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The Story

Contact Info for any questions directly to Tyler Nasise: [email protected]

FACEBOOK PAGE: www.facebook.com/HelpNeededForPitbullsPotbellyPigs

**The purpose of this fundraiser is not to enrich myself by any means. The goal is a safe place for the animals in my care & a long term goal of creating space for other animals in need whether it be dogs or farm animals. Purchasing a property would allow me to do this so they will never be displaced.

**Thank you in advance for considering my plea. If 300 people donate $100 or 600 people donate $50 that would reach the goal for the property I have identified that would be a secure placement. BUT no amount is too small. Please consider helping me to help my family of pets......Tyler Nasise***

Almost 2 years ago I relocated to Texas from San Diego, CA. My company relocated so rather than taking a voluntary lay off & being unemployed I chose to relocate with the company & take a substantial pay cut. I have been gainfully employed with the company for 6 years & prior to accepting the position I was employed for several years with another company. I moved here with my 5 dogs to a great home in Devine, TX where I have leased the property for nearly 2 years & was agreed verbally that it would not be sold for some time. I invested over $4,000 ( all of my savngs ) in fencing and other necessities to make it a safe place for my animals & the animals that I have rescued since being in Texas. I was left some money when my mom passed away, I donated a large portion to other rescues and animals in need as well as using it for my own animals... I was told last month by the landlord that she wants to sale the property & my lease expires on July 1st 2013, not leaving much time to find something for my animals & myself. I have always paid my rent on time & have never been late & the sudden urgency to sale the house is beyond my control.

I am not eligible for a USDA loan or any grants. I make too much as the government sees it & my bill to debt ratio is not high enough to qualify on my own for a home loan which is why 20-30% is needed down would, making the mortgage/insurance & tax on a manufactured home/land about $800 a month which I can easily pay.**

I have been trying every thing to find something to no avail. I live, work & breathe for the animals in my care. I, myself, live on bare necessities to take care of them.I could live in a shack somewhere but I have 5 dogs of my own, 2 foster dogs, 3 potbelly pigs & a foster potbelly pig & some with special needs.

My last ditch effort is to try to get the funding needed for a down payment--20-30% to purchase property that has no zoning, restrictions or HOA. I have checked houses for lease & no lifestock allowed or livestock permitted except for hogs/swine. I have several real estate agents looking for lease options. Check multiple online websites daily & to no avail. I have 7 *bully breed* type dogs they too are being discriminated against.

I placed an article this week to try to rehome/adopt out 2 potbelly pigs & received an email that they would like to have them for free to bbq. I can not even begin to express how that made me feel. I immediately pulled the ad. It was a crushing blow..

The Dogs*********************************************************

Chance: rescued at 5 weeks old from a dumpster, sick & sarcoptic mange ( now almost 6 yrs old )--had two TTA surgeries in 2010.

Abby: rescued at 8 weeks old, found chained to a tree, starving, cold & sick. Multiple health issues by the time she was 2 yrs old. Including 2 TTA surgeries /metal plates in her knees by the time she was 1, severe hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis in her elbows, shoulders, all genetic issues. Had multiple treatments & stem cell transplant & October 2012 a severe bout of pancreatitis that ended up with her being in ICU and emergency medical 4 days. Abby is now 5 yrs old.

Smokey: rescued at 3 mos old from Kern County with severe acid burns--a year of treatment & medical rehabilitation due to injuries. CGC Certified through the AKC & Therapy Training. Smokey is now almost 4 years old

Dexter: Bait dog with scars & injuries rescued from EV shelter 4 years ago--now 12 yrs old.

Archie: Rescued from Baldwin Park AC at the age of 4 mos old, now almost 3 yrs old. Visually impaired & 100% deaf. Passed his CGC Certification.

Foster *Benny*: Found wandering the streets of Houston, TX with a broken hip. Agreed to take him in--had surgery, was adopted out but returned due to aggression. Currently unadoptable.

