Spay/Neuter & Vet Care Funds Urgently Needed !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Story

Spay/Neuter Funds Urgently Needed !!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can help prevent these dogs from producing more puppies to starve, suffer of abuse, injury and/or disease by donating for the spay and neuter of these homeless sweet and very people-oriented, who love cuddles.

Surviving are 2 young males, 3 young females and 5 2-month old pups that live in the streets of Greece.... it's dangerous and now the females and males would be ready to mate again soon. Urgently, these dogs and puppies need to be vetted and spayed/neutered so as not to add more dogs to suffer on the streets. There were other dogs along with these but now some have suffered and died because of lack of food...sadly the others died of illness while more were run over by cars as they live just next to a big street in an industrial area.

Due to the huge problems with stray dogs in the city and the very small number of volunteers as well as economic crisis, the dogs have not receive any proper vet care so far. Some people have been bringing the dogs food. Fosters for these dogs are needed, but many people who rescue and foster are full up. Poor little puppies will surely die because they do not understand about cars. Volunteers are needed to provide food, take photos, others to use their cars for the dogs transfer to and from the vet. Most importantly FUNDS ARE NEEDED FOR SPAY AND NEUTER. Please donate/share for funds for spay and neuter so more are not born to suffer of disease/injury/hunger.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on September 7, 2013 by Citizens for the rescue of stray animals in Alexandroupolis, Greece
7 September 2013

Dear friends,

it's been a long time and I am really sorry for not updating. Things have been hard but it all seems to be more settled now. We have a lot of news regarding our beautiful furiends.

1. Giselle, the baby suffering from mange, has been under the care of specialists in Athens for a month or so now. 'Save a Greek Stray' is a private initiative that helps a lot of dogs all around Greece. Giselle has been one of those lucky to dogs who have the privilege to be under the care of this organisation and we are all really greatful to these people. If you have a facebook account, you can follow Giselle's journey from the day she got to Athens by clicking here--> Briefly, Giselle has started recovering physically but it seems it will take a lot of time, effort and love for her to trust people.  She is a little scared baby. The only thing we ask for her is your positive thoughts. 

2. Smiley, Giselle's brother, also very scared, is no longer with us... He went over the rainbow bridge... He had started his treatment and we were pleading for a 15-day foster before he would go to a more permanent one. Unfortunately, there was no interest in fostering him till the evening just before the day he had to be taken to a foster. So, foster was finally found and we were all relieved. No one expected that our baby would be killed by Tigris, the adult male. When the volunteers reached the area, they were shocked to find Mr Smiley's dead body. He was bitten in the neck. One of the guards of the factories said he was present during the fight and had to throw stones to Tigris to leave Smiley alone. Unfortunately, Smiley didn't manage.... We were and still are devastated. We concluded that Tigris is the alpha dog and won't accept other adult males. He is an amazing partner for his 'wife', Maila (the black hound-like dog), he is very people-oriented but he cannot get along with other males.

3. The five first puppies (Tigris and Maila's babies) are now approximately 3 months old and have had their two first vaccinations so far (19/07 & 23/08) and have been fully dewormed and treated egainst external parasites twice. It's only the anti-rabbies vaccine that has yet to be done and is scheduled for 23/09. Unfortunatly, though we have an album on facebook to help with their adoptions, none of them has found a home yet.

4. The five new puppies are now approximately 2 months old (Lisa and Tigris' babies). There are 2 boys and 3 girls. They had their first vaccination, deworming and flea control in 23/08 and there are two more vaccinations to be done. Unfortunately, Maila (the black female) doesn't allow Lisa and her 5 pups to be around. As a result, they have become scared and are hiding. We urgnetly need to find fosters or even better adoptions for the little ones as they are in the most danger.

5. Maila and Lisa (the two females) were vaccinated, dewormed and had a spot-on at 23/08. Anrti-rabbies vaccination is to be done at 23/09. As you probably remember, Maila was spayed a month or so ago. As for Lisa, she was spayed today and at the moment is recovering at the vet's. She will go back to her babies tomorrow. She also had a general blood test (results on Monday) and and erlichea test (negative thankfully!). She weighs only 12,5 kg!

6. Tigris is definitely the strongest dog there. He protects them all and is the leader. However, as mentioned above, he won't accept other adult males. We are hoping that his five sons will be adopted before they become adults.... Otheriwse, he is a very protective, caring and loving dog who is devoted to his love, Maila. The two are just inseparable. Tigris was neutered today and also vaccinated and blood tested (results on Monday). He weighs 25 kg.

