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For: Rafael and Chloe Angara Rouch-Sirech
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Radhika Angara Memorial Fund (Rafael and Chloe Angara Rouch-Sirech)
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In loving memory of our dearest friend, Radhika Angara, who left us most unexpectedly on 11th February. The benefits of this fund will accrue to her adorable twins - Rafa and Chloe - who turn 1 this Friday, 17th February. We expect to make these funds available when they turn 18 and until such time will be under the aegis of their father and Radhika's husband, Jerome Rouch-Sirech. Efforts are underway to structure this as a trust/foundation so that your donations will be tax deductible. Kindly note that youcaring automatically adds 5% to your amount at the time of checkout; there is an option to uncheck and alter or avoid the surcharge altogether at the bottom of the screen.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 30, 2017

Posted on August 30, 2017

Message from Jerome Rouch-Sirech, Radhika's husband:

Dear all,

Thank you. I don't know all of you, well-wishers, personally, but thank you for your contributions and kind words. I must have gone through all your comments 7 or 8 times since the accident and it is heartbreaking every single time. 
Thank you to Radhika's classmates as well for initiating and setting up this fundraiser. We will make sure to invest these funds well so that Chloe and Rafael can benefit from this outpouring generosity in the most meaningful way possible, and make their mum proud of her two babies. To that effect, we have set up a Trust and this fundraiser will be part of the Trust assets. 
Its already been almost 8 months since this absolutely inconceivable accident. My life without her is like a giant hole. The hardship of a lifetime. We had just celebrated her 38th birthday on Jan 16th and were about to celebrate our twins 1st birthday exactly one week after the accident. That same day in the morning, she went and bought them new outfits for their birthday. I vividly remember Radhika showing them to me. She was so so happy, so excited about it. She had spent so much time organizing their birthday to make it count. Like everything she was doing. Make it count. Always with selfless love, constantly in giving mode, to make people around her happy. The world, my world, was a better place with her. I was truly a lucky man. So incredibly lucky she had chosen me. I can't get around the fact that we just had 10 years together in this world. We had so many more years to spend together. We had already done so much together and wanted to do so much more. Starting by raising our twins.

We had just started the best phase of our lives. She was at the peak of her happiness. That I know for sure, she kept saying it, 2016 had been her best year so far: our twins, our move (back) to Singapore, new jobs for the both of us... We couldn't ask for more...I couldn't even say goodbye. We were discussing where we should go for dinner that same evening with her parents, when this massive tree (and other trees as a result) suddenly fell on the 4 of us. Unbelievable. It just doesn't make any sense. 
I came across these 2 quotes that resonated with me over the past few months... one from a Japanese poet: "we must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey". And that other one from a fellow countryman, Albert Camus: "In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer." I will try and burn this immense pain along the way and find this invincible summer, to be that rock she would have wanted me to be for our twins.

Chloe and Rafael are amazing and growing super well. They turned 18 months last 17th of August. Any photos, videos you may find, any memories, anecdotes, stories you may recollect about your relationship with Radhika, and that you would really like Chloe and Rafael to know about, please send an email at any point of time and as many times as you want, to [email protected]and
[email protected]
Once again, thank you so much. Stay in touch. 

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