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The Story

This is a group for family and friends of Rebekah to keep up to date on her healing process, pray alongside a community of believers toward a common goal, and offer financial and emotional support along with encouragement to Rebekah and her family. We know that God is in charge of Rebekah's life, and that He will glorify Himself through this unbelievable, tragic situation, as we cling on to The Healer.

Here is her story....

Rebekah is a busy mother to 8 wonderful children. Her last baby girl was born just 3 months ago.  She has spent the last 15 years dedicating her life to nurturing, caring, and home educating her children. 

What started off as a swollen eye, ended in an unexpected diagnosis.

In February of 2016, not long after giving birth to her 8th child,  Rebekah was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Instead of enjoying her new baby, she was seeing a series of doctors, and having tests, which included a CT scan and an MRI. It was concluded that she has a Meningioma.  It is located behind her eye and is close to her carotid artery and ocular nerve.  

The procedure to remove it is a more of a marathon, as it can take months to recover, and will be an enormous hardship on the family, financially and emotionally, on top of being very scary.  She won't be able to care for her children and family as she did before.  The family will need help not only with everyday chores, but with child care and educating the children.  Their whole way of life will have to be adjusted. There are also many unknowns as we move forward in this process.

Because of that, Rebekah is working hard on treating the tumor so it will shrink and she won't have to have dangerous brain surgery. That requires a lot of sacrifice for the family as it will take up most of her time and be financially straining. 

Rebekah and her family will need assistance on many levels. For those that are not local, you can help by locking arms with her and her family through prayer and financial support, which will greatly assist in easing this heavy burden.

We know God has a plan that involves each one of us, and we cannot wait to give Him all glory when we reach the other side of Meningioma Mountain.

Please support this beautiful, precious family in their time of great need, as they walk through this valley!

Thank you, and may you be richly blessed.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 7, 2017

Posted on August 7, 2017

Everything happens in God’s timing.

This is the lesson I have learned this year.  We all know that in our heads, but I now can say I really am at peace with it.

After my last update, I bounced back to my old self. I really felt your prayers and so appreciated all of your encouragement. Everyone who reached out to help me felt like you were helping hold me up. I thank you for that.  I was soon ready to get the party started and start the medicine. Everything was in place. I had help, I had the medicine, and the date was set.

However, it ended up not being God’s timing.  We had a few family circumstances that put it on hold.  Noah needed hernia surgery, I needed to go out of town to visit a family member who’s health was failing rapidly, and then we needed to all go out of town to attend a funeral.   Attending the funeral was more important to me than starting the medication.  Noah’s recovery from surgery was a total of 6 weeks and in that time he couldn’t lift at all.  Both parents can’t be out of commission so we put the start of my medicine off until he was better.

Than our nanny left. Due to circumstances beyond our control, she went home.

So, I can’t start the medication until we find help again.

I’m ok with all of this though. I know that it will all happen in God’s timing. If I’m supposed to begin the medication, the right circumstances will all come together.

Until then, I just wait, and keep doing what I have been doing all year and pray that it has been enough to keep the tumor from growing. I’ve been going through Sacred Frankincense bottles like crazy on top of the supplements and medication I am already taking.

I have an MRI next month and than an appointment with the Neurosurgeon soon after. I am praying that it hasn’t grown so I can have more time to do the medication in the future.    I’m feeling great! I have only had a couple of tumor headaches recently and that is pretty good in my opinion.

The best news I have is that I am at peace. I’m not worried or anxious about the timing to start the medication, or even having to have surgery if that eventually happens. I’m in God’s hands. I’m so thankful that I have had this long since the diagnosis. The older the kids get the easier it will be to do the medication.   In the mean time, I’m enjoying my family and having a great summer. 

I have all of you to thank for being able to have more time. Your support has been crucial in helping me through this. Thank you all for your continued love and support.



Posted on May 17, 2017

Posted on May 17, 2017

Update #13

In the last two updates I have shared the joy of good news.  I just love sharing good news. This unfortunately,  is not one of those updates. 

I have been encouraged to share the latest struggles that we are facing. I will be honest and say that I didn’t want to do that. After some strong encouragement and direction I submitted because it’s not fair to you all not to be honest, but this is hard for me since I don’t want to let people down.  Here’s the raw truth.

I’m ready to quit. 

I know it’s crazy to say that after all this time.  We are just so tired and so overwhelmed with everything we have already gone though and everything we need to do prepare for this next phase, it almost doesn’t seem worth it sometimes. 