So... that was a brief catch-up... Our babies receive vet care but cannot find homes... Please help us pay for their expenses (we currently owe €263 to the vet and also need to raise funds for their next run of vaccinations. Also, we want to find fosters for Lisa and her 5 pups but it seems impossible. We are thus thinking that finding a nice dog hotel would be the best solution. 

Oh... I forgot to mention one thing... The administrators/owners of the industries where all 13 dogs live want them to leave and said they would take action...... We immediatelly sent a message to them saying that if something happens to the dogs, we will go the legal way. We do understand that it's not easy to have 13 dogs around but at least they are vetted, spayed/neutered and we are trying hard to find families for them. That's why we only ask for their patience while we do that. We are only volunteers-not an organisation or something. Just people who want to help. All our funds are private and come from us and you. Without the help given from so many people, we wouldn't have managed to get this far.

Please keep supporting the 13 doggies. New photos will be soon uploaded. I am sorry once more for not having updated earlier. Will keep updating regularly now that the circumstances are stable again.

Thank you

Posted on July 27, 2013 by Citizens for the rescue of stray animals in Alexandroupolis, Greece
27 July 2013

I think this is the happiest post till now!

After several days of tremendous efforts and determination by volunteers, the very sick dog-Giselle-has been caught! We are all thrilled as this day marks the beginning of her new life! She is only a puppy... 8 months old weighing only 7kg when she should weight at least 12. She is extremely phobic but without signs of aggression. She has had several blood tests and has been diagnosed with ehrlichiosis, demodex and sarcocoptes. She has been given emergency vet care and is spending the weekend at the vet's. Up to now the cost for the blood tests, the injection for her to relax, an injection against mange, another injection with antibiotic, a proper bath with specially made shampoos and an anti-mange spot-on cost €140. As more expenses are coming, we really need to pay this amount to the vet asap.

Today while the volunteers were looking for Giselle, they found the newly-born pups! They have started opening their eyes and are 4 handsome boys and 1 beautiful girl! Her mum is hiding them really well. We will soon upload a video so you can see the babies and where they live. They will need vet care in around 2-weeks time. Till then, their mummy will be doing what she knows to do better than anyone else :)

We have added photos including Allegro's blood test results (the grey-white young adult who had signs of mange and suffers from ehrlichiosis-he's Giselle's brother), photos of Giselle in the trap and later at the vet's after having a bath and some new photos of the older pups and their parents lying on the grass.

Thank you all! Videos to come soon! Please keep sharing! 15 dogs are a lot for only a handful of people to pay for their expenses.

Posted on July 22, 2013 by Citizens for the rescue of stray animals in Alexandroupolis, Greece

22 July 2013

News from Saturday 20 July 2013:

Dear friends,

our feelings are mixed...

Giselle, the very sick dog, could not be found despite the efforts of four volunteers who spent hours looking for her in the surrounding area (old buildings, fields). The guards now have the volunteers' phone numbers and they will call ASAP once they locate her. Of course, volunteers will keep searching and do whatever possible to find her.

The rest of the news is a bit better though with a dark side as well.

The volunteers caught Giselle's brother, Mr. Smiley as I call him, who is also phobic but not as much as Giselle and he is always there with the rest of the dogs. This poor guy also started having wounds on his legs. He is the black and white, thin one. He was taken to the vet, was blood-tested and initially diagnosed with ehrlichiosis. The results of the general blood test, the biochemical test and the leishmania test will be available today, Monady 22/07. The good thing is that the heart worm result was negative. As for the wounds that look like mange, an advocate spot-on was applied on him and he will have a second one in August. Our smiling friend was also vaccinated and will have a certifect spot-on for fleas and ticks on Wednesday July 24. All adult dogs were full of external parasites so they were all given a certifect spot-on. The father, whom we call Tiger, is the only one left to see the vet. However, he had his spot-on as well. By the way! Mr. Smiley is only 12 kilos!

More news from Saturady... One of the puppies had swollen lips and was taken to the vet, too. He was obviously stung by a wasp as there are lots where the dogs live :( He had a cortisone injection and the volunteers left cortisone pills to the guards in case the swelling wasn't getting any better. 

Finally, one of the five pups who wasn't vaccinated last week because he was hiding, has now had his shot :) 

That's all for now ... We are now on the alert for Giselle and arranging the next steps of our '10 doggies plus' operation. 

