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PNW DMR Repeater and Network Fund for Growth and Maintenance (PNW DMR Network)
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The Story

Pacific Northwest DMR is growing repeaters rapidly.  As each repeater installation costs approximately $5,000 each.  So we are looking for help from our members or other benefactors to assist in the overall growth effort.  Some installations can be as little as about $3,000 but other commercial sites can be upwards of $6,000.  One of our goals is to provide continuous I-5 freeway corridor coverage in all of Oregon and Washington.  We are about 80% complete at this point.

Almost all the costs for equipment, sites, Internet and maintenance is born by 3-4 individual members up to this point.  It appears that these guys will be slowing down in the near future and hence our modest effort to enlist our members to offset this lopsided effort to maintain and grow our network infrastructure.

Our most recent Washington repeater was Scott Mtn with Gold Mtn and Capital peak as our next 2 inline this summer (2016).  Oregon group has recently installed 6 repeaters with 2 more this summer (2016).

Your donation can be earmarked for your local repeater owner, regional administrator or the the networking efforts provided by the c-Bridge networking services.  If you don't designate a particular repeater or administrator, we will use our best judgement or apportion the funds between several beneficiaries.

We currently have 10 repeaters in Washington and 6 repeaters in Oregon with immediate plans and some equipment for 2 more in each state during this summer (2016).  So we have an immediate and ongoing need for your assistance.

Sometimes our users are interested in other ways than direct monetary contributions to assist us in our growth.  If you have equipment, services or some specialty that you can and wish to make available, please Email us at [email protected]  Our website is: PNWDMR.Net

NOTE: this site, YOUCARING does not charge for their fundraising services though they solicite a tip of under 1%.  There is a charge card fee of about 3% or 1% if using ACH (your checking account) taken by WePay from the donation by the time it reaches PNW DMR will net just under 97% to 99% of your donation.  This is far better than most of the more famous fundraising sites and is why we are here and will move our other DMR related campaign here at some point in the future.  You may also contribute directly if you wish; just Email US

We thank you for your interest.  Mike Shirley, NO7RF, a repeater and cBridge owner, Winthrop WA

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on June 12, 2017

Posted on June 12, 2017

Just a quick update as a recent donation via YouCaring provided a memory jog to get back over here.  Our updates are primarily to our web page at rather than here.

We are up to 28 repeaters on the PNW network and with 3 more repeaters affiliated but on different c-Bridges.

PNW DMR now has the I-5 travel corridor in Washington covered from stateline to stateline largely due to Rob's (AF7PR) efforts.  Oregon has about 2/3rds of I-5 covered in their state.  We also have much of Western British Columbia and a few hundred miles of I-5 in California via our affiliated repeaters and c-Bridges.  This is a great accomplishment that benefits most of the PNW users as well as travelers and visitors to the Pacific Northwest.

We are exploring the I-90 corridor which has already been placed on the map due to the efforts of the Spokane and Coeur d'Alene groups.  We expect much of our additional growth to be due to individual or club efforts, outside of what the major contributors have already provided to the network.

There are the significant ongoing costs to keep the repeaters at their sites, the Internet and networking overhead and well many other odds n ends.  So the contributions are always appreciated and collectively could well provide much of the regular bills well after the installations.  Thank you for your efforts!  -- Mike, NO7RF

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