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A Pip of Joy Needs Your Help (Pip the dog (Powers))
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The Story

Pip, my adopted Japanese Chin, and I need help in covering his care and treatment for two life-threatening medical conditions.

My dilemma is that currently I cannot cover Pip's expenses because I am unable to work.  This is our story...

A few years ago, Pip's typical jauntiness and energy started to fade.

A specialized veterinarian diagnosed him with one, then another, life-threatening medical conditions. Through lots of vet visits, special medicines, learning how to adapt my care for him, and Pip's persistence, we eventually got Pip's health to stabilize. Today, Pip's energy has returned and he's living the regular life of a dog.

I feel it is a miracle that Pip is here today and doing so well. At one point, when things could have gone either way, the vet and I agreed that we would put Pip down if his situation worsened. We did not want him to deal with unnecessary pain or suffering.

But Pip persisted. I think he relishes life so much, that he thought, "The world can't do without A Pip of Joy!"

In order to maintain his health, Pip needs daily medicines, visits to his specialized as well as regular vet, periodic specialized medical tests, as well as special food.

Each day, I give Pip his various medicines and use extra vigilance, as well. I monitor his energy and stress levels for his Addision's Disease (his body is not producing the hormone needed to deal with stress). I also carry him up and down stairs, don't allow him to jump off and on things, and am mindful of the surfaces we walk on, so as not to exacerbate his formerly severe (and life-threatening at the time) back and neck issues.

Pip continues to do well but covering his expenses became a dilemma for me because of my health issues.

A few years ago, my own chronic medical condition became debilitating. I became disabled and unable to return to work. I have been under medical treatment ever since. I am working hard on getting better and hope one day to be able to do part-time work.

Pip is my family. He is such great company and adds so much laughter and delight to my life.  I couldn't imagine not being able to take care of him. 

Friends who knew how much Pip meant to me came up with a great solution: launching an online fundraiser. So I did, over a year ago, and people generously stepped up to cover Pip's care.  It was a tremendous community effort and Pip's continued health is a testament to the difference it made for him (and for me). I am so grateful,  including because Pip is also my emotional support animal.

Pip's conditions are chronic and he'll always need specialized treatment, medicine and food in order to stay healthy. The donations from our previous fundraiser were able to cover Pip's bills through the end of 2017.

That's why I'm reaching out here and doing this fundraiser. Pip brings a lot of joy not only to my life but to the life of everyone he meets.

Thank you for reading our story. I appreciate any support you can offer to help keep Pip healthy and spreading his canine joy.

With gratitude, Helene and Pip      #pipneedsyourhelp

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on February 23, 2018


Posted on February 23, 2018

This is how your donations help Pip: the numbers and beyond.

We're excited to let you know that recent donations have brought this campaign up to 10% of our goal! Thank you!

Here's a snapshot of how this YouCaring campaign works. Yesterday, I sat down with Pip's bills. The donations we've received so far will cover his biggest bill in January. 

We are so grateful for your help with that! Both in paying off his bill and in giving us a sense of support with your involvement in this campaign.

Next up for us to pay are two bills for some his medicines, totaling $160. The good news is that each of those prescriptions lasts for several months.

Then in early March, Pip has a 3-month follow-up visit with his specialist vet. She'll check his back and neck, and also do the periodic bloodwork that helps her monitor Pip's  Addison's Disease.

He is also due for some vaccines, which his vet spaces out based on the needs involved with keeping his major issues stable.

The good news is that Pip's specialized vet has figured out what he needs--his health is stable and he is active.

The challenging news is how to keep up with paying Pip's bills as I work hard to heal enough from my own disabling medical condition so I can return to some part-time work. 

This type of campaign makes all the difference for Pip and me. It can be hard to express while also struggling with the feeling that I should be able to do this on my own.

I am grateful that friends suggested I reach out for help like this. I am grateful for your help. Pip means the world to me...and you're helping me to keep  him healthy and happy and enjoying his precious life.

With deep, deep gratitude,

Helene and Pip

Posted on February 19, 2018


Posted on February 19, 2018

First of all, we want to thank folks for your donations. You've given our campaign an official-feeling start. Merci Beaucoup (thank you)!

Also, this YouCaring site makes it easy for folks to share the campaign with your Facebook friends. 

When you do that, it widens the circle of folks who know Pip's story.  That broadens the number of folks who may be able to contribute. That in turn makes it easier for everyone because every little bit helps and it all adds up.  During these tough financial times, it really proves how many small acts of kindness add up to making a huge difference for little Pip!

Our featured photo today is a favorite, with its caption of "When you're a Prince, every chair is a throne." Over the years, I've created a series of cards featuring Pip. They're fun to use when I write to friends and they bring a lot of  laughter when I display them at craft fairs.

Thanks again and enjoy your own throne, however humble it may be.

Posted on February 8, 2018


Posted on February 8, 2018

Somewhere along the years, Pip started collecting more names and titles: The Prince, His Majesty, Prince Pip, A Pip of Joy, The Pipster...

When he sits in my glider rocker--or anywhere for that matter--it becomes clear why he's also called His Royal Highness. Can't you see that regal look?

The poor little guy didn't look as regal several years ago, when his chronic medical conditions began. He lost weight, fur and muscle mass along with his delightful joie de vivre.

But he persisted, through the vet visits and meds, through having to be carried around so his neck and back could heal, through all the various treatments that helped him regain his health. 

So I think we'll add another title to his collection: Pip the Persister. He may be a little guy but he's also a fighter. I sense he enjoys life so much, he wanted to get well and back to his routines: sleeping, walking, eating, being admired, taking a drive, supervising all that I do. You know, truly living the life a dog is meant to live!

Thanks for reading our story and helping in any way you can so that Pip can  persist with his reclaimed health.

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