Mr. Biscuits (fka Engy) the Burn Victim Needs Help

For: Mr. Biscuits (fka Engy) the Burned Cat
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Mr. Biscuits (fka Engy) the Burn Victim Needs Help (Mr. Biscuits (fka Engy) the Burned Cat)
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The Story

THIRTY MINUTES.  That's all little Mr. Biscuits (formerly known as Engy), had to find his way out of the shelter where he lay gravely injured after catching an unfortunate car ride.

You see, the nights are getting chilly around here and yesterday, Mr. Biscuits had found what he thought was THE BEST warm spot of all.  A car's engine.  Until the owner of the car hopped in the next morning to drive to work.  And Mr. Biscuits was trapped inside.  When the gentleman got to work, he opened the hood to see why his steering wasn't working quite right.  And there lay a very sooty, scared kitty.  

It took Animal Control officers nearly two hours to get Mr. Biscuits out of that engine - all the while they had no way to know how bad his injuries were.  

Mr. Biscuits was severely burned over about 25% of his body.  We won't give you too many gory details, but the state he was in was about as bad as it gets.  The top part of his left leg and hip was burned black and he had a gaping hole on his back.  In fact, the vets think he was on fire at some point in the engine.

He was rushed to the emergency room at Metropolitan Veterinary Associates by a very kind soul who left her home in her pajamas, with baby in tow, to retrieve Mr. Biscuits from the shelter. At first, his injuries seemed just too severe to fix.  But as this sweet orange and white tabby was lying on the table covered in filth, he started making biscuits (hence his new name).  And we decided to try.  

He was anesthetized and his wounds were thorougly cleaned - and the rest of his fur got quite a good bath too!  The burns are indeed very deep, but the vets think that if we can raise the funds for the daily wound care and surgeries he will need, they will be able to fix him.  Burns are very unpredictable and he may need a blood transfusion, and will very likely need a skin graft for at least one, if not both, of the injured areas.

All of this on one cat you might think.  And we don't entirely disagree.  But sometimes, there's that one face you just can't turn your back on.  And right now, that's Mr. Biscuits.  

With just a little help from a lot of people, Mr. Biscuits will be able to get the medical care he desperately needs.  And we hope that if you've read this far, you share his story far and wide so everyone will know - knock on your hood before you start your car.  It can save a life!  And if one life is saved through Mr. Biscuits story, then it's all worth it.

Thank you everyone, for reading his story, and donating what you can.


Amanda Cox
Executive Director, The Grannie Project, Inc.
[email protected]

PS - The Grannie Project is a 501c3 charitable organization and your donation is tax deductible.  Donations can also be made via snail mail to The Grannie Project, PO Box 1501, Southeastern PA 19399

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on November 5, 2014

Posted on November 5, 2014

Just two weeks ago today, Mr. Biscuits was saved from the car engine where he was trapped and burned as the car drove off.  Burns are terrible injuries with so many unknowns and though we continue to worry about what his future holds, today Mr. Biscuits had a sparkle in his eyes as he walked out of his cage and straight into the lap of one of the surgeons who has been treating him!  We've heard he likes to snuggle with the nurses but this is the first we've seen him do it with our own eyes :)  We posted a new photo too - check it out!

We are so, so grateful for your donations and generosity - Mr. Biscuits wouldn't be here now without you!!

Posted on October 30, 2014

Posted on October 30, 2014

Wow - look at this amazing support! We have been recieving so many private messages asking for updates that we have decided to start a facebook page for our very own Mr. Biscuits. You can follow his progress here: We just posted an update last night!
Thank you for all your support and love

Posted on October 24, 2014

Posted on October 24, 2014


We got the attention of a reporter from Fox 29 who did an amazing story on Mr. Biscuits and reminded people to knock on their hoods or beep their horns before starting their car in the cold.  Watch the story here:

We visited Mr. Biscuits tonight and he is hanging in there - he was awake when we saw him but super groggy.  He ate just a little bit and at this point we're just keeping everything crossed for him!  He's definitely a cutie and all the nurses and doctors at Metropolitan just love him

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Mr. Biscuits (fka Engy) the Burn Victim Needs Help

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