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The Story

First of all, thank to everyone that has showed us so much support and love these past 2 weeks, given me advice, their time, and shared so much valuable information!! I wish I could call you all, but frankly after yesterday's ordeal work today I am so beat.

Yesterday, Sawyer endured 5 hours of procedures under anesthesia at UC Davis Vet Hospital. Sawyer developed a slight cough after we attended a Club Field Day about 3 weeks ago, his cough began 3-5 days after this. The Vet thinks it could have been related to the field, possibly inhaling or aspirating some type of foreign body. (Seed/foxtail/grass)

After an intense antibiotic therapy with no improvement, a series X-Rays, a CT scan and Bronchoscopy it was clear the best approach would be to perform a lateral thoracotomy to get in there for a better look. Due to the location of the lung lobe involved (right cranial) they were unable to go in from the front/sternum. A surgical incision was made on his right side, between his ribs. After visualizing the cranial lobe it was decided that it had to be removed. The lobe was fully infected, full of puss, mucus and had collapsed. The two other lobes on the right appeared to be to be healthy, so the decision was made to perform a lobectomy. The excised lobe and a lymph node nearby were both sent off to pathology and many bacterial cultures were taken.

Sawyer is wonderful patient I hear and being very cooperative I'm told! He was in the ICU overnight and treated like the Royal Vizsla he is! No kennel for Sawyer, he got a mountain of fuzzy blankets and such in the middle of the room and his own vet tech, Paula.

This morning they were able to remove his chest tube, get him up, walking (pulling on the leash...) and even eating. He was moved to the general ward today, he'll be released home tomorrow evening to continue his recovery with his family, and boy have we missed him!!

A very special thank you goes out to Sarah Hayes, Jodi Cassell, and Jessica Vetter for helping me once again navigate the halls of the UC Davis Vet Hospital!! And of course to Aaron for helping me maintain a semblance of sanity these past 48 hours.

Thank you ALL for your prayers and well wishes!!!! And please keep those prayers coming! Heather, Joye, Ronene, Judy, Martha, Theresa, Gail, Amy and of course our lovely dog walker extraordinaire, Pam! And to anyone else I might have missed, thank you. I got every text, email, and message. Even though I couldn't respond at the time, it helped me so much to read and hear the messages and have such a wonderful group of friends that support us.

I know we aren't totally in the clear yet, but headed in the right direction. Pathology should be back with findings in about a week.

Dr. Zacuto and Dr. Sutton you rock!!!

From Aimee

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on September 17, 2014

Posted on September 17, 2014

Sawyer on the Run!

Sawyer update! Thank you again to everyone that donated to help with Sawyer's medical bills and surgery costs related to his Lobectomy this past May. With everyone's generous personal donations, a wonderful fund-raising effort by Ken and Janet Kuivenhoven at Willowynd Ranch who donated a percentage of their "OutFox" sales from, combined with my saving account I was able to cover the costs of his diagnosis, treatments, surgery, recovery and check-ups. I hope everyone received a thank you note from me, I tried to track down as many addresses and emails as I could find! If I have missed anyone please know that I am so touched by each of you! I can't even express how much each act of kindness meant to me and how much it helped Sawyer and me through this.

We are very, very lucky. Sadly there isn't always a happy ending guaranteed with any surgery your pet undergoes, let alone one like this. I think of the Vizslas my friends have lost suddenly during sometimes even routine procedures, both very recently and in the past...  I am thankful every day that Sawyer is still here wagging his behind at me as we walk up the stairs. I already have and intend to continue to pay all this amazing kindness forward. 

One of Sawyer's first big outings was at the 2014 Napa Humane Walk this past August where we raised $250 for the Napa shelter. An amazing group that does wonderful work in our community. After the South Napa Earthquake they really stepped up! Picking up and caring for lost and very scared pets before they could be injured and ultimately reuniting them with their owners. 

Well, it’s all I can do to stop myself from wrapping him in bubble wrap (and his OutFox) when we leave the house! He's still tender on his right side, but getting better all the time. We are off to the Vet this morning for another recheck with fingers crossed for a perfect check-up! Then a nice run, with his OutFox as always to get his mind off that whole 'Vet" thing. It has not become his favorite place to go.

Big Hugs and Wiggles!

Aimee and Sawyer

Posted on July 20, 2014

Posted on July 20, 2014

Good Morning! It's been a bit and I just wanted to send out another update on how Sawyer has been doing. It's been just over 2 months now since his surgery. 

Early this morning I couldn't sleep, but I have been up in bed, snuggled up to Sawyer. It's very quiet at 3:00am! It was so calming and peaceful to hold him while he was sleeping, to feel him breathing comfortably. Smooth and easy, no wheezing or struggling to draw a breath. What a difference! I'm happy to say he's been continuing to improve!

His last check-up showed normal evidence of continued healing. Good news! Thank you again for being a part of making that happen for him.  His fur is slowly coming back in, he's still a little tender so we are still taking it easy on my guy. Still a ways to go but he's doing great!

Wiggles!  Aimee and Sawyer

Posted on May 16, 2014

Posted on May 16, 2014

Sawyer Unstitched-
Well! Sawyer has been feeling better and better! We had some nice time together over the past week and today. I am happy to say that the "Downstairs Sawyer Recovery Camp" we had built has been closed down! Yay! He is finally able to tolerate walking down the stairs (UP wasn't a problem, but then you have a stuck Vizsla with no way to move him! Down was too painful, he wouldn't even try and you can't lift him. Yikes!!!) so we were all able to "move back in" to our room upstairs after over a week downstairs in the guest room and on the floor. Our old backs are thankful for that!

So its nice to be home! A very nice step towards our normal routine. Sawyer has been getting around great. Not too much pain now, we just watch that he doesn't over do it and his pain meds are being tapered off. Tonight I'm looking forward to our very first walk down the street! And back!

His pathology report isn't final yet, but no bacteria grew from the cultures (most likely due to his antibiotic treatment I was told). The lobe was full of neutrophils, dead white blood cells, which was indicative of a foreign body. Though the "bad guy" was not found, the lobe was not going to recover and had to be removed. We are waiting on a couple final stains that are being done over the next several days. His lymph node that was biopsied showed signs of an inflammatory process, but not cancer. Good news.

Yesterday we returned to UC Davis to have Sawyer's sutures removed, he's been pretty wiped out from the trip. But he held together! I'm thinking of maybe giving him a break from his collar tonight and putting on his Thundershirt so he can be more comfortable. The past several days have been too hot to try that, its been cooler today.

Emme had a fabulous playdate with Kira last weekend, we hope to have more company this coming weekend. Those of you that know Sawyer personally,  know that he likes a party! Which to him is just one additional human/dog.... He also enjoyed a visit from Grandma and Grandpa.

I wanted to say Thank You again to everyone for this amazing support. Especially to those anonymous contributors that I was not able to thank personally. I can't tell you how moved we are by this support shown to us by the Vizsla community. We always try to give back and think of others. Paying this forward is going to be a challenge, but one that I accept!

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