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Ray of Hope Academy, Training and School Bus (Ray of Hope Academy, Cameroon)
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The Story

Funding needs: Training for Teachers and a Van or School Bus

Ray of Hope Academy is a unique school, one of its kind in Cameroon and in the Region. It was officially started the school with 7 teachers and three support staff in September 2016 to meet the needs of autistic children as well as other special needs children. Our desire is to make it a model all-inclusive school (with neuro-typical and neuro-diverse students learning together).

Although the school is under two non-profits organizations I founded (www.breadforlife.org & www.cadacameroon.org) my wife and I are the main sponsors of this school and we are glad to put our whole LIFE (Labor, Influence, Finances & Expertise) into it. 

The school has two major challenges, so far:

  1. TRAINED TEACHERS: ($12,000) Although our staff is enthusiastic and passionate, most of them are either not trained or prepared for this kind of school. Hence, a huge need for experts and trainers to come alongside us and provide training.
  2. A VAN or SCHOOL BUS: ($20,000) Most of our kids come from families that cannot afford to pay for any kind of services and most live far from the school location. Making it to school daily is a huge challenge and sacrifice for these struggling families (usually through the risky motorcycle taxis). We would need two small vans or a school bus to strategically pick up students from various locations in the city.

We are pleased to announce the first problem is partially solved. A group of seven experts from SLATE (Structured Learning And Teaching Environments) has agreed to come to Cameroon in late March through mid-April. They will spend two weeks in our school and in the country to train our staff as well as bring awareness in the country. Awareness is needed because of the stigma and neglect of children with disabilities.

The SLATE Team typically charges about $25,000 a week for their training across the USA. They have accepted to waive their fees and come to Cameroon on the condition we will cover their flight costs and in-country expenses. This is HUGE and a HUGE blessing!

My wife and I will do all we can to personally cover all their in-country expenses (hotel accommodation, in-country transportation, meals and in-country related expenses) but would need friends, family and well-wishers to pitch in whatever they can to help cover their tickets which we estimate will cost above $12,000 (plus or minus for all seven experts).

This group is led by Dr. Arthur Flores, a well-respected Psychologist from the San Antonio area who studied under the renowned Dr. Eric Schopler who founded Division TEACCH and developed the Structured Teaching Model that is used in training and interventions with all children with autism and related communication issues.

We are also looking at buying either a school bus or two vans to pick up our kids from various part of the city. The Estimate for this is about $20,000.

You can read more at our website http://breadforlife.org/ray-of-hope-academy/

and our brochure http://breadforlife.org/wp-content/uploads/gs16134-BFL-Ray-of-HOPEweb-1.pdf

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 21, 2018


Posted on March 21, 2018

With Easter dawn set to rise across Africa in just two weeks, I come to you with great urgency to enlist your help with several pressing needs at our special needs school in Douala. We now have 46 students and 18 full time staff at the school. Monthly salaries are $3,531. So far, we have ran the school this year (September to February) through tuition collected from students who are able to pay and from a grant from Orange Foundation in France. We have ran out of money and trust God to provide for us to pay our teachers through August before our students start paying tuition for the next academic year. We must also secure an additional $14,736 by July 1st to advance our landlords for rents for the next academic year. Our contract stipulates one year rents in advance.
Would you join us in believing that that same power that raised Jesus Christ will quicken the hearts of those He wants to give towards these needs? Please also feel free to share about our school needs as you are led.
He is Risen! He is Risen indeed!

Ernest Ehabe

Posted on November 30, 2016

Posted on November 30, 2016

Giving Tuesday may have passed, but there's still time for you to help us hit our goal of bringing in a team of trainers from SLATE to provide training for teachers of our newly launched special need school in Douala and also buy a much needed school bus.

I just got news that the Cameroon government has granted us “authorization” to operate the school. This process is usually long, unpredictable, arduous and often ridden with graft and bribery. We took a step of faith and committed to doing the right thing every step of the way. We are again surprised and elated by God’s timely intervention.

