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The Story

This fundraiser is now closed.  If you would like to donate directly to Fort Collins Cat Rescue on our behalf, please do so at this link:  https://www.fccrsnc.org/Donate_Online.php

Thank you so much for reading and supporting the River Valley Cats!  YOU have made our story a success! 

PS - I hope you will follow us on Twitter  and/or like us on Facebook!


The most beautiful words I have ever read are "We will help you." 

Sarah from Fort Collins Cat Rescue wrote those words to me about a year ago.  FCCR agreed to take my cats who are desperately in need of rehoming.  And as of November 28th, the last group of wonderful felines is safely ensconced at FCCR. 

I am so thrilled for these cats!  My darlings - my babies - are getting an awesome opportunity for a better life. I cry because I miss them, but I smile when I think about their future. 

This has been an incredible team effort.  Marla Browne at Best Friends Animal Society handled the transports, a group of friends have kept me stocked with cat food and other essentials,  other people have volunteered to help with transports.  It has been AMAZING. 

But most amazing of all is when I asked Sarah if they would take fifty cats . . . and she said yes.  And although I hoped to be able to pay all the expenses FCCR incurs, I have come nowhere near that.  Sarah said "Send what you can" - and I have, but it has been a struggle to stay afloat.  To be honest, without the help from multiple friends, we would have sunk several months ago.  Those same friends have also donated to FCCR, and several strangers have as well.  Did I mention it has all been AMAZING? 

It's been a long rough ride but we finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel, and it was not a train. 


Background information:

In May 2014, I had a house FULL of cats that I desperately needed help rehoming. Unfortunately, I live in an area where there seem to be a lot more cats than there are cat lovers. And most of my babies are not fluffy little kittens anymore.  I needed big help.

So I sent an email to Best Friends Animal Society. The next day, I received a response from Marla - Marla is a Best Friends Network Specialist and possibly an angel.  She immediately went to work. 

First we got all the toms neutered.  Because they are all indoor cats, that put a stop to the population growth.

Six cats went to the Best Friends Sanctuary in Utah.  I am not proud of my situation, but I am honored that some of my babies get to live there!  And now they have all been adopted!

Ten kittens and two cats went to Fort Collins Cat Rescue in Colorado.  More were scheduled and then we discovered that we had a ringworm problem.

All progress stopped immediately.  Clinic appointments had to be cancelled because the funds that were allocated for the spays and neuters had to be used to pay for ringworm treatment in Colorado instead.  And the clinic said they couldn't do any more surgeries without an exam from my vet first, also because of the ringworm. And then Marla told me she couldn't help me  with placement anymore - not at the Sanctuary or anywhere else.  She was still there for consultation, which is priceless, but I needed to figure out the rest for myself.

So I kinda got the rug pulled out from underneath me.  And although I was in a better position than I started out with, I still needed a lot of help.  I spent some time feeling overwhelmed and hopeless but simultaneously determined and hopeful. I battled a lot of ringworm and fought a lot of fleas.  I spent months with listings on Petfinder, RescueMe, CowCats, and courtesy listings on several Facebook pages.  I never received a single response.

And that was when I contacted Sarah at Fort Collins directly and asked for help, and she said yes.  And then Marla told me she could handle the transports, so that piece fell into place.  It was wonderful!

And here we are,  at the end of a very difficult journey.  Again, any help you can give is greatly appreciated.  Donations directly to FCCR are awesome.  Donations to this fundraiser will either be forwarded to them or used for vet bills.  If you have a preference, just tell me!

Thank you for reading.  Thank you for caring.  I love these cats so much.  It has torn me apart to say goodbye but I am overjoyed that they will have a better life. A friend of mine said “I know you love them, and now you will send them out into the world so someone else can love them too.”   True words - they are really awesome cats!!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on December 10, 2015

Posted on December 10, 2015

After a few days extension to cover Colorado Gives Day, this fundraiser is finally closing (in about four hours).  Thank you again for your support - I am in awe of how many people care.

Our story doesn't end here - just this chapter.  I hope you will follow us on Twitter and/or like us on Facebook to find out what happens next! 

If you would still like to make a donation, Fort Collins Cat Rescue is working hard to get my last group ready for adoption.  Indy has already found her new forever home and Jack just became available yesterday, but the others aren't ready yet.  Care means expense and all help is appreciated.  You can donate directly to them at https://www.fccrsnc.org/Donate_Online.php  They are a great bunch of people doing awesome work.

