Sweetest kitty, unknown illness. Needs your help.

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The Story

Skinky is a 15 year old stray kitty, whom I've had the pleasure of taking care of for most of her life.  She was an emaciated, tiny kitty with a wonky eye when she found me, but with incredible spirit.  She's been an extremely healthy kitty since then, even became a bit pudgy - how she loved food.  Skinky has gotten VERY ill within the last few weeks.  She has difficulty breathing.  One side of her face is swollen.  She is constipated and she has lost her appetite. I learned she may have diabetes,  and my current vet is suggesting a CT scan and a second opinion with a more "full service" animal hospital.  He thinks it could be cancer, an abcessed tooth or possibly something fungal related.  After $700.00 with three different vets, I'm no closer to a diagnosis. 

I've had to go on disability recently due to a complicated mobility problem and am trying to recover from a fasciotomy surgery on my leg from late November. I'm having a difficult time staying off of my leg, while trying to coax my little girl to eat and bring her (and myself) to various appointments.  If I'm not constantly trying to persuade my girl to eat and try to bring her food throughout the apartment - our bed, the bathroom, the kitchen - every place has a little bowl in case she feels compelled to have a few bites - I fear she would eat absolutely nothing.  But as a result, my recovery from my own surgery has been less than stellar.

We would appreciate any donations to help Skinky with diagnostics - or even for the very expensive office visits for private Manhattan vets, which typically range from $85.00 to $195.00 for top diagnosticians. 

It breaks my heart to hear her wheezing and see her sad face look up at me.  This girl had such a fighting spirit when I found her and I know she still has that "fight" in her - she just needs another veterinary opinion and some diagnostics. 

Thank you so much,

Laura and Skinky

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on February 12, 2015

Posted on February 12, 2015

I"m having a really bad day with her today.  I'm drained.  SO much work, so much emotional investment.  How I wish she could talk to me. I come to this point in our "circle" often.  I feed her the carb heavy AD to get food in her.  It helps for a few days and then it's too much I think for her. Bad for her glucose, especially now that she's taking a steroid. I deviate with something that is more protein, lower carb.  Her poor tummy gets upset at different stages, it actually puffs out.  Some vets have said it's her swallowing air.  Last vet thought maybe she has some pancreatic issues.  Another vet said she has thickened intestines.  How to make her comfortable?  Oh yes, not feed her.  She seems happier when I back off from the food, but then I don't think I can give her the insulin she needs to potentially regulate her body.  And last night/today her respiratory system is all blocked up. again, maybe if her diabetes was more regulated she would be better equipped to fight off this respiratory infection.  she's on my bed now (her bed actually) resting with a little water bowl next to her.  now that i'm not chasing her with syringes of food, she purrs when I approach her.  Yesterday when I was determined to get a good can of food into her by the end of the day, she was hiding under the ottoman from me. I loved it when she went to the vets and was stimulated by the environment and went "exploring".  I don't think she's really ready to go just yet but for the life of me I just don't know how to get to a "balance" with her health.  Humane Society thought she was a goner early december, potentially a "fast moving cancer", but I think it would've done her in by now.

I'm very sad and drained right now.  I wish I could give her more.  Of everything. If it was a little warmer out I'd like to buy a little jacket for her and sneak her outside in my building, but I fear the cold isn't so good for a sick kitty.  A 12x16 studio just doesn't provide a lot of stimulation for kitty.  She takes these VERY deep sighs, especially after I syringe her a little bit of food.  She got an antibiotic shot today, hopefully that will help her breathing a bit more.  It's also hard to not pay such attention to her, given our apartment size and that I'm home a lot unless I'm at doctor's appointments.  Maybe I'm just obsessing too much. 

Please keep the prayer circles going... :)
Thank you all.

