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The Story

Lulu - rescued from a brutal life on the streets of Chile, hit by a car and suffering from mange and malnutrition – I brought Lulu to the USA to have a better life.  Lulu has blossomed into a beautiful dog over the last 8 months, but now is in extreme pain from a herniated disc.  She needs surgery.  I have exhausted all my funds and am at the mercy of others to help me with this.  Please read her story below and see her photos.  From a dog with nothing to live for, she now has everything to live for – but I need your help to make it so.  Thank you - Eliana, Lulu's foster mother.

My name is Eliana andI was born and raised in Santiago, Chile.  My mother was an animal rescuer all her life. Growing up, I lived with animals around me coming and going. I learned from her to respect and love all animals. It was only natural to me to follow my mother steps. After becoming an adult and moving to California, I become involved with different rescue cat groups and fostered and adopted out many cats. At the same time I always had dogs as part of my family.

Many years passed by and I always felt that I needed to help the animals back in Chile. There are 2.5 million stray dogs in Chile that need help.  I started donating money to Chilean rescuers for animals that needed medical care, food and spay and neuter. 

Then, Lulu came into my life.  This is what we know about Lulus life’s in Chile: 

In November 2013, Lulu was hit by a car in Santiago, while was in heat running away from several male dogs.  Her rescuer had been stopped at a traffic signal and without hesitation stopped the  traffic and picked Lulu up.  She was rushed to the veterinary hospital, where they found out she had 4 fractures in her pelvis and 1 fracture in her hip.  She was a small 8-year old black female, extremely malnourished and suffering from a severe case of mange.  

Kind people donated money for her to have surgery on her fractured bones and treat her mange.  She spent the next month recovering at the vet clinic.  When she was well enough, she was spayed and they found she had been pregnant at the time of the accident.  The dead unborn puppies were removed from her body.

Finally, it was time for Lulu to leave the hospital.  She went into a foster home while her rescuer searched for a permanent placement for her.  Through the rescue community, she learned about my involvement and commitment to help animals here in the US as well as in Chile.  She sent Lulu’s story and photos to me.  I immediately fell in love with the sad little face I saw, and I brought her to California so she could finally find a family who would love her. 

Lulu arrived to California in March, still skinny and scared of everything.  With patience, she learned how to trust.  Her entire personality changed and she became just like a little happy puppy!  And so grateful!  I have never seen a dog so grateful as Lulu.

As her trust and personality blossomed, so did her fur.  Her coat became thick and shiny, and she became the beautiful long haired dachshund girl she was always meant to be.  It looked like Lulu’s luck had changed and she was finally going to live a long happy life …But his little girl still had another challenge coming.

In July, I noticed she would cry out for no reason.  It became more and more frequent.  One day, she laid there- unable to get up or to even lift her head.  I rushed her to Urgent Care, where it was determined her pain was coming from her neck.  X-rays were done and the vet concluded it was a herniated disc.  We went home with Fentanyl patches, which release a narcotic like morphine to ease her pain.

Lulu improved over the next couple weeks, so the vet decided to stop the patches – but then her pain came back as bad as before.  She was put back on them, but she can’t continue forever on them because they are addictive.  We did an MRI in mid-July, and it confirmed Lulu has a herniated disc between C4 and C5 spine and will need surgery.  The cost will be $6000.

Though all this years, I have work hard to have money needed so my rescue animals could be well cared for.  Even when non-profit organizations could not help me, I have always used my personal savings.  How can I not do this for Lulu now, when she has gone through so much?  But I am out of money.  So far, I have spent close to $3000 for her vet care.  I don’t have the $6000 we need now.  I need to ask for help, for Lulu’s sake.  She is a survivor and deserves another chance in life.   Will you please help her?

Donations are needed, and please – any amount is be appreciated.  Donations can be made by clicking the GIVE NOW button.  

To make a donation by check, please mail it to:
Eliana Caimanque
3315 Pine Valley Road
San Ramon, CA 94583

If you would like to contact me privately through email, you can do so at [email protected]

When the money is raised, Lulu’s surgery will be done at Sage Veterinary Center:
7121 Amador Plaza Road
Dublin, California

Thank you so very much for helping Lulu.  I just want her to have the life she has always deserved.  Please share this with friends and family, and let them klnow Lulu's story.  Please ask them to help her now.

Thank you,

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on September 22, 2014

Posted on September 22, 2014

LULU is doing great recovering from surgery, always happy & loving, but she is clearly not fond of her blue collar. Sorry Lulu, we need that to make sure you can't lick your surgery area. She will have her sutures removed later this week. We thank everyone who has made her surgery & recovery possible!! For more on her recovery, see this great blog by Roz Rogoff:

LULU está haciendo muy bien recuperándose de una cirugía, siempre feliz y amorosa, pero ella claramente no le gusta su collar azul. Lo sentimos Lulu, necesitamos que para asegurarse de que no se puede lamer el área de la cirugía. Ella tendrá sus suturas retirados más tarde esta semana. Damos las gracias a todos los que han hecho de su cirugía y recuperación posible !! Para más información sobre su recuperación, vea este gran blog por Roz Rogoff:

Posted on September 8, 2014

Posted on September 8, 2014

Sugery is TOMORROW!!!  Please be sending your thoughts and prayers to Lulu, and we will post an update after it is over and we get to talk to the vet.  Thank you!!

Posted on September 1, 2014

Posted on September 1, 2014

We are extending the fundraiser to Sep 9th -- the day Lulu will have her surgery!!  :-)

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