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The Story

Earthship Biotecture sanctioned project. For english, please scroll down!

Wir, die Earthship Crew Cologne, wollen das erste autarke Gebäude gemäß dem Earthship-Prinzip in Deutschland bauen. Das Projekt ist von Earthship Biotecture genehmigt.

In Kooperation mit Earthship Biotecture, der Gesamtschule Holweide in Köln und Freiwilligen aus der ganzen Welt werden wir vom 15. April 2015 bis etwa Ende Mai 2015 den Bau des Earthships in der Rheinmetropole Köln umsetzen.

Das Ziel des Projektes ist es Wege von nachhaltigen Wohnmöglichkeiten für die Zukunft aufzuzeigen und das Umweltbewusstsein, vor allem unter jungen Menschen, zu wecken.
Konkret wird ein simpel survival model auf dem Schulgelände der Gesamtschule Holweide gebaut. Nachdem das Earthship fertiggestellt ist, wird es zukünftig als Lernstätte für die Schüler genutzt.

Mit Hilfe dieses Modells wird ein naturwissenschaftlicher Erlebnis-Unterricht möglich, bei dem die Themen “natürliche Ressourcen” und “autarkes Leben” sehr praxisnah behandelt werden können.

Helfen Sie und unterstützten Sie uns diesen Traum von einer umweltbewussteren Welt wahr werden zu lassen und spenden Sie! Die Spenden werden genutzt um die Material-, Werkzeug- und Logistikkosten unseres Projektes zu finanzieren.


Förderverein der Gesamtschule Holweide
Referenz: Earthship

We, the EarthshipCrewCologne want to build the first self sustainable building according to the Earthship principle in Germany, Cologne.
In coorperation with Earthship Biotecture, the comprehensive school Holweide and volunteers from around the world, we will be building from the 15 of April until approx. the end of May.

The goal of our project is to  illustrate ways of sustainable housing for the future and raise environmental awareness, especially among young people.
A Simple Survival Earthship Model will be build on the school ground of the comprehensive school Holweide.
After finishing the buillding the Earthship will be used as an educational recourse to demonstrate self sustainable living and show how to use natural resources more consciously.

Help us and support our dream of enhancing our planet by donating now!
The money that will be raised will be used to cover the expenses on material, tool and logistic costs in order to realize this project and make our dream come true.
Thank You for your help!!!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 26, 2015

Posted on April 26, 2015

Greetings Readers,

We come to you transparent: together as a family of doers, we share and work in unison to birth a new world of collaborative transformation. From now until the end, our presence is premiered for the whole of our community to bare witness to our feats, to our successes, to our failures and confusions. Our truth is proof found through the lessons of our failures, for we yield with courage and persist to uncover what better truth may create a future of sustainability.

In the streets of Cologne, Germany:

Whether it's marching bands in the streets or parades of motorized scooters, the “petit sledgehammer” lives in all of us. Tunneling deep into energy reserves, we channel what we must; resounding for as long as our energy might sustain until our building day completes. The days are long and the evenings short, but we collect to create and slumber to awake and repeat our cycle until the goal is achieved: One “Simple Survival Double Greenhouse Earthship ” upon the land of a school where the hope of students collecting for eras to come to learn of how we might evolve the way we live.

Here in Cologne it is rich in a vibe unfamiliar to those of the country; it is a city of industry, industrial, metallic-progressive, full of urban landscapes. Still there are parks of nature reclaiming the land of industry's stamp; a green oasis of lush fauna and calming ponds with fountains to ease the city dweller. Amongst those residences came us: We travelers from around the world journeyed far and wide to be a part of a larger picture; something we see in the not so far distant future. The future is closer than we imagine, built with the actions of dreamers like we Earthship builders. We ache in our bodies; both from the might of our swings pounding flesh of the earth into tires and our hopes for the chance, the beginning, of yielding the course of our planet toward a promise of longevity, sustainability, evolution. Here today, gone tomorrow: no longer a phrase worth summoning near, for we are a group of seekers aiming to instill ever yet a routine of consistent retrieval of logic in nature; a cycle of balance, of integration where creation and the natural fuse together manifesting good intentions into being. Day after day we return. Night after night we ache with a smile on our face. Build after build we create the bigger picture. Within just a few weeks we leave our mark of a possibility: an exhibition on how one might evolve what form of logic we have grown to possess in this convoluted world of political and economical hierarchies.

Together we stand united in hope. The strength of our wit paired with the might of our hands, we come together, we grow, we build. The future is now, today, and we are persistent in taking our initiative directly into action. Join in our celebration; share in each other's knowledge; express yourself honestly, openly; and continue to grow let fuse a logic with nature together in balance for a world for our families for generations to come.

Posted on April 26, 2015

Posted on April 26, 2015

We finished the first week of the Built!

a Blog for further updates is coming soon...please check out the photos to see our progress!

Thank you all so much for your support so far! 

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