Plus it feels like we keep getting hit with one thing after another. Not only with my health but with Noah’s as well.

Some days I feel like brain surgery may be the better option. Even though it will put my life on the line and I’ll come out with life long term side effects, I feel like what I am about to do will be taking so much away from my family.  Somedays, I feel like it would be easier to just do the surgery and figure out everything afterwards.

I know that we have someone living with us now, and she is a great help. I am so, so grateful to have her here. There is just a lot that has to go into preparing to hand off your daily household into someone else’s hands. Especially with the amount of children that we have.  It can be overwhelming. 

No one replaces the mom. 

You are probably wondering why I am telling you all of this. 

We need prayer. Lots, and lots of prayer and support. 

I don’t want to quit. I don’t want to have brain surgery and expose myself to the crazy side effects that might happen.  I want to come out of this successful and in turn be able to help others. 

However, as of today, I’m tired and worn out.   

I know this has been a long journey and it is continuing.  We very much need prayer and emotional support right now.    

Please lift up our family in your prayers. 

Thank you!



Posted on April 7, 2017

Posted on April 7, 2017

Update #12

We have had answer to prayer!

We have been provided with full time child care.  This is huge!  As one of the biggest concerns for me was to make sure the children would be taken care of while I am doing the next phase of treatment. Due to the side effects of the medicine I will not be able to fulfill my duties as a mother and everything else that comes with it. I will be exhausted and out of it for awhile. We are hoping my body will get accustomed to the medicine, however,  we don’t know how long that will take or if it will happen at all.  We were warned to have help on hand.

This as you can imagine was a big area of stress for me. I know that my treatment is important. But I also want to make sure my family is taken care of.  It’s tricky when you don’t have family near by to call on at a moments notice or when a long time crisis hits your family. 

The Lord answered our prayer in an unusual way.

Last year I was speaking to a long time friend of mine. She happens to live in another state. I was a bit stressed out that day relaying all the details that needed to come together for me to get better.   “How in the world will I be able to do my treatment if I don’t have full time children care?” It seemed impossible to me. My friend is a very calm, grounded person. She told me that she felt that we needed to pray for a young woman to come help us. Specifically, to live with us full time while I did my treatment. She told me that she lived with a family to help them out when she was young, and that would be the best solution. I of course thought that was a great idea, but how in the world would will we find someone to do that?  I will admit that I was doubtful that this would ever come about. Plus, the thought of having someone that I didn’t know come live with us full time made me a bit nervous.

Several months went by and I didn’t think much about it.  I received a phone call from my friend who told me she had been praying and patiently waiting for the right time to talk to a young woman that she was acquainted with. She recently felt the right time had come and told her about me. A few days later in December I received an email from the young lady.  After some back and forth, she agreed to come visit us and see if it would be a right fit.

And, long story short and several months later,  She is here to stay for the duration of my next phase of treatment.

I am so very thankful. She quit her job, left her family, and agreed to move to a whole other state to help us.  People she didn’t even know until a few months ago. The cherry on top is that she comes from a family with many children. She happens to be the oldest of 10 and they also homeschool. She can already drive a large 15 passenger van, and she is familiar with gluten free diets, and other specialized diets.  PLUS we all really like her. We clicked right away which was very important to me since I may feel vulnerable during my treatment. I wanted someone that I was comfortable around.  All of these details have made the transition so. much. easier.

Now, that’s pretty amazing in it’s self. When you put all of the other details together you can’t help but be amazed at God’s goodness. How He has been preparing for all of this to come together for several months now. Including the fact that we now have an extra room for her to stay in.

God is good.  I am amazed that this is all happening.

The reason I write all these details down for you is not just because I want you all to know-there is that- but the other reason, is that I want a record of the blessings that have come from the hardship that this has been. I need to see it on paper to remind myself. I am only human. It is easy to forget about all the blessings and answers to prayer.

On the hard days, thoughts will creep in my head. “Yes, we got through that hurdle. But, OH! Look at all those other hurdles! They are so big! How will God take care of those? There is no way He is going to answer that. Surely He will say, that He has done enough and I am on my own now.” 

We all need to be reminded of the blessings and to continue to remind others. This is why I write all of this. Sometimes to do that you need to be vulnerable with your doubts, and weaknesses.

If you don’t share the battles, the victory at the end will not seem as sweet.



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