Honoring Wellington's Life & Helping Cover His Medical Care

For: Pina De Rosa and Wellington
Los Angeles, CA
Organizer: Jaime Myers
Honoring Wellington's Life & Helping Cover His Medical Care (Pina De Rosa and Wellington)
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The Story

Hello, My name is Jaime Myers and I've been friends with Pina since 2001 and worked with her for 7 years.

With a heavy heart and deep gratitude for having Pina and Wellington in my life, I'm posting this campaign to both share the news of Wellington's passing as well as support Pina in carrying on their legacy.  

If you know Pina, you know she is always the one who prefers being there for people and supporting and contributing to those around her and would never feel comfortable initiating a request for help and support. 

And if you know Pina, you also knew Wellington, her fur baby, best friend, protector, side kick on so many projects and her rock.  

For Pina and so many, Wellington wasn't just a dog, he was a life mate, friend and inspiration.  

For me, being around Wellington always made me feel that everything would be ok, and the world can surely use that, especially these days.

Just as any of us would do for our children, Pina did everything she could to care for Wellington when he was diagnosed with cancer and got the best possible treatments and doctors.

In situations like these, people ask if there’s anything they can do to help.

This YouCaring campaign was created to help provide for Wellington's $20000+ medical care, and to give those of you who are saddened by his loss and impacted by his life, an opportunity to contribute to the carrying on of his purpose and legacy, through projects such as #MissionWellington.  

Pina would never ask for this and is super uncomfortable with me sharing this. 

It is my honor to support her during this very difficult time.  

Words from Pina...

While I always knew this day would come, the way this happened, and the emotional whiplash that came with it, have made this a heartbreak like no other. I have been feeling lost, disconnected from my purpose, heartbroken beyond words and miss my boy with my soul 😔💔 

Wellington was not only a wonderfully beloved service animal, he was the only furry child I ever had, my only family member in 6000 miles - it felt like my immediate family got decimated overnight. 

He was there ALL the time. Some of my greatest joys and deepest heartbreaks, with him -he helped me heal from being raped, which I had never talked about, which led me to doing my first TEDx and sharing it and then I wrote and published my first book, which got me to start speaking on campus on sexual assault prevention.

He *literally* shifted my heart AND my career - my best bud and deepest constant connection with unconditional love, gone…  He brought so many smiles to so many strangers who, for him, were instant friends.  

I am aware he made a difference in so many lives, I am so very thankful for that and for the people who got to meet him.

I am most sad about the idea of all the people who won’t know him, so through his @LifeAccordingToWellington Instagram I created #MissionWellington & www.TreatsForPups.com to provide food and blankets for the many pups living in the streets of L.A. with their homeless owners. Wellington & I used to do together during the holidays. I do it monthly now. It is a way for his spirit to be known even by those who never met him, and a way for me to heal.

I also realize what will help me heal through this experience is to be supported instead of trying to do this alone.  

Thank you, so much, to each and every person who has touched my life and who loved and cared for Wellington so deeply. He wasn't really my pup, he was everyone's pup, with pieces of his spirit in people's hearts all over the world.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on January 30, 2018


Posted on January 30, 2018

Every time I thought to share an update here, I was still too wobbly to write which made me realize I needed to remain focused on healing.

Today is my birthday and I wish to thank each of you, from my heart.

Over the past few months, aside from going through grief counseling sessions, and aside from growing #MissionWellington and his www.TreatsForPups.com, I was also accepted in the only US pet-bereavement counseling certification. I have chosen to partake in this intensive program as a way to A) understand how come I unraveled so deeply when Welly suddenly passed and B) to see how I might be of service to others who may be feeling the same depth of pain. 

With over 180M cats and dogs in the US, I realized that over half the population of our country is grieving at any given time, and I felt compelled to do something.

This training as a pet bereavement counselor has been healing and eye-opening in its own way, especially with the understanding of why I miss my boy with my soul. I get that though I miss Wellington beyond words, every time I tear up, those are healing tears.

Today’s birthday was my first one without Welly, and I made no plans other than to thank you each.

It still feels all a bit surreal, especially as Wellington’s birthday would have been this past Wednesday, and the 6 months of his passing was just 2 days ago… 🐾🌈🙏🏻♥️

🐕Wednesday Jan 24, as a way to celebrate his birthday, and as a way to honor his legacy with inspired-action. I went to skidrow (amongst the poorest streets of L.A.) to give out food and blankets to the pups living in the streets with their homeless owners. I thank you so much for making this possible. Those of you on Instagram can see some short videos with those loving street-pups in the “Highlights” of www.Instagram.com/LifeAccordingToWellington. 

This past Wednesday Jan 24, my heart also felt heavy as I was remembering what Wellington & I did for his birthday last year - the entire month of January we did a random act of kindness, daily, and ON his actual birthday, we went to Dog Beach. It was a long 1hr drive for just 10 minutes of play in the sunset and I wondered why I drove so much that day… In hindsight I am so very thankful I did.

As I was leaving skidrow after taking care of the pups of the homeless on Wednesday, I realized it was the same time I was arriving at Dog Beach for his birthday sunset the year before…

On his birthday, I also went for the very frist time to the downtown dog shelter: my foster application was accepted that day, how sweetly serendipitous. Then on Saturday (the 6 months of his sudden passing), the downtown dog shelter sent me home with a pup who had been at the shelter since November!! He is scared, anxious and his spirit is deeply wounded. He is a stray who needs a peaceful home for a few weeks so that he can learn to trust again. His confidence will return with gentle patience, and the hope that he can be eventually adopted into a good home.

While I would do anything to be able to hug Wellington again, I hope to make him (and you) proud with the growth of our #MissionWellington and his www.TreatsForPups.com  ~ Thank you from my heart for your your loving generosity and your most kind spirit. 

Wishing you and your loved ones a peaceful 2018.

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Honoring Wellington's Life & Helping Cover His Medical Care

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