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The Story

On November 26th 2017, our son River had a near drowning accident in the bathtub, his heart stopped and he was reanimated at the hospital. His MRI taken 3 days after the accident showed significant brain injury and the doctors painted a very dark picture for us, but we are hopeful because after speaking to many other parents who lived the same thing, we now know that there is hope and that there are many things we can do to help our son.

At the moment, River is at Choc hospital, in Orange County, California. His breathing is supported by a ventilator. 

Some of the therapies we are looking forward to and that many parents and specialists recommended are Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, brain photobiomodulation, functional neurology and stem cell therapy. We will use the funds of this fundraiser to get started on this journey as soon as possible.

All of your prayers, songs, positive thoughts and support are tremendously appreciated.

Thank you for helping us bring River back to life

Melissa and Stephan

"Run to the rescue with love and peace will follow" - River Phoenix

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 16, 2018


Posted on April 16, 2018

Hello friends! Wow it's about time I send you guys an update for River! As many of you know we've been in and out of the hospital for a month and a half. After he recovered from the flu a month and a half ago and we started some new meds, it seemed everything was wrong. He was not tolerating some meds, vomiting his food, breathing erratically, having a high heart rate, seizures, oxygen desaturation and every day seemed like a battle. We barely slept and were unable to go to Hyberbaric oxygen therapy or other appointments. So the docs finally made adjustments to his regimen and he is doing much better now so we will be able to go home tomorrow and continue on the therapy journey.

Thanks to your donations we were able to buy the Bemer machine, which has done wonders on his body since we started using it, even during the period he was sick. River gained range of motion and his whole body became more relaxed, less spastic and overall more flexible! What a great investment! Thanks to you all!

Next step is STEM CELLS! We were finally able to do the blood work necessary before entering on that journey and we are now getting close to making a deposit on the first treatment. So if you guys want to make another run at sharing this fundraiser, we can probably get River a treatment within the next few weeks. I'm amazed at how many people now know River and I'm excited to share this story with the world. I just started an instagram account  @heartswithriver and will soon build a website for my little man's recovery at

Much love coming your way my friends! Thanks for the energy, the prayers and all the help!

Posted on March 19, 2018


Posted on March 19, 2018

Hey friends, over the last few weeks, River has been in and out of the hospital, fighting infections but also making progress in how he interacts with the world. His eyes open all the way now and he moves more than he used to.

Despite the setbacks of these last hospital stays, we were able to get 4 Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments, meet a wonderful man over there who referred us to a doctor we should see soon, we also got 8 sessions on the Bemer electromagnetic machine, some biomagnetism treatments and got the blood testing process going for an eventual stem cell treatment.

We also finally got the Physical Therapy evaluation with one of the best pediatric PTs in the US according to others in the field. Her name is Lauren Beeler and thankfully her practice is 5 minutes from home! 

With your help we were able to buy a bundle of 40 Hyperbaric Oxygen sessions, pay for River's Nourish formula for the first few months (the best gtube formula on the market) and now we are looking at buying the Bemer machine because we've seen changes in River right from the start of these sessions and the doctor said that it would be better in the long run if we owned one, we would save money and also be able to do 2 treatments per day with River in the comfort of our home.

The next steps, as we share this fundraiser more is to pay for stem cell treatments, which apparently make a huge difference (have you guys seen the Mel Gibson and Joe Rogan podcast?) and to take River to more expensive therapies like the Brain plasticity center, where we could stay for a number of weeks and have extensive therapy using the latest technologies in order to stimulate River's brain to rewire itself.

Thanks to all of you. It's been a wild ride and you guys gave me a lot of faith in human beings. When I talk to people, I often hear "I don't know how you do it, I don't think I could ever go through something like this". The thing is River gives me so much energy. To see him fight like this triggers in me the most amazing strength, will to live and give, faith in all of us and in God. To see you guys come together for my little man is just so overwhelmingly beautiful. I never would have guessed that so many friends and strangers would take the time in their busy lives to think about River and to want to do something special for him. The messages we get, the love and the hard earned money from people who a lot of times did not even know River makes me feel so hopeful! Much love coming your way. Big hugs to all of you!

Posted on February 26, 2018


Posted on February 26, 2018

Hey guys! 

After being home for about a week, with your help, on February 15th we started going to therapies. The first one was biomagnetism (magnets) and the Bemer machine with Mozes Durazo in Santa Ana. Immediately we saw changes in River. Even though we saw changes in River just by coming home, the changes we saw just after a few days of doing magnet therapy and the Bemer machine, which is essentially electro-magnetic therapy on a mat that you lie on, we saw very noticeable changes on River. After 10 days of doing that now, we noticed:

  • River being more alert and awake longer throughout the day
  • River's legs being more loose and less stiff
  • River starting to raise his arms slightly while lying on his back
  • River getting angry at times
  • River needing much less suctioning and able to be on Passy Muir speech valve most of the day
  • River sleeping well at night

We have also started hyperbaric oxygen therapy and have done 3 sessions yet. We can't wait for more of those and want to thank you for supporting River financially. Our next step is physical therapy with one of the top US physical therapists in a few weeks and of course hoping to go to stem cells therapy asap with your help. Thanks a bunch and please share River's fundraiser with your loved ones, this has been so helpful and we are hoping to be able to start the more expensive and important therapies as soon as we can. Much love coming your way

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