Thank you all for your support and as promised we will be keeping you up-to-date. Please check the photo section for new photos of Mr Simley and the two pups at the vets.

Posted on July 18, 2013 by Citizens for the rescue of stray animals in Alexandroupolis, Greece
18 July 2013

Hi all,

unfortunately we don't have any positive news today. Volunteers have been trying to locate the sick dog(Zizel) but it proved to be more difficult than initially thought. She is hiding in the fields and doesn't show herself to anyone. The next effort will take place on Saturday as all volunteers (not many anyway) are working on Friday. They will go to the area Saturday morning the first thing and stay there for as long as needed. Please, send your positive thoughts.

While searching, today, however, they came across 4 newly abandoned (we assume) puppies. All bones and flesh running in the fields shocked. They managed to catch 2 of them and they were taken to a volunteer's home. The vet will see them and we will come back with news. The volunteers will try to catch the other two pups as well.

I'm sorry for the news :(

Posted on July 17, 2013 by Citizens for the rescue of stray animals in Alexandroupolis, Greece
17 July 2013

Dear friends,

Lisa (the black female, the mother of the pups) has now fully recovered from the spay surgery and is back at her 'home' (the industrial area) with her family and their friends. You can see photos of her tummy after spay.

Today, four pups have been vaccinated, dewormed and they will soon be sprayed with Frontline. One of them wouldn't come out so he will be vaccinated in the days to come. However, he got his deworming tablet. Actually, when the volunteers returned from the vet, he came out and was so happy and sociable! As if he knew that he was 'out of danger'. :) Their next vaccination is scheduled for August 19th. You can see in the photo section the health booklet of one of the pups as well as the pups themselves!

We will be back tomorrow with more news-hopefully with the trapping of the sick female.

Next target: Adult males' vet care and neuter.

Thank you all!

Posted on July 16, 2013 by Citizens for the rescue of stray animals in Alexandroupolis, Greece
16 July 2013

Hello all! 

Good news today :) The black female, now called Lisa has been spayed and is at the vet's, recovering. Tomorrow she will go back to her fur-family and we will have new photos :) TOTAL COST: €120-ALREADY COVERED

Tomorrow the five pups will also be taken to the vet for initial vaccination and deworming.

As for the poor dog who is sick, an operation has been scheduled for Thursday during which volunteers will try to locate her, give her some sedatives and then catch her (just to remind you, she won't let anyone approach her). Once they do, she will be taken to the vet for full blood testing (biochemical, leishmania, ehrlichiosis, heart worm) and a spot-on (Advocate) will be applied on her as at the moment anything else would be just too much for her skin (the vet has seen her photos). 

That's all for now! Thank you for helping us help these 10 babies! 

Posted on July 15, 2013 by Citizens for the rescue of stray animals in Alexandroupolis, Greece
15 July 2013

I will start with the good news. One of the females (the mother of the five pups) is going to be spayed tomorrow, 16/07/13, and the puppies are seeing the vet this week for initial vaccination and deworming.

The bad news? There is a female that couldn't be found up until 2 days ago. She is in a terrible condition and suffers a lot. She has furloss, scartches herself continuously as it feels itchy and you can see all the scabbing and bleeding. On top of that, she is so scared that cannot be approached by people. We are trying with the really small number of volunteers to make a plan for 'trapping' her so that she can then be taken to the vet.

It is a never-ending story unfortunately and by default we cannot help ALL stray animals. We can however do our best for as many as possible but this requires volunteers and funds. PLEASE HELP US!



Posted on July 11, 2013 by Citizens for the rescue of stray animals in Alexandroupolis, Greece
11 July 2013

One of the two females was finally pregnant and gave birth to puppies yesterday. They couldn't be found by the volunteers so we assume she has hidden them in a very safe place. Volunteers will keep searching though. 

Today both females went to the vet. They were both full of ticks and a spot-on was applied on both (Certifect if you happen to know). They were also given deworming tablets (plerion). One of them had a blood test and we will know the results tomorrow. If all is well, she will be spayed next week. Unfortunately, though, she also suffers from vaginitis and has to take antibiotics for a few days. The female who had the babies wasn't blood tested as there is no point at the moment.

Our next goal once one of them is spayed is to vaccinate and deworm the five elder puppies and then to neuter, vaccinate and deworm the two males.

Please share! Any contribution no matter how big or small can make a difference. Please help us help these poor creatures who suffer all alone in the streets.

Thank you!

P.S. Today's vet costs:
Blood test €10
Two certifect spot-on €22
Four deworming tablets €8

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