Also, as most of you have probably already seen, we have started a TEAM ROCKNE T-shirt sale to help offset costs of treatment. Either option helps; this page helps more in the present and the shirt sales will help more in the future as we won't receive funds from them until 2 - 3 weeks after the sales end on March 20th. Thank you for your continued love and support during this stressfully difficult time.

Link to purchase TEAM ROCKNE t-shirts:

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