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The Story

The Story of Platty...
Platty is a 10-year-old Golden Retriever dumped as a stray at Tulsa Animal Welfare in Oklahoma. He has a monstrous growth in his mouth, initially believed to be cancer, that's deformed his entire face. He was facing euthanasia due to the lack of funding a municipal animal shelter has to meet, what could possibly be, extensive medical needs.

Alli Elmore, a volunteer at TAW, saw him and fell in love. She didn't want Platty to die in the shelter, so she brought him home. Today Platty had a biopsy and the diagnosis wasn't good. It is cancer and it's metastasized into his lungs. He's been given maybe two weeks before the cancer finally wins.

At first, we intended to cancel the fundraiser. But at the urging of Platty's fans and friends, we've decided to keep it open until Platty crosses over. We're calling it Platty's Memorial Fund and we'll be using any funds not needed for his medical care for animals with special needs like me at Tulsa Animal Welfare and other deserving rescues. We want to leave a legacy to remind people just because a dog is old or not perfect doesn't mean they're not full of love. Platty is definitely full of love.

Any donation is appreciated and we'll provide updates here and on Platty's Facebook page, so everyone know's how he's doing. Visit him at

If you'd like to send Platty snail mail (or Cheez Whiz!) you can mail it to:
Karel Bagwell
3000 W. El Paso St.
Broken Arrow, OK 74012

Thanks to all of you for caring about Platty!

In his own words...
Hi! I'm Platty, a really handsome old boy. Yeah, my face looks a little funny, but I think it gives me character! I love my new mom, Alli! And my new Dad, Charles. And my new Grandma, Karel! They are all so awesome! Mom Alli gives me Cheez Whiz! It's my favorite! And I likes cheese crackers, and biscuits, and steak, too! I like exclamation points! Did I mention I love Cheez Whiz?! I also like to sleep on the couch, I love my new brothers, Tuffy and Hitch and Alfred! This is the best life ever! Did I mention THE. BEST. LIFE. ever! Ooops gotta go! Have a tree to sniff! 

Luv, Platty

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 2, 2014 by Sherry Stinson / TylerDog Photography
A final resting place
Platty passed away peacefully at his home today, surrounded by love. Thank you to everyone who donated and helped him on his journey. You are forever in our hearts and we're grateful for your love and suppport.

Posted on March 31, 2014 by Sherry Stinson / TylerDog Photography
On the road again...
We're back on the road to Dallas, Texas for our fourth low-dose radiation treatment. Platty is responding well to the treatments with no side effects. He's also having weekly acupuncture treatments that are helping him through the treatments as well. Thank you again for all your hopes, wishes, and prayers sent our way!

Posted on March 27, 2014 by Sherry Stinson / TylerDog Photography
On the road again
Hello, Platty's Pals! We decided to go with a course of low-dose radiation treatments for Platty's cancer. Once a week, we travel to Dallas, TX to have his treatments. So far Platty has had three low-dose radiation treatments and is responding well to them. His doctors are hopeful we're seeing shrinkage of the mass and it is confirmed he has much better airflow through his nostrils. Platty is also receiving acupuncture treatments to help him with increased blood flow, stress management, and pain. He's doing great on all counts because of wonderful people like you! He has three more treatments in Dallas, then we're finished with the first phase of treatment. Further decisions will be made once he's successfully completed these. Thank you all again from the bottom of our hearts! 

Posted on February 28, 2014 by Sherry Stinson / TylerDog Photography
Spleen Update
We have great news! The spleen tumor was benign!!! Now we're consulting with our oncologists about possible treatments for Platty's mouth cancer, the maxillary fibrosarcoma. They are laying out all the options for us and once we've determined what would be best for Platty, we'll post an update. Many of the treatments we've been told about are extremely harsh and very debilitating, so rest assured, we will decide what will be best for Platty and not choose anything that will make him suffer. We are more concerned about his quality of life and making sure his last days are happy and pain-free. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as we take this journey with him.

Posted on February 19, 2014 by Sherry Stinson / TylerDog Photography
We have better news!
Platty had a second opinion with an oncologist at Oklahoma Veterinary Specialists in Tulsa, OK. They did an in-depth scan and determined he has a Maxillary Fibrosarcoma. It's an aggressive, but localized cancer. It hasn't spread to his lungs! However, the scan did reveal a tumor on his spleen. Those can be deadly, so it was decided to remove the spleen on Monday, February 17th. The spleen was sent off and will take 3-5 days to determine what kind of tumor it was.

In the meantime, Platty is resting well and recuperating! He is continuing to post positive updates on his Facebook page and hopes you'll join him on his journey. Visit Platty's Journey at

Once we know about the spleen, we'll be able to chart a course of treatment for his mouth tumors. Until then, thank you all for your continued support and love for our big boy, Platty!

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