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The Story

In May of 2014, Randy and Randi Jensen received the news that Randi had a devastating disease that would dramatically change life as they knew it. Randi was informed she had Auto-Immune Hepatitis, a condition which involved her body using its immune system to attack her perfectly good liver. Randi retired as Director of Human Resources for the Galveston Housing Authority, due to the toll the disease was taking on her body. The disease will culminate in liver transplant surgery as the progression of the disease dictates she is top on the list (MELD Score) and the necessary organ is made available (United Network for Organ Sharing). Randi has gone through rigorous testing and is a candidate for a donor liver. Many may not know, but someone must lose their life for her transplant to occur.

Constant monitoring of the situation with Randi’s liver is required, and she has received exceptional care which has included multiple procedures with many stays in the hospital over the past 3 years. The disease has progressed to a point which has required multiple hospital stays this year, including 9 days in June 2017, and 14 days, July 9-22, 2017. It is unknown at this point when or how this might end. For certain there are more unexpected expenses and difficulties ahead, and that ever-lingering hope for transplant. Although Randy has excellent insurance and works for a company that has been very understanding, generous, helpful and kind, the various trips for her care, the deductibles and the constant disruption of lifestyle is taking a toll mentally, physically, and financially on all.

Randi has been a friend in time of need for many throughout her life. She is one to always give a listening ear, a hug, or a card to lift those that are going through difficult and desperate times. One of her most looked forward to activities is to visit someone who is sick in the hospital who may have felt forgotten. Many have expressed their gratitude for her well-timed visit or card to let them know someone cares. Many have expressed a wandering as to how she might have even known the need. She has truly been a blessing to many.

Throughout their 20 years of marriage, Randy and Randi have opened their home and lives to friends and family members in time of need, including children, grandchildren, nieces and at one time housed both sets of parents in a beautiful resort home on the water near Galveston. Randy and Randi have provided for many years, and still provide the master suite of their home, at no charge, to care for her 90-year-old father and 87-year-old mother, who is in the late stages of dementia. It has been a blessing to enable them both to be together in a traditional family setting, however, apart from her faith in God, knowing that Jesus was right there with her, and her family, friends, co-workers, and church supporting her, would prove to be a very difficult and stressful task.

Many times people want to help but don't know how, this is one way. Another way is by prayer. Praying for liver transplant is requested. Please share this on social media sites to help get the word out. Thank you for YOU caring.  

God Bless you.

Randy n Randi Jensen

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on May 3, 2018

Posted on May 3, 2018

Randi has continued to battle confusion for the period of time since she was hospitalized in February to the present. The months of March and April included several trips to the hospital with the longest being the week before the Big Voices Tour with David Phelps, a concert she had been planning to attend for quite some time. The doctors released her to go home a couple of day prior to the concert, telling her to be sure to keep her phone charged and near because she was entering the time when transplant offers would be received.  

Randi began having difficulty on the day of the concert, but it was decided with each person she saw, she became a little clearer. She was able to attend the first half of the concert, meet David Phelps (see photo), and see and interact with many friends there. It was a great encouragement to Randi and Randy to feel the love of so many who knew how badly she wanted to attend. 

The day following the concert, Sunday, April 15, 2018, Randi began to have seizures and had to be transported to the hospital by ambulance. This began the current hospital stay. On Sunday morning, April 22, 2018, one week after entering the hospital, Randi had a re-occurrence of Variceal bleeding that almost took her life. She lost many units of blood but was able to have the procedure to band the blood vessels and pulled through. She required the tips procedure to be completed a couple of days afterwards to ensure the pressure on the liver was reduced to prevent another occurrence of variceal bleeding that could prove fatal.  

Randi’s condition has continued to worsen to the place that her MELD score has placed her in position to receive a transplant very soon. She began Kidney dialysis on Wednesday, May 02, 2018 because of continued stress put on the kidneys due to a nonfunctioning liver.  

Randy is currently taking leave of absence without pay as all resources have been exhausted during the events this year. His company has been very generous and understanding in allowing him the time off. 

Now, more than ever, financial support is requested to enable our family to make the day to day in providing room and board and care for Randi's parents as well as added daily expenses traveling back and forth to the medical center with current income cut in half due to Randy’s leave of absence. 

Thank each one of you who have given of your time, finances and resources to help our time of need, we are overwhelmed by your generosity.  

Ways you may be able to help Randi and Randy:

Please pray that transplant will occur soon. 

Please give financially through this medium or directly to Randi and Randy 

Please help by sharing this with friends on all social media.

God Bless you, 

Randy n Randi Jensen

Posted on February 21, 2018

Posted on February 21, 2018

Thank you all for your gifts, prayers and thoughts of good towards us. 

Randi was hospitalized the week of Christmas due to reoccuring confusion, which is brought on by her liver not functioning correctly. Randi had bouts of confusion throughout December and eventually required hospitalization to correct. it is very difficult for me to carry on with my daily functions when this occurs, so please remember me in your prayers as well.    

We recently were made aware of an option that I believe is an answer to prayer. We are currently in the quadrant of UNOS that includes Texas and transplants liver patients with a MELD score of 40. We found that we are able to double list in the quadrant that includes Louisiana that transplants at MELD score of 28...Randi's MELD score is 28.    

I am praying that Randi will follow thru with double listing in the Louisiana quadrant who transplant earlier than Texas at this time. It will mean travel and more testing and so I am leaving that decision to Randi. I believe it is an answer to prayer, but it is in Randi's hands at this point.  

Please join in prayer concerning this option.     

God Bless you all!     

Randy n Randi

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