The Superhero Kittens! Five 3 Week Old Kittens Need Eye Surgery & Care!

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The Story

These sweet three week old kittens ended up at a kill shelter through no fault of their own. There's five of them - all orphans.

We've named them after blind superheroes! Psylocke(F), Dr. Midnight(F), Pieter Crows(M), Terry Quinn(M), and Matt Murdoch(M).

They have horrid eye infections, and three need to have what remains of their eyes removed. Since BBAWC is known for taking in 'difficult' bottle babies, ACC contacted us and we couldn't say no.

Three of the kittens suffered from such severe eye infections, that their eyes are forever destroyed and need to be removed. The remaining two may be able to save one of their eyes - the others are so infected and damaged that they will need surgery.

Blind cats are remarkable creatures, and thrive when they lose their eyes at a young age. We make sure they are fostered with friendly, young cats who are the same age, so they bond with a 'seeing eye friend'.

ACC called us because we've been known to take hard luck kitties (Bionics, Atlas, Junebug) who also require medical care. Especially when they arrive last minute. So they called after 6 and they had to be placed by 7 or were going to be euthanized. We accepted and then discovered that their eyes were ulcerated and several would likely require enucleations (eye removal). We agreed to go ahead and accept them. About 30 minutes later they called and said another 5 week old had arrived on her own and wasn't eating although she seemed relatively healthy. So we took her too.

From foster mom Anne (BBAWC Pres), "They were pretty gross when they arrived. Lots of puss and yuckiness (the medical term) coming from their eyes. I've moistened and tried to clean them up a bit. I gave them eye drops and antivirals and then I'll see what the doctor says tomorrow. Most likely their enucleations will occur when they are a bit older and at the same time as their spay/neuter. Its best if they are over 2 lbs to have surgery and once the eye is destroyed its an open source of infection so we want to remove it as soon as its safe for them."

Our little superheroes will need on-going vet care over the next several weeks. Any amount donated is devoted 100% to their care.

We will post updates so everyone can see their recovery! Stay tuned!

Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition is a 501(c)3 organization and all donations are tax deductible. Anything in excess of what is needed for The Superheroes will go directly to the care of our other cats and kittens!

Thank You
Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition
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Fundraiser Updates

Posted on May 31, 2013

Posted on May 31, 2013

Psylocke (the smallest and weakest) died today. While her infection responded to treatment, she didn't grow with her siblings. Our wonderful vets at Vinegar Hill did their best, but she faded away:(.
It looks like Dr. Midnight's eyes won't have to be removed but she has significant scaring and she definitely has limited vision. 
Pieter and her have moved into Mom Joni Mitchell's cage with her three kittens (Arlo, Pete and Carly) and Joni is being very welcoming and letting them nurse. 

The other kittens are thriving, but we will miss our tiny Super Hero.

Posted on May 28, 2013

Posted on May 28, 2013

Thank you so much for allowing us to reach the goal! Please follow our FaceBook page for further updates on the little Superheroes!

Posted on May 26, 2013

Posted on May 26, 2013

Update 5/23:

From their foster mom: "They are doing great. Everyone except Psylock is eating on their own. They have started playing as they are feeling much better. They mostly use a litter box - which is amazing at their age. Their eyes have improved so much! 

Psylocke and Pieter will both lose one eye. But their second eyes look pretty good. Also they will be pirates - getting eye removal (enucleation) surgery when they are 2-3 months old. Terry and Matt's eyes are looking wonderful. They will keep both eyes and have minimal scarring. 

Dr. Midnight is the only one whose eye status is still unknown. Her eyes are still swollen and I haven't been able to see how damaged the cornea's are. They are improving but much slower. I've gotten little peeks as I've been giving medication and they don't seem perforated. I think she can see a tiny bit but until the swelling goes down their status will remain uncertain."

Posted on May 23, 2013

Posted on May 23, 2013

The kittens are responding really well to the antibiotics! Matt Murdoch responded so well that we think both of his eyes may be saved! The others are doing much better - still 'crusty', but no more pus and leaky eyes!

Posted on May 17, 2013

Posted on May 17, 2013

More info about the kittens!

Terry Quinn - Tied with Matt for largest and healthiest. Two days of meds has really improved his eyes. His left eye was always gorgeous but the right one is peaking out now. The smartest one he is tired of being ill and ready to conquer the world. He's figured our how to eat on his own although he still likes to eat through the syringe.

Psylocke - She is the smallest - almost like she came from another litter but definitely a fighter. Her right eye will need to be removed eventually but her left one looks much improved. I'm stuffing her as much as I can so she puts on some weight.

Dr. Midnight - This is the second girl and second smallest of the bunch. Everyone is wet because I've just cleaned their eyes and fed them so wiped that up. Her eyes look like both may pull through with some scaring but they are still so swollen its hard to tell.

Matt Murdoch - Matt is the heftiest and most solid. Very good natured and sweet. His eyes are going to have some scaring but are already improving. He and Terry are the healthiest and most active. They are both starting to want to play and explore.

Pieter Crows - This little fighter was the sickest of the bunch. He was the only one with a high fever and his left eye is gone. It looked like his right eye may not have perforated but the swelling will have to come down much more before we will know for sure. He's feeling much better but still needs some more care.

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The Superhero Kittens! Five 3 Week Old Kittens Need Eye Surgery & Care!

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