Every dollar donated will go a long way. Visiting our funding page below and please share with friends, family and all in your sphere of influence. You can also give directly through PayPal or through our website www.breadforlife.org

Posted on November 28, 2016

Posted on November 28, 2016

Our Story:

Our son, AJ (Asher Josiah) was a vibrant, affectionate two year old, the life of our household! All of that changed in 2014 when we began noticing he was regressing. He became very quiet and withdrawn, preferring to wander around the house by himself, wouldn’t make eye contact, or play with his siblings anymore.  These signs and others led us to seek medical help in the USA. It was recommended that he undergo speech and ABA therapy to get him back on track.

We returned to Cameroon only to discover such services are practically inexistent. We found out there is not a single English-speaking speech therapist in the whole country, and only two French speaking ones.

For AJ’s sake, moving to the USA or another country where we could find help and support seemed to be our only option. But, we had mixed feelings about such a decision.

In early 2016, we painted a room in our house in Douala to use in providing specialized tutoring for our sweet son. Little did we know this would evolve so rapidly to include several special needs children. We soon outgrew the space in the room as well as our living room and began looking for a place to start a school. In mid-2016, we found a suitable house to use for a school. Our entire staff worked so hard with other professionals to renovate and paint the structure. In September we launched “RAY OF HOPE ACADEMY in Douala and we have continued to have special needs families approach us to enroll their kids.

In addition to trying to raise funds for trainers and a school bus, we could use the following group of educators: ABA Therapists, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists as well as special Education Teachers and a Psychologist. Volunteers like these can come on a short or long term basis (two weeks, three months, six months, one year or longer) to work alongside our Cameroonian team.


According to CDC stats, 1 in 50 individuals are now diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Autism Spectrum Disorders are characterized, in varying degrees, by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication, and repetitive behaviors. The recent sharp rise in number of Autism has been described as an epidemic among children. 


The cause of Autism is a heavily debated subject. Scientific researchers are looking into genetics and environmental causes. In Africa - where most people are still very superstitious, autism is easily attributed to witchcraft and bad omen. Consequently, special needs children are seen as a drain on a family's limited finances and as such a nuisance. In some circles, they are neglected. It's no wonder there are no provision or emphasis even by the government or educational institutions for this segment of society. No speech therapists. No Occupational Therapists. No practicing children Psychologists.


Positive change is possible, but, we all have a role to play in speeding it up. We are hoping we can make a difference through a model-all-inclusive school we now call RAY of HOPE.



In founding Ray of Hope Academy, we were motivated by our belief that EVERY child can learn and has the right to be taught in the way that he or she learns best. Our desire is to take special needs children and children with all learning abilities and work one on one with them. Providing an environment and specialist who can address their unique situation and purposefully work with them. The time to transition will depend on the impact of the remediation, the social and emotional growth, self-awareness and self-advocacy skills. At Ray of Hope, it is going to be a TEAM effort.


Our vision is to build a school that is all-inclusive and where children from various backgrounds can and will receive a world class and well-rounded education that will give them the skills, strategies, and tools to transition to secondary schools and other educational environments when the time is right.


We intend to surround these students with highly trained and skilled teachers and specialists, led by an administrative team that will set high standards of excellence and that see the value of ongoing professional development. Our team is presently drawn from Cameroon, but, we are looking at recruiting educators and experts from the USA, Europe, and other countries.


We recently moved into two rented buildings for the school. We started in September with seven full time staff and three support staff as well as an administrative team that includes my wife and I, the Executive Director of CADAC and others.


• Short & Long term volunteers who are trained in ABA therapy, & PECs

• Special Education Teachers

• Speech Therapists

• Child Psychologists to evaluate & assess each child

• Occupational Therapists

•  Curriculum development experts to help develop appropriate curriculum

•  Grant writers who are able to identify and write grants


As we look to the future, we envision and desire to create a community that will provide an educational environment that creates meaningful jobs, builds a sense of belonging, and demands dignity and respect for adults with disabilities. We are in dialogue with the Cameroonian government about donating over 100 acres of suitable land to use in providing the following services in this future community:

•  Respite & Day Habilitation

•  Supervised Living

•  Supported Home Living

•  Residential Support Services &

•  Supported Employment

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