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The Story

Fort Worth, TX Shelter Rescue ~ Evie

**Please click the UPDATES tab for the latest information on Evie's condition**
URGENT 911 ~ Evie

Fort Worth, TX Shelter Rescue

Stuffed Into A Sealed Plastic Tub And Thrown Into A Dumpster

Evie Needs YOUR HELP!

This fundraiser has been organized to aid expenses for both immediate and ongoing care and treatment of our most recent rescue angel who came to us from the Fort Worth, TX shelter on 11.15.13.

Anyone wishing to assist in our efforts to get this little one on her way to a healthy new life is welcome and encouraged to send up a donation and share this page wherever you can.

We really don't have a lot of information at this point, as we only received Evie from the Fort Worth shelter this afternoon and her condition is still very fragile.

She was found inside an apartment complex dumpster - stuffed into a sealed plastic tub.  Seizing, dehydrated and presenting with a myriad of severe neurological symptoms.  ("swimming", miotic pupils, non-responsive and with a significant fever of 105).

Tossed away like garbage ~ left to die an agonizing, terror-filled death.

*it is obvious that Evie has recently given birth - though there was no sign of puppies in the area (who would be at least several weeks old by now judging by her body condition)*

Evie was rushed to the ER hospital where she remains tonight - in critical condition, receiving supportive care, seizure management and is under 'round the clock observation in ICU.

(the bells around her neck just serve as an added measure of observation and alert to seizure activity)

The cost of Evie's care will exceed 1500.00 for this one night alone.  If the doctors are able to stabilize her, she will require continued hospitalization and treatment over several days.

I am setting Evie's fundraiser goal here to 4500.00 - which will obviously be amended accordingly as we progress with her care.

Evie's case is one of great concern - as we've no idea what extent of damage to the brain she may have sustained due to the lack of oxygen and extreme body temperature.

We are counting on all of you for your support as we work together to bring this little mommy to a comfortable healing and a blessed forever! ♥

As always, we appreciate each and every one of you for your never-ending love and support in aiding our mission to "help heal the homeless"! ♥

Regular updates, photos and additional treatment details will be shared routinely over on our Facebook Page.

(Evie's shelter photo)

Follow Evie's  progress on our Facebook Page

**Please note - that we are not a 501c(3) rescue organization and your donations to our plight are not tax deductible.  We provide for these little ones in the same way that we have always cared for Emma - dependent upon the private donations of generous friends, family, businesses, individuals - and out of our own pockets.  We are limited on both space and funding - as well as physical ability - so we are able to take in and provide for only a limited number of pets at any given time - determined on a "case by case" basis.**

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on November 28, 2013

Posted on November 28, 2013

See our latest video addition here on the page for today's video update of our little Thanksgiving Blessing. ♥

Posted on November 28, 2013

Posted on November 28, 2013

Evie - continued improvement - you all know that she can SEE and her vision (while noted previously, seems to "come and go" - has stayed strong). I have zero information on what's going on with the "legal aspect" of her case - other than it is in the hands of the Fort Worth PD - so any inquiries would need to be directed there.
As posted previously, the story as to how Evie was found is changing. I'm told that she wasn't found "inside a plastic bin and thrown into a dumpster" at all.... now it's said that she "was found curled up inside a mop bucket atop a pile of trash on the curb". 
So - the reality of what happened to Evie - I don't know... 

Posted on November 25, 2013

Posted on November 25, 2013

Evie.... wow..... nothing is gonna' keep this little one down...
Evie sleeps in a playpen at the foot of our bed. (just like Nadia did)
In the wee hours of the morning I hear scratching / scraping - and think "Oh Lord, she's seizing"........ nope... she's up on her hind legs against the wall of the playpen - peeking up over the edge.
I literally "laughed out loud"- then quietly laid back down to see what she'd do.
Minutes later, she had wiggled herself up over the side of the playpen, on to the bed - and had vigorously wedged herself right between Kylie and I - where she flipped herself over on her back, fell soundly to sleep with both paws high over her head - touching my cheek.
OMG - "that was card-worthy"... ♥

PS - Evie can SEE!!

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