Puppy Arlo Dragged by a Truck Need Emergency Care

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Puppy Arlo Dragged by a Truck Need Emergency Care (Puppy ARLO)
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The Story

Arlo is a six month old puppy who was tied to a truck and dragged down a dirt road.

A Galveston County animal control officer responded to a call about a dog that had been dragged by a truck in unincorporated Santa Fe at approximately 6:00 p.m. November 4. When the animal control officer arrived to the scene, he found a 5-6 month old male Australian Cattle Dog suffering from deep wounds to the legs, chest and paws with muscle tissue and bones exposed in some areas.

A woman on scene told the animal control officer the dog had been temporarily tied to a parked truck earlier in the day. The woman says her father later left in the truck, dragging the dog approximately three-quarters of a mile down a dirt road. The dog was freed when its collar broke. The driver of the truck did not immediately return to the scene.

Arlo is is serious condition and in severe pain. 

He is currently at VERGI Animal Hospital were the goal is to get him stabilized and his pain under control.

Arlo is a beautiful puppy with a will to live. He is going to need x-rays to determine if there is any broken bones. He will need weeks of difficult wound care.

Arlo didn't deserve to be tortured by dragging. Whether it was intended or accidental Arlo is still in serious trouble and we need your help to give him the best medical care he deserves. 

Houston K-911 Rescue is a 501(c)(3) charity. Your donations are tax deductible. 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on November 14, 2016

Posted on November 14, 2016

The fine folks at Texas A&M Veterinary Hospital have nothing but praise for our sweet Arlo. They tell us that he has a grateful attitude like he knows that he is being helped.
They also feel very hopeful with his recovery and say that it is on track.

Every day he is put under anesthesia, unwrapped and his wounds are cleaned and debrided. Dead tissue is clipped away to make way for healthy tissue to grow. It is only when they have a good foundation of tissue... can he be considered ready for skin graft surgery.

Arlo's round the clock care is what he needs but it is also going to cost an astronomical amount.
Please donate and share.

Posted on November 10, 2016

Posted on November 10, 2016

Arlo was transported to Texas A&M Veterinarian Hospital this afternoon. He seems to be feeling better however his medical needs are quite extensive. The soft tissue surgeon had Arlo sedated so he could be examined. As we were anticipating, Arlo will need surgery for skin grafts to promote his healing. While his wounds are getting better, the severity and large areas of his body affected means that he will only get better through skin graph surgery. This is expected to take several weeks with an abundance of medical supplies needed. 

Arlo has been an exceptional patient. Remember, he is only a 6 month old puppy with a desire to play and run yet he is subjected to painful treatments and long bouts of immobility. He needs us now and he deserves the best quality of care to help him through this horrendous experience in his young life. 

Arlo will come out of this and we will support him with your help. Please donate and share for little Arlo. 

Posted on November 8, 2016

Posted on November 8, 2016

Houston K-911 Rescue would like to thank everyone for your heartfelt prayers and generous donations for sweet Arlo. We sincerely appreciate the support in helping the innocent and helpless animals who are in desperate need.

Today Arlo greeted me with a slow wag of his tail. It was a happy and hopeful surprise to see. It made me tear up to see him so vunerable yet so accepting of his condition
He's being a good little patient.

Arlo has had his second bandage change and his wounds are pink and granulating. This is great news. His xrays show a possible digit fracture on one of his hide feet but really, that is the least of his worries.

He continues to be on a pain med drip and he is receiving a hunger stimulate so he will eat something. He was offered a dish of diced chicken which he sniffed at but didn't eat. The tech determined that Arlo probably wanted it warmed up and sure enough he eat a little bit after the food was warmed. It's all good baby Arlo. You want it warmed, it will be warmed.

The next phase of his healing process will begin with a trip to Texas A&M Veterinary Hospital where Arlo will be seem by a soft tissue specialist. If surgery is needed it will have to be determined rather quickly. He'll be headed there on Wednesday.

Right now he is resting at Vergi 24/7. Katie Wing is on her way to visit him and bring him a temprapedic bed for tonight for a more comfortable sleep.

Please continue to pray for Arlo. He is still in very bad shape and the constant care is critical to his healing.

He has a long way to go with many weeks of treatment and specialized wound care.

Donations are greatly appreciated and NEEDED.


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Puppy Arlo Dragged by a Truck Need Emergency Care

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