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The Story

Buster's story

You have to do something! Cierra and I went into house, we held each other a few minutes till I grabbed a soft flannel sheet and we went to grab Buster! In the alley we met up with Peggy, her daughter Kim, and Kim's kids, they said they'd walk with me. I knew where Buster was I seen both officers standing down the alley about 30 ft down from my house;( we walked down with our heads bowed, crying as I approached I seen him;( I fell to my knees!!! I said
I'm so sorry Buster, I'm so sorry!! I love u!!! I tucked that sheet around him and I pet him from his ears down.. He had blood coming out of his mouth, his back paws were soaked in his blood;( his eyes were half open and all black! He laid on his left side facing our
house. He made it 30 ft after being shot countless times, crawling over Pickery sticks, stems, and bushes where he found a safe place to die! The officers just watched as we all cried and our hearts were left in the alley, no remorse still because the shooting officer
replies animal control is on the way and u will get tickets! You will at least get dog at large! I said " I'm going home with Buster..." He told me that wouldn't be possible!" I said "but he didn't harm anyone!" He said it doesn't matter! Both officers were hesitant about replying to this subject but agreed I can't take him but could try and talk animal
control into it! I got up and told them I'm going home for a min, I'll see animal control in a minute;(( my support and me got up and walked away together. On the way back Kim says Brooke you must get those video tapes of cars!! That officer meant to shoot your Buster, he knew he would when he got there, she said something's horribly wrong! I promised her I would as I couldn't believe what Was happening! I called my husband over n over but his game was not over, he had no idea;( Cierra and I were home to deal with the pain, the agony, my house was already quiet, it already was empty, that officer took the love of our lives away! My boxer witnessed the whole thing;( my daughter said" I hate police mom!" I replied I hate him!!!! Why!!! Oh why!!!! 5-10 minutes later no one came to see me! We went into the alley no one was there! Not even Buster! They stole by baby, they took him without my permission! I called downriver animal control they told me just to call back Monday and talk to them then. As Monday came I called saying I needed my baby that was killed! I
needed to give him a memorial and get him cremated! I thought I couldn't have him because the law didn't allow burying animals , so I said cremated! That would be possible the lady explained but there company who picks up deceased animals every Wednesday would have to do it! I now have till Wednesday( tomorrow) before I never see him again! Here we are, since then I know only animal control were called, but officer arrived first and took matters into his own hands. The blood trail in the alley I filmed tells a story.... My witnesses seen everything!!! My baby ran to the fence after being called by cop ( there's blood all lining the fence) and the cop shot him while he tried to get in his yard!! After the first shot he ran away from the cop and he was shot again!!! Now I have to find Justice, my life
is missing him and I can't get him back at all;((( this officer had hate in his heart for what my dog was, a pit bull! Buster was the most loving, affectionate baby you've ever met! He slept under the covers cause he got cold easy, neighborhood kids loved to pet him on all
his walks everyday! My family now has no trust for the Wyandotte, MI police department, including an 11 year old girl!!! Our family member is gone because of a big, young, coward with a badge, dressed in all blue, wearing a thick vest!god have mercy on him!!! He sure didn't on Buster! We never got any sympathy!!!!! Please share my story!!! We are broken!!!!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on October 11, 2014

Posted on October 11, 2014

The first $640.00 will cover the cost of the necropsy. This will give the answers in a way the court will accept.

There is $100 for the cost of some of the gas to get to the university and back (long ride) for the necropsy to be done.

The cremation will cost $185.00 

I did not include the price of an urn as they have not picked one out yet. I will add that in when I have been told how much that will cost.

$1000 for some of the cost of filining in court. This will be enough to at least get this started.
All reciepts will be posted as they are recieved after payment is made. Any new items that need to be paid for will also be posted as they are known. This will help all to follow the process and to see how the case is progressing.

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