SPARKY is sick and needs your help!

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SPARKY is sick and needs your help! (SPARKY - Waggin' Trails Rescue Foundation)
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The Story


We need your help - actually, Sparky needs your help.  Waggin' Trails Rescue Foundation and the San Francisco Chihuahua Meetup were asked to help Sparky, a tiny lovable little Chihuahua with minor health issues. He had twice been adopted and twice returned because of his health. The little guy was heartbroken after the last family returned him to the shelter. We quickly said yes to helping out Sparky and picked him on on Monday 1/13/14. 

In less than 24 hours, Sparky’s minor health issues had quickly escalated to life-threatening. Sparky was in critical condition and admitted to ER. Vomiting blood and unable to breathe, Sparky landed in ICU. The excellent work of the vets at both Irving Pet Hospital and Nor Cal Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital literally saved his life! Sparky required oxygen treatment, blood transfusions, an ultrasound, and much more loving yet very costly vet care.

Sparky is back home and being carefully monitored by his loving foster family.  He has had more tests to help identify the cause, and needs to go to UC Davis next week (Wed 1/22) for another very important test. So far we know he has PLE (protein losing entreropathy), anemia, and hypoproteinemia (low blood protein), which are indications of an undetermined condition that could be a liver shunt or possibly liver disease. Why he's so sick is still a mystery, but once we know, we can treat Sparky effectively! 

PLEASE help Waggin' Trails Rescue Foundation with the vet bills we have incurred saving this adorable little guy! Sparky really is counting on all of us to help him live. He might be just 4lbs but he has the fighting spirit of a giant!

Waggin' Trails Rescue Foundation ( is a registered 501c3 non-profit (FEIN #46-0896202), and donations are tax-deductible. Please note in paypal "FOR SPARKY"! 

Please also visit his facebook page at  THANK YOU!

P.S. You'll notice that your donation is going to Ingrid Campagne - she is the founder of Waggin' Trails!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on February 4, 2014

Posted on February 4, 2014

Thank you all soooo much for your donations and continued support of Sparky. His appetite is still good and he hasn't had any throwing up incidents in a few weeks. However, he does now have kennel cough and when it seemed like it was getting worse this past week, his foster mom Sun took him into the vet to make sure it hadn't turned into pneumonia. The vet did a chest xray and found that although he didn't have pneumonia (phew!) he did have some bronchial inflamation that was like bronchitis. We are going to wait until he's better before we put him through any more test. The xray also showed that his liver looks normal sized, which gives us hope that maybe he doesn't have a liver shunt afterall as dogs with liver shunts typically have undersized livers. While we wait for him to heal, he continues to get amazing low protein homemade human grade food, some exercise, and lots of love and cuddles from his foster family. So we're kind of in a holding pattern here - hoping for the best, and hoping his little body heals and gains some weight! Please continue to send Sparky your postitive thoughts and healing vibes!

Posted on January 30, 2014

Posted on January 30, 2014

Sparky was taken to the vet yesterday because he had a persistent cough. lthough he'd been vaccinated and was onClavamox for the last 10 days, it seems he has kennel cough. I guess his immune-compromised body just couldn't fight it off. Now he is on another round of antibiotics (Vibramycin), and the visit, along with the meds and vitamin B12 shot cost $112. And he still needs another blood test done (about $100) and hopefully, if we get his blood disorder under control, his liver shunt test (about $500-600). So as you can see, Sparky still needs continuing care, tests, and various supplements and meds, so please, even if it's $5, consider donating to his medical fund so we can pay everyone back who has paid out of pocket for his vet bills. And if you can't donate, please share his story!

Otherwise, Sparky continues to be as cute as ever, and to have a good appetite and energy. He thanks you from the bottom of his huge heart for your love and support!

Posted on January 25, 2014

Posted on January 25, 2014

We got the results from the tick-borne disease test from UC Davis today and it was negative, meaning that a tick-borne disease is not the cause of his blood disorder. In a way, I was hoping it would be positive because, of the three blood disorders that the vets think he could possibly have (and then add to that a possible liver shunt), this issue seemed the least serious and had the best chance at treatment. If Sparky also has a liver shunt and needs surgery, and if he has a bleeding disorder that can't be treated, he could bleed out during the surgery, but because of this blood disorder, we can't even perform the liver shunt test without fear of him also bleeding and not being able to stop.

So next on the agenda is a test for "von Willebrand's Disease" ( When I was at UC Davis with Sparky on Wednesday, they wanted to test for this but could only get enough blood out of him for the tick-borne disease test. He's very small, and he's anemic, and during the first blood draw, he developed some bruising.

The good news is that Sparky's appetite has really picked up so we are feeding him a little more than his daily intake for his size/weight would normally be in hopes that he will gain some weight back. He was too skinny to begin with and has lost more weight during this past week and half since his trip to the ER. He is back with his foster mom Sun and her husband, two human daughters and two furry daughters (I took over this past week due to a family emergency) and he is, fingers crossed, continuing to do OK. He did vomit once yesterday, but luckily there was no blood and he felt noticibly better after he got everything out of his system :). I was very happy he didn't have to go to the ER again!

So we feed him good food, give him lots of love, and pour healing vibes and light over his body in hopes that he continues to thrive. Please keep doing the same for little Sparky, whose spark and zest for life is pure joy to be around, and something I would miss very much if he leaves us. And please keep sharing his story.  We, especially Sparky, thank you for your generous donations. ~ Suzanne

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