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The Story

On Sunday, April 15th Amanda and Mark Robert admitted their son, Tyler, to Lehigh Valley Children's Hopsital for severe dehydration. After bloodwork and an overnight stay, the family was then notified that he unfortunately had a severe strain on E. Coli named O157:H7. This strain can cause kidney complications as one recovers. His platelet levels dropped and his kidneys began to develop a sign of concern known as HUS. Late Tuesday evening, after lots of discussions between hospitals, it was determined that the best hospital for Tyler's recovery was Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. So in the middle of the night mommy and Tyler got a ride in an Ambulance down to Philadelphia where he was admitted to the Nephrology Unit. Tyler's hemoglobin levels began to drop and the talk of possible dialysis began, Tyler received a blood transfusion on Thursday Morning to help with his levels. Prayers were answered, as his blood draws on Friday morning showed that he did not need the surgery at that time and will continue to be monitored! Although shortly after the great news, Amanda began to show symptoms of the strand and spent the majority of her day over to University of Pennsylvania to sit in the ER with her Uncle Jim one block away. As the night progressed, Hailey, who was quiet all day (anyone who knows her knows this isn't her), began showing the symptoms also. Grand-mom and Aunt Jess rushed Hailey down to CHOP ER where she met up with daddy. After a long emotional and heart breaking night, Hailey and Tyler are back together sharing a room on the Nephrology Unit with mom sick also. Crossing fingers mark does not begin to show symptoms but it appears he will continue to be the rock for the family by not getting sick! Tyler received a second blood transfusion on Saturday morning and is continuing to be monitored for his hemoglobin levels.

As we all know Amanda and Mark are two people to always help those around them, whether emotionally or physically. This page was created to give back to them what we have all received from them over the years, to support them when no family could ever imagine going through the obstacle they are faced with. With both kids and mom sick this leaves Mark to be the sole caretaker for the family. This is to begin to raise funds for the Robert Family as they encounter different medical expenses for all family members as Amanda and Mark both cannot work to support their family at this time. Even the smallest contribution can help this family!

The family thanks all prayers, donations and support throughout this rough time and appreciate the encouraging words and privacy also. 

If you have any questions about other ways to help the family feel free to reach out to Amanda's sister, Jessica for anything. 

It is unaware the amount of bills the family will face once all are recovered so any little donation will help the family as they face this rough time.

Thank you all!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on May 4, 2018

Posted on May 4, 2018

For those of you who do not know, heven gained one beautiful little angel on Wednesday, May 2nd. Please keep Amanda, Mark and Tyler in your prayers as they go through this extremely difficult time 💔

Posted on May 1, 2018

Posted on May 1, 2018

Amanda's latest update on little Hail Bails 💖🙏🏽

"So Tuesday May 1st... we were off to a really rocky start. Mark and I woke up to a bunch of doctors and nurses in our room. Haileys blood pressure was not stable and was up and down again. We did an xray and discovered her left lung was collapsed and she had a TON of fluid on the left side and some around her heart. She just wrapped up ANOTHER surgery (5 total so far and hopefully that is it 🤞). Hailey had a heart drain put in as well as a drain by her left lung. It's amazing how much fluid came out. So now it was determined she needed another blood machine but this one is to take out her bad plasmas and replace with good plasmas. We are in the process of hooking that up now along with her dialysis machine. We are hoping for a more calm evening 🤞 thanks everyone for all your thoughts and prayers. Hailey is a fighter!"

Posted on May 1, 2018

Posted on May 1, 2018

This was Amanda's update as of Monday (4/30/18)

Good morning. It's Monday again. Day 15 in the hospital, I'm ready to go home but it's going to be a long road to recovery. Hailey had a semi quiet day yesterday. Some trial and error with her blood pressure medication but overnight her vitals were looking good so they were going to slowly start decreasing her blood pressure medicine and insulin. She is so swollen shes almost unrecognizable. They are hoping to start decreasing the amount of fluid they are putting in her. But its trick with the pancreatitis because that needs fluid to heal. The PICU nurses and staff have been nothing but amazing so far. Fingers crossed for another semi quiet day. Tyler is coming down to visit us today and get a check up with his nephrologist. We cant wait to see him!

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