Thank you again - best of everything to everyone!!  :)

Posted on November 30, 2015

Posted on November 30, 2015

WE DID IT!!!  What a crazy weekend, what a wonderful trip!

My friend Danielle arrived Friday night.  Saturday morning we were on the road at 6am.  Fortunately the weather and roads were both better than the forecast.  Far from great but slushy beats icy every day of the week!

We had a few small problems, of course.  The wiper blades collected ice and the driver's side washer jet clogged up (we fixed that by sticking a needle in the hole and pouring de-icer in it - that's probably not in the manual.  LOL)  Then a texting trucker nearly plowed into us.  There will be an official complaint filed about that - he was so engrossed in his phone that I don't think he even knew he almost killed someone!

The cats were excellent travelers, making an occasional comment but no singing or caterwauling at all.  Considering that the entire trip was almost fourteen hours long, they were really awesome.

We arrived at FCCR within our expected time frame (good job, Danielle!!) and were met by both Megan and Mariah - how awesome is that?!?!  We got the cats unloaded and in their cages.  We got to see some of the current FCCR residents, which includes Tippy, my beautiful white girl who went on a previous transport.  She looks great!

We spent the night at the Hampton and the next morning Danielle headed out early.  I got up a bit later and called a cab to take me back to FCCR.

I spent four hours volunteering - washing dishes, doing laundry, dusting shelves - and, of course, petting cats!  FCCR staff member Amber was very nice - I really enjoyed talking to her.  They are just such an awesome group of people there!

I got to say goodbye to my babies, which was definitely bittersweet. Marla picked me up to take me to the airport - it was so great to finally meet her!!

Oh, and just before we left, we found out some really phenomenal news.  Remember Pinball?  He is going to be an emotional support animal!!  I feel very much like a proud mama right now.  :)

Security at the airport was much easier than I had envisioned and my flight was short and uneventful.  My friend Gary picked me up and brought me the rest of the way home (200 miles - this was not a small favor!).  I walked in the door a few minutes after midnight and was given the typical "Where the hell have you been?" exam.  I was gone for two days PLUS I smelled like multiple strange cats AND Marla's dog!  LOL

Today's project (after this update) will be to write a story for Chicken Soup.  They are putting together a gratitude book and today is the last day for submissions.  This weekend was the perfect grand finale to a wonderful story of gratitude.  I look forward to sharing it with the world.

I have this fundraiser set to close tomorrow, which is both Giving Tuesday and my birthday.  If you want to send something for Fort Collins Cat Rescue before it closes, I know they appreciate it as much as I do.  Or donate to them directly, if you prefer.  They are all kinds of awesome!!


Thank you for following our story and supporting us in so many ways.  I am not sure what happens next, but I know it will be something wonderful!

Posted on November 28, 2015

Posted on November 28, 2015

Only about twelve hours left till departure time now.  Today has been brutal!  Murphy has been sitting on my front porch all day, nibbling on popcorn and laughing his head off.

The cat crates didn't come.  Marla shipped them on the 18th with an ETA of the 24th.  Tracking shows they left her post office - and nothing after that.  So I had to go to Wal-Mart today and buy more.  THANK YOU USPS FOR SENDING ME TO WALMART ON BLACK FRIDAY!!!!  PS - YOU SUCK!!

Sweetie's mouth problems kicked into overdrive.  She lost a tooth the other night while going after a flea.  I had to take her to the vet today.  They were swamped with post-turkey-day people so in the end I left her there.  She has at least two abscesses in her mouth and needed several teeth pulled.  They were going to do that at the end of the day and she will spend the night - my brother will pick her up tomorrow morning.

I also had an appointment at the vet after that for the last five health certs and rabies shots.  The boys were well-behaved and friendly.  I am always proud of how well-behaved my cats are.

Then I discovered I am missing a door to one of the crates we do have.  We looked through storage three times - not an easy for fun task in the rain.  No dice.  So now it looks like I will have to substitute two of my small crates for the one with no door  . . . since not having a door turns a crate into a cat bed.  So it is manageable but not ideal.  It makes me really glad I am making this trip myself.  I would hate to send them off with strangers with two of them alone in a small crate.

I just got a message that the eagle has landed - the illustrious Danielle has made it to town.  We will meet up shortly for dinner - and no more stressing, she says.  Good!  I have had enough for this Fustercluck Friday!

Twelve more hours and away we go.  Prayers and good wishes are welcome.  And if you want to help with the cause, donations are too.  Next update will be to let you know how it went!

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