Posted on February 9, 2015

Posted on February 9, 2015

I really like this Manhattan Cat Specialist vet.  She doesn't write off my kitty...you know, by like calling her "a very sick old lady" like the oncologist did.  Skinky DID gain weight.  She jumped off the very high examining table and wandered around the room(s), showing a great deal of curiousity.  This vet thought she even blinked her (bad) eye or tried to.  Not sure that I've seen that, but I'll take it. The vet understands where I'm coming from...THIS is not the behavior of at cat that is ready or asking to be put to sleep. 

I bought a bottle of liquid cerenia to inject, as well as a big bottle of dexamethasone, subq's infused with potassium, artificial tears ointment, B12 shot, a shot of convenia to give her in a few days, and a TON of needles.  Her BG was taken too, it was about 265, not bad considering I haven't been giving her insulin lately.  The only reason is that I haven't been able to get food into her and would rather have her BG high than risk hypoglycemia.  Still, the 265 was before the steroid shot, so I'm sure it went higher after the steroid shot.

I really don't know what to do with this kitty. I'm not pushing the fundraising as I would need 4600 more for what the Animal Medical Center proposes to do, and I just don't see that happening...not to mention what the treatment would cost - chemo or radiology.  And then there are the prospects for a nearly 16 year old kitty after chemo.  I have about a couple hundred left from the fundraiser - Thank you!  The vet suggested another oncologist that she knows at Blue Pearl who she suggested I see. She also suggested another cancer drug, Palladia, but doesn't want to give it w/o the oncologist approving.  So tomorrow I contact the AMC oncologist and see if she will 'ok' us using this drug, and then I can start Skinky on it. I hope she works with us.  The issue is that we haven't gone through the CT scan/biopsy to definitely confirm cancer, so the oncologist might not approve us using the Palladia.

So we are back to syringing with Hills AD, now infused with immune boosting supplements I got for her (Celluquent, Transfer Factor, Llysine and something called Life Gold). And the DCA.  I'm just trying to appreciate every day my little anorexic kitty is with me and hoping one day SOON she'll start eating...and eating...and eating. 

Posted on February 8, 2015

Posted on February 8, 2015

Well on Tuesday we saw an oncologist at Animal Medical Center.  I wasn't very impressed with her but maybe I wouldn't have been impressed unless they said it was something OTHER than cancer.  She took my girl into another room WITHOUT me to examine her.  Not thrilled with that either and came back and said that Skinky is a very sick old girl.  So, I'm really not liking this doctor so much, although it's not preventing me from bawling.  Same ol'. 4600 for ct scan biopsy, i had her give me a print out and uploaded it.  I don't see any of this happening. She thought there could be a growth behind the eye which is pushing the eye out...which made me wince.

Yesterday I went to North Shore Animal League hospital.  For 25 percent of what I paid to Animal Medical Center, I got the same diagnosis, more information and more compassion.  They are a no-kill hospital and, said it's ok for me to leave me girl or be with my girl, they would put her to sleep.  They thought she was "uncomfortable".  This doctor also said that her intestines were thickened.  So, I kind of "knew" that I should leave her and run, because I'll just never do it...but 5 kleenexes later I took Skinky back on the LIRR with me to head home. 

I started her on all of these cancer treatments...a lot of immune building powders and one called DCA which is supposed to help decrease the size of tumors. 

She has gained a little weight....but I can't continue the syringe feeding.  I've gone through so many cans of food. At one point she started eating...then she stopped.  it's physically very difficult for me. Yet, she continues to jump down from my almost loft bed.  Today she is hungry.  I've given her one egg yolk mixed with celluqent, Llysine, B12, and TFactor for cats. She had her DCA and Thiamine mix earlier, we started it last night.  Must be given twice a day.  I'm trying to wait one week to see if this has any impact on her. 

IN an hour or so, we go back to the Manhattan vet, to see what her thoughts are.  She is a very kind and sweet vet, I think the only one who hasn't said immediately to put down.  Which is what I got back in early December from the HS. I still think if I had gotten some of the proper drugs then (like an appetite stimulant, while she was still eating, but eating less) or a steroid, that maybe she would be better...but I'm probably just deluding myself.

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Sweetest kitty, unknown illness. Needs your help.

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