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The Story

On October 11, Quinn was climbing the Nose on El Capitan in Yosemite with her friend Josie. Just under halfway done, Quinn took a big fall while completing a section known as the Boot Flake. She fell approximately 100 feet and struck a two-foot wide protruding section of rock known as Texas Flake, and then fell into some boulders at the base of the flake. Josie is an experienced technical rescue professional with extensive back country medicine experience, and immediately notified Yosemite Search and Rescue. A helicopter rescue was performed within three hours of the accident.

Thankfully she has no brain damage, but she is facing a severe spinal injury that will entail a prolonged recovery as well as complex transportation issues as this occurred far from home.

If you prefer to do a direct donation that will avoid the small surcharge that youcaring.com takes, please contact her brother at [email protected] and he will pass along Quinn's paypal information.  All funds raised will be directly applied to Quinn's care.  

Our fundraising goal is based on the current known out of pocket expenses, but it is probable that it will increase once we know more about her long term care plan and associated expenses.  

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on January 9, 2018


Posted on January 9, 2018

Today was my first day as an Outpatient at Craig Hospital.  Over the weekend my mother and many friends helped shove small loads from my Inpatient room over two buildings to my new apartment.  Its a one bedroom kinda open studio place.  It has a lovely sized kitchen area with living room and table.  The bedroom is off but still a little open. 
Its great. No nurses just another step to independence.  My transfers here are still providing me with some challenges.  The bed is different and more squishy here.  The toilet is lower to the ground.  Great for getting on but more difficult to get off.  

My plan is to be in the apartments at Craig until Feb. 2nd.  I will be doing regular PT, stuff similar to what I did as in Inpatient; practicing car transfers, perfecting getting my ass of the floor into my chair.  In addition to that I have signed up for at least 4 days a week as an outpatient at the PEAK center.  This is where I get to use the fancy machines I have been longing to use, my legs have been tingling to try.  

The tingling.  Wow.  It is.  It is there 24-7.  Sometimes little lightening bolts each side of my pelvis in the front.  Its crazy.  My feet are fatty, my little ankles where did they go?  And my butt, I liked my butt, its gone....for now.  Bony as can be.  

I have yet to get on a comfortable schedule.  I desire time to stretch for myself or go to the public pool, but shit takes so much longer.  I have tons of things....per Quinn style, trying to write, applying and keeping eyes open for jobs and opportunities.  Feel torn a bit with my focus.

Posted on December 30, 2017


Posted on December 30, 2017

Big Girl bed

Journal entry by Quinn Brett — 56 minutes agoFinally got news of how long I am at Craig and my outpatient scene.... I exit inpatient January 6th and move over to Craig apartments (two building over) and will be doing my outpatient therapy until February 2nd.  COME VISIT!  I will be in a real girl apartment and a real girl bed!  In fact, they swapped out my beds today.  No more hospital bed!!!

I am crossing my fingers to work with a rad foundation, High Fives, so I can continue and push my legs as an outpatient at least through the month of March and hopefully for the next year or so even.

I had my ASIA testing yesterday, which was bad for my morale.  It is a spinal cord injury classification system essentially.  Do I feel?  Do I have motor skills? 
They prick me gently with a pin all down my body.  Once it hits my pant line, I can't feel the prick anymore.  I am classified as a T10 Complete.  My body tingles all the time, hips have shooting electric nerve pain and butt and feet still feel like they are asleep.  It worsens as the day goes on.  Swimming and a standing frame help ease the tightness in my hips and lessens the tingling. 

So far no real improvements.  My toe moves still upon my command but no other movements and it doesn't seem likely.  I keep trying to keep my chin up though, who knows.  It was a miracle I am still here with a brain that works.  Maybe a miracle will happen and I will find some muscle movement. 

Meanwhile.  Mikey Lukens has been a saint building a ramp to my house, if I ever make it home.  Justin Dubois has done the same...made some small changes to my bathroom, putting in a handle bar, taking out my glass sliding shower door and changing it to a curtain.  More things could be changed but one day at a time.

Found my hospital bag from California with my harness, shoes and clothing.  My tank top, in the picture, was underneath a long sleeve shirt.  The long sleeve didn't get a scrape but the tank-top and my skin sure did.

Posted on December 19, 2017


Posted on December 19, 2017

I don't have anything that exciting.  The two wiggle was dormant for a few days but then came back yesterday.   The movement is a little bigger then it use to be, the knuckle moves and you can see a twitch in the ball of the foot also.  Big toe on the other side also wiggles, but they kinda wanna wiggle together.  I am not sure what that means?  Maybe if I learn to walk again it means I will just be someone who hops?  I am okay with that! 

Still struggling a bit with my routine here.  Feeling I am not doing enough or that not enough is available to me. 

OH!  I do have something exciting.  The whole freeking climbing community and Estes Park community is crushing!  The support I am receiving is incredible.  I have had so many strangers reach out and share their experiences with becoming and living as a parapalegic.  A co-worker in RMNP reminded me of a former badass employee at Rocky who was bound to a wheelchair.  This man, Michael Smithson, climbed with Micheal Donahue (Colorado Mountain School before it was CMS) up to the top of Longs.  He used a horse to get to the boulderfield where he camped then craweled his own ass up snow up the North Face of Longs Peak.  

"To protect Michael Smithson legs from sharp rocks, as he dragged himself up the mountain, his legs were wrapped with a piece of fiberglass and plastic (think of those old flexible plastic sleds). As he crossed the Boulderfield, Michael had to crawl on his belly and drag his legs behind him until the terrain steepened at the base of the North Face. Michael hauled himself up the north face of Longs Peak using only his arms! It was extraordinary. When he encountered snow, he used crampons, or metal spikes on his hands to grip into the ice."

Talk about INSPIRING!!!!!!!!  Thank you community, friends, strangers, 

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