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The Story

A poor young husky, now named Lumen, was hit and run over by a car on July 24th.  Due to the financial burden of her needs she was surrendered to Texas Husky Rescue for proper rehabilitation instead of being put to sleep. 

Lumen is a little girl, just under 40 lbs. Her injuries include a seriously dislocated/fractured pelvis, bruised lungs, and some carious scrapes. Texas Husky Rescue transported Lumen to a veterinarian, Aggieland, near Texas A&M University; shortly after arriving at the vet she was transferred to the A&M Animal Hospital due to the severity of her pelvis injuries. Lumen will now be under round the clock supervision. 

The vet student in charge of her case said she possibly has an infection brewing from her injuries so they are going to keep a close eye on that. The displacement/fracture of her pelvis is very bad so they really want to do surgery as soon as they can without rushing it. Right now, they are shooting for Monday and will keep her comfortable with lots of pain medication between now and then.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on October 13, 2013 by Texas Husky Rescue
October Update
We wanted to thank everyone for all their generous donations and well wishes for Lumen. 
We are pleased to report that she has now been adopted and is healing really well. 
Thank you for your generosity!  without you we can't do what we do :) 

Posted on August 1, 2013 by Texas Husky Rescue
Lumen Update (7/31):

From Lumen's volunteer angel, "Lumen was doing good today, much better than expected. She has started being very vocal - lots of whining and carrying on - but since she's on plenty of pain meds, we think it's just because now that her pelvis is fixed, she's ready to blow that Popsicle joint and get on with her life. She tried to stand up while I was there, too. With the assistance of a sling, she is getting to go outside and she seems to really enjoy that a lot. Lumen also ate a bunch of chicken breast while I was there, too, which is great because she had zero appetite prior to surgery. All in all, a pretty good day for Lumen!"

Lumen Update (7/30):

This is another view of Lumen's pelvic bone break. She is out of surgery now and recovering. The wound she has on her side was much larger in the inside but they closed it up and attached a drain tube. She is recovering better than expected so far but she has a long way to go.

Thank you for the well wishes and donations today. Please keep sharing so her care can be covered by donated funds. Every little bit counts when added up.

Her volunteer angel will try to get pictures of her post surgery later this week but quiet recovery is also important.

Posted on July 30, 2013 by Texas Husky Rescue
Lumen Update (7/30):

Here is an x-ray of Lumen's broken pelvis (left side shows her tail bones). You can see her pelvic bone is almost piercing her skin. It is one of the reasons why the vets think there may be injuries to her soft tissues and organs. 

Lumen is in surgery at the moment. Please keep sending her your positive thoughts and prayers.

Posted on July 29, 2013 by Texas Husky Rescue
UPDATE (7/28): Keep sending her positive thoughts and prayers.

She's doing fine. The vet says that it appears she does have muscle tone in her back end, which bodes well for her being able to walk and urinate/defecate normally after surgery. They will probably insert a feeding tube today so she can get some nutrition because they want her to have had some protein before surgery. The orthopedic surgeon wanted the ER vet to make me aware that she is still at risk if a sudden death from the accident. Their concern is that the impact required to do as much damage as she has to her pelvis also has the potential to have damaged her heart as well. Fortunately, so far she hasn't shown any signs but they did want to make us aware.

The orthopedic surgeon wants to do a CAT scan on Monday to get a good overall picture of where Lumen stands physically, and now they are expecting to do the surgery on Tuesday or Thursday. The estimate of her treatment is now $6000-$8000.

Posted on July 28, 2013 by Texas Husky Rescue
Update on Lumen from Saturday. The weekend ER vet called to tell us about an emergency she had Friday night.They intubated her to keep her airway open while she was being sedated so they could clean her wounds. As she was coming out of anesthesia, she bit down, hard, and bit right through the tube. Unfortunately, the lower part of the tube was sucked down into her chest and the vet had to perform an emergency tracheostomy to remove the tube. So now she has a little hole in her throat where the tube was removed. Also, during the excitement of trying to keep her from swallowing the tube, she also bit a vet tech. This wasn't an intentional bite but rather a involuntary reaction as she came out of the sedation. Because of the bite, she is now required to serve out a 10 day rabies quarantine. Her quarantine will probably be up right around the same time she would be released anyway, but if she is physically ready to leave and has to stay a few extra days because of the quarantine, they won't charge me for boarding.
The good news is that since then, she has been doing great. She's still in the oxygen kennel but will probably get to move to a regular kennel tomorrow. She has remained on the same pain protocol, which seems to be doing the job and keeping her comfortable. Lumen will remain with the ER services through the weekend and the orthopedic department will take over her care on Monday. They will make the decision about when she will have surgery after her x-rays on Monday.

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