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Help protect ancient geoglyphs from destruction (Research community Keepers Geoglyphs Turgay)
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The Story

In the spring of 2015, as a result of the reconstruction of the motorway, a unique historical monument was completely destroyed - the geoglyph "Koga Cross", which could rightly be attributed to the cultural heritage of all mankind.     

The “Koga cross” was discovered in the winter of 2014. The old road passed almost in the center of the object, with most of the geoglyph was whole. We knew that on the highway there are works on the reconstruction of the road surface. In the spring of 2014, through the media, we organized an information campaign to prevent the destruction of the historical monument. State departments were also notified. We were promised that the historical monument will be preserved. But in the spring of 2015, we found that the monument was completely destroyed by construction equipment.   

Geogliff "Koga Cross" was one of 85 similar ancient structures found in the Turgay trough, in the north of Kazakhstan, during the last 11 years. 

My name is Dmitriy Dey, and I am the discoverer of the Turgay trough geoglyphs, head of the research project – Turgay Discovery

The first geoglyphs, I discovered in March 2007 as a result of studying satellite images of the Turgay trough area, available in the Google Earth program. "Ushtogay square" and "Turgay Triquetra" became the beginning of exciting studies and unexpected discoveries carried out on the expanses of the Turgay steppes. 

We collect funds for three tasks:

1. PROTECTION Implementation of a variety of measures to save geoglyphs located in the risk zone (such as          geoglyphs located in close proximity to populated areas, agricultural lands and roads). 

2. RESEARCH Preparation and implementation of large-scale, comprehensive, interdisciplinary scientific research. 

3. HISTORICAL PRESERVATION Initiation of the process of including geoglyphs in the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

The collected funds will be purchased: expeditionary transport and equipment, video equipment, measuring instruments and scientific equipment. Each geoglyph we will install an information board with a warning about the criminal responsibility for the destruction of historical monuments. The research community Keepers Geoglyphs Turgai, will take the patronage over the geoglyphs according to the current legislation. A whole series of research expeditions will be carried out. All information about the promotion of the project will be translated by a professional translator into English and exhibited on the created community website. 

Be a participant of the international research community Keepers Geoglyphs Turgay, together we will protect geoglyphs from destruction and save them for descendants. 

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t donate, there are of other ways you can help, just sharing our page will bring us closer to our goal and raise awareness. 

Maybe one of your friends might be interested in becoming a Keeper Geoglyphs Turgay!

Media about the geoglyphs of the Turgay Trough:

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Supercourse. University of Pittsburgh  Turgay Trough Geoglyphs lecture 

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Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 19, 2018


Posted on March 19, 2018

The Turgay geoglyphs are still little known, but everyone knows the pyramids of Ancient Egypt. The figure shows the ratio of two ancient objects: the Ushtogay square and the Khufu pyramid (Egypt's largest pyramid)

Posted on March 6, 2018


Posted on March 6, 2018

Enter your name in history, become the pioneer of the mystery of the geoglyphs of the Turgay trough.    

For 11 years of research it was possible to collect a lot of information and artifacts by studying geoglyphs directly in the field. Today I can offer a working hypothesis about the origin and destination of mysterious figures in the Turgay steppes. All information about Turgay geoglyphs available in English is the result of two small interviews I made in 2015 for The New York Times and National Geographic, in fact there is much more data. If you want to receive full information about geoglyphs, take part in discussions, put forward your own hypotheses, and also participate in expeditions to geoglyphs, then I suggest you become a member of the research community Keepers Geoglyphs Turgay. Later, a special website Keepers Geoglyphs Turgay will be created in English, for registered members of the research community.   


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