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The Story

Current Mission: To dispatch PTG Taskforce Agents to the following #PTGcasefiles /// :

#8files (North Charleston: Combating the URA Act of 1970 in 8 major black neighborhoods.) / #obobo (Mosquito Beach: Preserving the marsh and beachfront of the only historically black owned beach. / #powertopuertorico (Puerto Rico: Relieving disaster sites and implementing logistics for the cultural diaspora. / #localpulseji (Johns Island: Reserving the last public access to water in the Johns Island region.) Follow our twitter feed @PTGtaskforce for more info. 

We are a Preservation Task Force based in Charleston, South Carolina, focused on preserving the historical, economical, and ecological legacy of the Gullah culture, and providing opportunities for progression to all of its people, neighbors, and supporters.

Our Mission

  • Raise awareness of the historical and ecological relevance of the Gullah Geechee Diaspora
  • Advocate sustainability, through both progressive and traditional techniques
  • Support and empower the community, promoting the idea of celebrating our independent cultures while also coming together to share and learn from each other.
  • Provide a professional Task Force to Natural Disasters.

What is the importance of the Gullah Geechee?
The Gullah Geechee has deep historical roots in not only Charleston, but the United States also: the land was given to freed slaves after the Civil War, and was passed down through their families for well over 100 years. Unfortunately, these roots have been pushed to the side and forgotten, which is unfortunate and unforgivable. As one of the few heir/privately owned waterfront properties left in this rapidly growing city, it's essential that we protect this area. Between decades of natural disasters, low priority of the local government, declining socioeconomic status, and labeling by the local media, areas within this diaspora are long overdue for some care and attention. 

Our Goals

  • Land Beautification - beach cleanups, filtering contaminated areas
  • Community Revitalization - launch a trade school and/or cultural center, provide co-working and venue spaces, create revolving schedule of uplifting experiences (from music events to youth programs)
  • Natural Disaster Task Force - PTG Taskforce will provide resources to natural disaster victims all over the world. 

Within PTG, we are on a mission to create new avenues for community and economical growth in the Geechee/Gullah Corridor and culture. We want to bring all of the elements together that have been missing for so long. It is applauding leadership and entrepreneurship, honoring the historic past, teaching empowerment and sustainability, and offering economic opportunities that we try to rise above the status quo that many have settled for before us.

In summary,
our projects seek to create positive change in all aspects of our community, including (but not limited to): disaster relief, ecological rehabilitation, economic rejuvenation, cultural preservation, & youth empowerment.


Important Milestones & Events (2015 - current)

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on July 17, 2017


Posted on July 17, 2017

Geechee Gala: An Archival Fundraiser

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to show their support at our first fundraising event! It was wonderful to see so many faces, all dedicated to working together to preserve this beautiful culture. We hope that you enjoyed the art, food, and music, that you learned something new about the Gullah culture, and that you made some new friends!

**A very special thank you goes out to Todd and Jacara Chas (CharlestonGOOD). This would not have been possible without you -- the world needs more families like yours. We love you so very much!**

We will continue to push forward in this journey, and with you all by our side we know that any goal is possible! Stay tuned for more updates, and don't forget to 'like' our facebook page to stay in the loop!


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