Mr. Beckett Needs the Antidote

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Mr. Beckett Needs the Antidote (Mr. Beckett da FIV Kitteh)
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The Story

Mr. Beckett is the John Doe of kitties. We don't know where he came from, we don't know what he's been through, and we can't even tell how old he might be. All we can tell is that he needs us... And he has needed us for a long time.

As a stray, he made his way onto a woman's porch in Pittsburgh, PA last fall. Unable to keep him in her apartment, she kept him hidden away in her basement with plenty of food and a small staticky radio. She meant well, but he coudln't get away from the chaotic radio noise, and the lack of sunlight for months on end did nothing for his condition. Upon entering her basment one evening, I felt a strange sense of endearing nightmarish fear. On one hand, she was taking care of him to the best of her ability, but on the other hand, there was so much he was lacking... And that radio... Ahhhh!! 

Dirty, stinky and sickly, I took Mr. B. to get neutered and to receive all of the necessary shots. Upon retrieving him from the clinic, I learned he was FIV positive and that there is a fairly simple protocall for these kitties. Most important: SUNLIGHT, VITAMINS, LOVE. He was getting none of these and my heart instantly broke. 

Reluctantly, I returned him to the woman's basement, as I was fostering another kitty at the time. On New Year's Eve, his back began to bleed non-stop, and the woman called me in a panic. I rushed over there, expecting the worst, but not really knowing what to expect at ALL. After cleaning his wounds, we were able to confirm that the wounds were two exploded abscesses, and we had to get him seen by a vet. (Apparently her neighbor didn't like the cat in the basement, so she let him out one day. we can only assume he was attacked when she let him out, and the wounds just did what they do.)

The next day (NEW YEAR'S DAY), the kind folks at Frankie's Friends' Clinic took him in and did what they could. After 3 days staying with them, his wounds were dried, and two teeth were pulled. I didn't have the heart to send him back to that basement to continue to live in darkness when he clearly needed more than that. I brought him into my home, and he is trying to live civilly with 3 other cats. They hate him. 

Aside from being the kitty outcast, Mr. Beckett, although much better off than before, is still facing some difficult issues.  He just overcame double ear infections, which we treated for a week and a half. Unfortunately, since his ears were such a mess, he has residual inflammation leftover. Therefore, he will, more than likely, need steroid drops for the rest of his life in both ears. He has an upper respiratory issue going on that we have yet to nail down. He coughs and sneezes like a human. It's actually pretty heartbreaking. :( He has been treated with a few different medications, but nothing seems to have helped just yet. He also has terrible diarrhea, which we have done some experimenting with, and STILL have yet to find an answer for.

I was informed today that we are probably going to have to do a couple of blood panels to see how his insides are doing, which are going to be a little expensive, and I really just can't afford it. I wish I could. I am already in the hole from all of these recent vet visits and it's been a bit difficult. My vet has been amazing and she is trying to take the cheaper routes first, but, as you can imagine, they're also adding up. The quickest answers can be found with blood tests and I'd like to have the ability to go in and say "OK" to ANY blood panel she thinks she should run. He deserves to not feel like crap anymore.

So, at the risk of sounding like a total low life, I am asking, YET AGAIN, for help with stray kitty vet bills. I have put the amount at $550 to help cover some of the visits he's already had, as well as the future ones. I'd like to make the hard road ahead of him a short one.

My goal: To get Mr. B. back on his feet so that he can find his forever home. If you have any interest, please let me know. 

Thanks so much in advance. Mr. Beckett thanks you, too!!

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Mr. Beckett Needs the Antidote

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