Foster *Milo*: 6 y/o Mastiff/Boxer mix rescued from Mesquite, TX shelter Feb 2013. 100% blind & some hearing loss, HW+ and is under heartworm treatment

The PotBelly Pigs****************************************************

Toby: Rescued 1 1/2 yrs ago before going to a research facility. He is visually impaired

Tulip: Rescued at 8 mos old, being starved ( her ribs showed ) & has resulted in numerous health issues. Severe arthritis in all her joints, blood infection & deformity in her front hooves/legs. Was adopted out August 2012 but returned because she bit the adopter & showed aggression--she was not happy being away from her *home*. I have adapted areas for Tulip due to her health issues to make it easier for her to get around, ramps, carpeted areas so she doesn't slip etc.

PennyLily: Rescued from a ranch as a baby

Paisley: Foster piglet--she was originally purchased by someone that lives in the city limits and pigs are not allowed so she had to be relinquished.

These are the animals/my family that are currently in my care.

I have rescued many dogs on California's Death Row from different shelters in Southern, CA & some from other states, NY, AZ that many turned their backs on because of medical issues, abuse issues etc. Since being in TX I have also rescued, fostered and rehabilitated numerous dogs, mostly strays & would continue to do so.

*** PHOTOS ARE OF MY OWN DOGS & PIGS & some of the few I have saved while in Texas, including goats which have been homed on a ranch as pets.**
A video of Dexters transformation from YouTube & other videos on my youtube channel**

From My Friend Veronica Fajvan

I'm writing this on behalf of my friend Tyler Nasise. Tyler is the one that is always helping to save the lives of the unwanted & unloved, the neglected & abused, those that people can no longer keep (or no longer want) & those that are set to be killed ... now Tyler & his 'family', (of seven grown dogs & four large pot bellied pigs), needs our help.

Most of his family have special needs ... he's taken them in close to death & nursed them back to health ... they've survived abuse, near death & even tornadoes together ... I know he would give up everything to save their life again ... & that's what he's doing now, by trying to find a safe place for them to live.

Since time is so short, less than seven weeks, there is not enough time to hold an auction. Therefore we are asking, if you are able to help this man save the lives of his family, please send a monetary donation ASAP. Donations must be received no later than June 15th 2013. No amount is to small.  

In the past, when one of his animals has needed extensive treatment or surgery, Tyler has had auctions & chip-in's to raise money for them. But, since this is not a 'medical' emergency this time, he didn't want to ask for donations. That's why I'm writing on his behalf, while it isn't a medical emergency, it is still an emergency.

Less than two years ago Tyler relocated from CA to TX (near San Antonio), because the company he works for relocated to TX, he had to go with them, or he would've had no job. So he packed up his five dogs & relocated to TX. He's been renting a house for the last two years & did a lot of work in the house & on the property, but now the owner needs to sell & he cannot afford to buy it. He has to be out by June 28th 2013. He now has seven dogs, (his five plus two fosters) ... six are pit bulls & one is a deaf & visually impared dane/boxer mix. Plus four large pot bellied pigs (all of which are rescues as well), one of them is nearly blind, even though he's only about 1-2 yrs old & another has multiple health issues. Most of the dogs (including a blind dog he's treating for heartworm), have special needs as well. Tyler has never given up on any of them.

Tyler has a huge heart & rescues these poor souls when everyone else has given up on them & they've been set to be killed. They are his family, he has no help with them.

He has pulled, fostered, nursed back to health & adopted out numerous 'death row' dogs. Now he needs help. Even during this difficult time, he continues to fight for the abused & neglected. His devotion to help those in need is never ending.

If you know of anyone that may be able to help him, please pass this message along ASAP & they can get in touch with me. He's running out of time fast, before they have nowhere to go.

Thank you in advance for your donations, time, help & prayers for my friend & his family. Veronica

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on May 15, 2013

Posted on May 15, 2013

There are several fundraisers going on to help try to raise the funds for the animals & keep them together as well as other donations.

Please keep sharing. You will be helping a lot of animals now & in the future with a safe place, never to be displaced...

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TX-Emergency Relocation Fund For Animals In Need & Rescuer

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